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PUBG PC Server Status: What Does PUBG Servers Are Too Busy Mean?

So, you’ve hit a bit of a bump when trying to nab yourself a cheeky chicken dinner, have you? You’re getting error messages like “PUBG PC server status down” and “PUBG servers are too busy,” and you can’t seem to fix the problem?

First things first, let me assure you that you’re likely not alone in this predicament. PUBG is a hugely successful game, with millions of players all joining servers at the same time. It’s a wonder that it works at all, to be honest!

To help get PUBG working again, or at least understand why it’s broken, let’s go through a few frequently asked questions and answers.

PUBG PC Server Status: PUBG Down Detector

A useful tool in any PUBG PC server status error situation is the Down Detector. This website will let you know if other players are experiencing issues, letting you see how many reports are coming in by the hour. Some users even leave comments, which often offer more information or even quick fixes.

PUBG PC Server Status

PUBG PC Server Status: PUBG Twitter

Next up is the @PUBG_Help and @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Twitter accounts. If you’re a hardcore PUBG player, and demand to know when any downtime is expected, give these accounts a follow and look out for any scheduled maintenance notices.

PUBG PC Server Status: PUBG Servers Are Too Busy Fix

If the PUBG servers are too busy, then it could be worth exiting out of the game, and trying again. With so many players entering and leaving every minute, it’s perfectly possible that this will fix the error.

Hopefully, this little PUBG PC server status guide will get you back in the fight, and ready to earn those coveted chicken dinners.