Mark Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure PS2 Cheats

Enter these cheats under Options->Game Information->Codes.

Level select:

Enter IPULATOR as a code.

Unlimited health:

Enter MARCUSECKOS as a code.

Maximum health:

Enter BABYLONTRUST as a code.

Unlimited skills:

Enter FLIPTHESCRIPT as a code.

Maximum skills:

Enter VANCEDALLISTER as a code.

All iPod songs:

Enter GRANDMACELIA as a code.

All characters unlocked:

Enter STATEYOURNAME as a code.

All legends unlocked:

Enter NINESIX as a code.

All Black Book graffiti and Truth Pieces:

Enter SHARDSOFGLASS as a code.

All beat down arenas:

Enter WORKBITCHES as a code.

All combat upgrades:

Enter DOGTAGS as a code.

All art unlocked:

Enter SIRULLY as a code.

All movies unlocked:

Enter DEXTERCROWLEY as a code.

Thanks to Revolution Reader Hunter, Warry, BillBixby, and Blas Toff!