Ape Escape Academy PSP Cheats

Special Games

To get the special games you must graduate in Academy mode and also get all three Specter Coins behind any of the three panels.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Chef ChimpyGraduate Jr.3
Every Monkey's GolfGraduate Sr.1
Gran TourismonkeyGraduate Jr.2
Monkey DiceGraduate Jr.1

Snowkidz Snowboarding mini-game:

Get 10 Specter Emblems.

Specter Boxing mini-game:

Get 20 Specter Emblems.

Jake Attacks mini-game:

Get 30 Specter Emblems.

Ape Ping-Pong mini-game:

Get 40 Specter Emblems.

Extra Ape Ping-Pong characters:

Beat the Ape Ping-Pong mini-game.

Extra Specter Boxing characters and Survival mode:

Beat the Specter boxing mini-game.

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