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Monster Hunter World Sinister Cloth: Where to Find its Location

One of the more elusive crafting items in Monster Hunter World is the Sinister Cloth. Figuring out how to get Sinister Cloth can be a pain if you don’t already have a hint of where to find it. Unlike most items in Monster Hunter World, you can’t find these by carving monsters or harvesting items. Instead, you have to get them from the Tailrider Safari side quests. Below we’ll show you how to access Tailrider Safari in Monster World Hunters and what you have to do to find Sinister Cloth.

How to Get Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter World Through Tailrider Safari

Accessing the Tailrider Safari side quests takes a little bit, but it will eventually become unlocked as part of the story. You can use this system to send a band of dashing Palicos out on an expedition to take down monsters and find rare items.

Each of the Palicos you can pick has hunting, gathering, and research stats and you’ll want to make sure the team you choose has high marks in all three if you want to get the Sinister Cloth. When the menu takes you the screen where you can select your destination, you’ll want to look for routes that include Rank 4 or higher tasks. These tasks correspond with your Palico’s stats, so you want to make sure you’re not sending a team with a level 3 research rating to do Rank 4 tasks.

Monster Hunter World Tailrider Safari Sinister Cloth Routes

It seems like the results are somewhat random, and even on high-rank Tailrider Safari tasks, Sinister Cloth is a rare drop. Some players have reported that tasks that have your Palicos hunting Great Jagras or Barroth have had better luck, but that might just be confirmation bias.

You’ll need the Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter World to forge the Death Stench set, which is a robust high-rank armor. If you’ve got your eyes on this for your defense, then you’ll need to be sending a ton of Palicos out.

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