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Fortnite Party is Not Responding Error: How to Fix It and What it Means

A major Fortnite failed to join party issue is plaguing the game right now for anyone trying to join in with their friends and tackle some squad matches together. This party is not responding error is a big issue that is affecting players across the world on all platforms.

As such, the Fortnite party is not responding error is making squad matchmaking with your party a hassle. Thankfully, you are not the only affected by this, as it is a widespread issue currently. Let’s dig into why this failed to join party issue is happening and what you can do about it.

Fortnite Party is Currently Not Responding Error Explained

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As you can tell the Fortnite party is currently not responding error is stopping anyone from joining squad matchmaking with their party. This is most likely caused by a few different things, none of which are your fault specifically. First and foremost, this could be a result of server issues on Sony or Microsoft’s part.

Their respective servers could be encountering problems and that would result in your inability to join your friends in matchmaking. However, that isn’t the only potential cause. Whenever Fortnite gets an update (or is about to), it can cause a server overload and result in players unable to join friends. Here’s what you can do about this error.

How to Fix Fortnite Failed to Join Party Error

Unfortunately, since this is an issue that isn’t your fault, there are only a few things you can do. If you are playing on PS4, check here to see if the PSN is still up and running currently. If you are having the Fortnite failed to join party error on Xbox, check here to see the status of Xbox Live’s servers.

If your platform’s servers are running correctly, then what you need to do is check out the official Twitter for the game to see if the Fortnite party is currently not responding error has been acknowledged or not. The developer is quick about responding to issues on there. Should it not be addressed on there, send them a message letting them know your issue.

As of publishing, this is a widespread issue that will be resolved soon. However, if you happen to find that you are the only one having the Fortnite failed to join party error, we recommend you and your friends restarting your systems, double-checking your internet connections, and restarting the game. It is possible to get your party into a match together, but it does take patience and retrying a few times to get in. Good luck!