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Destiny 2 The Prospector Weapon Guide: What It Does and How to Get This Exotic

High-powered weapons are an integral part of any online shooter, and The Prospector Destiny 2 exotic weapon is no different. This exotic is a powerful grenade launcher that has some unique abilities and perks to go along with it. Because of this, it is a hot ticket item in the game that many players will want to own.

Thankfully, as of publishing, Xur is selling this weapon this weekend. As such, you’re probably wondering if it is worth spending your hard-earned legendary shards. Well, we’ve got all the info you need on The Prospector Destiny 2 exotic grenade launcher, so let’s get right to it.

What The Prospector Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon Does

The Prospector Destiny 2

The Prospector Destiny 2 exotic weapon is one of the best, if not the best, grenade launchers in the entire game. This weapon launches explosives at a much faster rate than rocket launchers, but it lacks the individual power of a rocket. Still, The Prospector is no joke, able to fire grenades at an insane rate of fire.

The Prospector Destiny 2 exotic is a heavy-type weapon that has a ton of great perks and you can even mod it to change its appearance. Let’s check out its unique perks:

Excavation- The Excavation perk allows you to utilize The Prospector Destiny 2 grenade launcher in a strategic way. Hold the right trigger or fire button down to fire off many grenades at once. Then, when you are ready, release the trigger to detonate all of them simultaneously.

Volatile Launch- This perk is a trade-off, granting significant bonuses to one stat at the cost of a couple others. It greatly increases the blast radius of The Prospector at the cost of a decreased handling speed and projectile speed.

Augmented Drum- Augmented Drum simply increases the magazine size for the weapon so you can hold more at once, but it also decreases the speed of reloading The Prospector.

Full Auto Trigger System- Using this perk will allow you to use The Prospector as a fully automatic grenade launcher where you simply hold down the trigger to fire it automatically.

Hand-Laid Stock- This perk increases the stability of the grenade launcher, which helps control recoil.

How to Get The Prospector Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon

As always, you can The Prospector Destiny 2 weapon from any exotic engram drop or as a reward from certain milestones. Right now, however, you can easily get it by buying it from Xur for a few legendary shards. If you need help finding Xur, check out this guide.

Image Credit: IGN