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Destiny 2 Attrition Guide: What Does This Modifier Do in the Inverted Spire?

The Destiny 2 attrition modifier is live right now in the Nightfall strike Inverted Spire. As with other weekly Nightfalls, this modifier will alter the strike in a significant and much more challenging way than before. The modifiers are what make the difference between a normal strike and a Nightfall strike.

These modifiers are changed every week with the weekly reset, in addition to the Nightfall strike. With Inverted Spire as your goal this week, you will want to know how to successfully win against the Destiny 2 attrition modifier. To do that, you’ll need to understand what it does and how to best combat against it.

Destiny 2 Attrition Modifier Explained

The Destiny 2 attrition modifier in the Inverted Spire is one of the more trickier ones. This is because it significantly reduces your team’s health bars, making it much easier to die. This is a pretty unfortunate modifier to have as the Inverted Spire is already hard to challenging enough to begin. Thankfully, there’s some ways to bypass attrition and successfully beat the weekly Nightfall.

How to Beat the Destiny 2 Attrition Modifier

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Beating the Destiny 2 attrition modifier requires you and your team to not rush into rooms and enemies as much. You must be more cautious and strategic in order to keep your health from dipping too much. However, this isn’t the only way to combat against it, as there is another trick you can use.

Just because you’re cautious doesn’t mean you avoid enemies. In fact, we encourage you to take out every enemy you see, because they will occasionally drop tiny orbs of light during this strike. Picking these up will instantly regenerate your health and shields right there. This is the best way to win.