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Monster Hunter World Lucky Vouchers: How to Get Vouchers and What They Do

Lucky Vouchers in Monster Hunter World can help increase your loot rewards at the end of a quest or get you a free meal. That is, if you use them. Lucky Vouchers are easy to overlook when accepting a quest, but activating them can give you random item rewards and double the money you receive at the end of each quest. Below we’ll tell you how to get Lucky Vouchers in Monster Hunter World and how to activate them before a mission.

How to Get Lucky Vouchers in Monster Hunter World

Monster hunter World Lucky Voucher Login Bonus

Before you can use a Lucky Voucher, you have to actually get them. That process is very easy. Each time you login to Monster Hunter World you get a bonus reward. This reward, in addition to other things, will include a Lucky Voucher.

However, be aware that you can only hold and claim a certain amount of vouchers at once. Just five days worth of them can be claimed at any one time, and you have a limit of five that you can carry, so make sure you’re using them.

You can also get these vouchers in the game by doing arena quests. You’ll have to take down a random monster as fast as you can. If you beat the time limit, then you have a chance of getting a voucher as a prize.

How to Use Lucky Vouchers in Monster Hunter World

When you’re at a quest board posting a new quest, you can add a Lucky Voucher to the quest by pressing Y on Xbox One or triangle on PS4. Once you press the button, you can choose whether to toggle them on or not.

You can also use vouchers to get meals at the canteen. If you’re not interested in using them for quests, they’re a great way to get a good meal before a hunt.