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Monster Hunter World Herbivore Egg Location: How to Get Them to Deliver

Herbivore Eggs in Monster Hunter World have multiple uses and are required for a few side quests. Unlike many items in the game, you can’t find an Herbivore Egg from just killing monsters. Instead, you’ll have to explore your environment and seek them out to get your hands on them. Below we tell you where in Monster Hunter World you can find the eggs and what you can do with them once you’ve got them.

How to Find Herbivore Eggs Locations in Monster Hunter World

You’ll notice as you play Monster Hunter World that some of the items in the environment can be harvested. While many useful items come from carving beasts, you’ll want to keep an eye out during your travels for plants and other things you can pick up and add to your inventory.

One of these items is the Herbivore Egg. To find Herbivore Eggs, you need to find some Herbivores. Look at the map for plant-eating monsters and then observe them. Sometimes when you encounter Herbivores, they’re already guarding a nest nearby, and you can sneak around and find it. If there’s not a nest nearby, you’ll have to follow the group around until they return to the are it’s in.

Once you find a nest with some eggs in it, it’s time for action. As soon as you snatch the Herbivore Eggs, the herd will attack you, and you’ll need to fight them off. Make sure your weapon is sharp, and you’re healed before grabbing the eggs.

What to do With Herbivore Eggs in Monster Hunter World

Once you’ve got some Herbivore Eggs in your inventory, there are a few things you can do with them. What you use them for really depends on what you have going on at the time.

You can turn Herbivore Eggs in for research points at a supply box. This helps you gain levels toward the monster from whose nest you took the eggs. You can also use them in crafting recipes, in preparing dishes at canteens, or sometimes they’re the objective of a side quest and you’ll need to take them to an NPC.

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