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Dota 2 Searching for Game Coordinator Error: How to Connect to Dota 2’s Server

There is a major ‘searching for Dota 2 game coordinator’ error that many players are facing right now as they attempt to jump into an online match. This error is widespread and is affecting many players. As such, it can be frustrating as it prevents you from doing any online matchmaking.

Thankfully, we’ve got a solution for the searching for Dota 2 game coordinator error. This is a strange name for an error, but we’ve got a complete explanation and a fix for this problem, so you can get back to dominating your opponents online. Here’s how you do it.

Searching for Dota 2 Game Coordinator Error Explained

Ignore the bizarre name for this error, as the searching for Dota 2 game coordinator is a simple one to explain. Basically, your PC is having a hard time connecting to the game’s servers for online play. This results in the inability to join multiplayer matches, which can be a frustrating ordeal. As of publishing, the 7.07 update just dropped and that is causing this problem for many gamers. Thankfully, we have a couple of solutions.

How to Fix the Searching for Dota 2 Game Coordinator Error

Searching for Dota 2 Game Coordinator Error

This annoying searching for Dota 2 game coordinator error can be fixed using a few different solutions. First, let’s begin with a simple solution that will have you once again connected to the servers. Begin by booting up the game as normal. If you encounter the error, proceed to do a solo practice match offline against bots.

Once you’ve selected your hero and started the match, disconnect from it. This should fix the searching for Dota 2 game coordinator problem and allow you to jump online. If that strange solution doesn’t work, here’s another method you can try.

Go to Steam, navigate to the settings in the top left corner, and select the download option. Go to your download region and select a different one from what you currently have. Close out of Steam completely, restart it, and repeat those steps to change it back to your original download region. Open up the game and the searching for Dota 2 coordinator error shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Good luck!

Credit: Dota International