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Monster Hunter World Max Hunter Rank: What’s the Level Cap for HR?

Hunter Rank (HR) in Monster Hunter World dictates what type of investigations you can go on and what kind of quests are available to you. While the amount of stars a quest has represents difficulty, often they’ll also have an HR requirement you’ll need to meet before you can go on them. Below is everything you need to know about the level cap for HR in Monster Hunter World and what the max Hunter Rank is.

What’s the Max Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter World?

During the story your Hunter Rank is capped per quest. As you complete plot-based hunts your HR will slowly rise until you hit HR 15 on the last mission. Even after you finish the story missions, you can continue to raise your Hunter Rank by going on high-rank investigations and continuing to track down and kill or capture large beasts.

Fortunately, if you accrued a ton of experience, you’ll get it all after your HR cap is unlocked after the story concludes. After that, you can raise your HR with impunity, at least until you hit HR 29. At rank 29 you’ll be assigned the quest “Beyond the Blasting Scales.” You’ll have to hunt two Tempered Bazelgeuse to once again lift the cap on your Hunter Rank. After that, you’re free to gain XP and raise your HR until rank 49. Once you hit HR 49 you have to complete the quest “Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands”, in which you take on a Tempered Kirin. Defeating the Kirin once against lifts the cap and you can now continue to level all the way to the final cap of HR 999. This might take a long, long, time, but these games are built for longevity, and Capcom seems to design them to be played for hundreds of hours.

In the new Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion, HR is no longer as important as it once was. Instead, you’ll have to raise your Master Rank (MR) as you explore the frigid new land.