Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath FAQ

Oddworld Stranger's Wrath
Author - Neil Stump
Email - neil(dot)stump(at)gmail(dot)com
Version - 1.0
Date - 8 July 2005

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Table of Contents

1 - Version History
2 - Controls
3 - Live Ammo
4 - Hints and Tips
5 – Walkthrough
  5.1) Gizzard Gulch
    5.1.1) Blisterz Booty
    5.1.2) Filthy Hands Floyd
    5.1.3) Looten Duke
    5.1.4) Boilz Booty
  5.2) Buzzarton
    5.2.1) Eugene Ius
    5.2.2) Jo' Momma's
    5.2.3) Meagly McGraw
    5.2.4) Packrat Palooka
  5.3) Mongo Valley
    5.3.1) X'Plosives McGee
    5.3.2) Lefty Lugnutz
    5.3.3) Elboze Freely
    5.3.4) Fatty McBoomboom
  5.4) The De-Pantsing
  5.5) Wolvark Docks
  5.6) Last Legs
  5.7) In the Dam
6 - Frequently Asked Questions
7 - Special Thanks

1) Version History

Version 1.0
  Guide Complete 8 July 2005

2) Controls

(From Game Manual)

General Gameplay:
Left Thumbstick - Move stranger
Right Thumbstick - Look around
Right Thumbstick (Click) - Switch between 1st - 3rd -person
Y Button - Shake off/Heal
A Button (twice for double jump) - Jump
D Pad Up/Down - Highlight ammo
D Pad Left/Right - Assign ammo to crossbow barrels
Left Trigger/Right Trigger - Exit ammo menu
Back Button - Access Inventory screen
Start Button - Pause game and access Pause menu

1st Person:
Left Trigger/Right Trigger - Fire left/right crossbow barrel
Left Trigger/Right Trigger (If no ammos is assigned to barrel) or
  Left Thumbstick (click) - Punch
Black Button - Access scope/Zoom (requires sniper rifle/binoculars)

3rd Person:
X Button - Capture enemy (press and hold)/Talk to characters/Activate
  Objects/Enter and exit boat
Left Trigger - Melee attack
Right Trigger - Head-butt
Black Button - Center view

Menu Controls:
D Pad Up/Down - Highlight menu items
D Pad Left/Right - Cycle choices/Move sliders
A Button - Select/Go to next screen
B Button - Return to previous screen

3) Live Ammo

(From Game Manual)

Basic Ammo:

Stunkz - Peee-yeww.  Float one of these bombs off into a crowd of outlaws and
watch a big stink cloud send them into convulsions.  As they're retching and
ralphing, move in for the kill or capture 'em where they stand.

Bolamites - The abdomen of the bolamite is like a juicy berry about to burst
with the makings of a sticky web.  Fire a bolamite at an outlaw and it will
wrap him up in a nice, neat package for you.  It's like Christmas has come to

Chippunks - These loud-mouthed varmints hurl insults until they make folks want
to come over and stomp 'em.  That makes them perfect for laying a trap or
drawing a single outlaw off from the group for easier bagging.

Zappflies - The workhorse of your arsenal-and in endless supply!  Zappflies are
great for collecting other ammo, plus, after they charge up you can use 'em to
jump-start electric equipment or to jolt outlaws.

Fuzzles - Boy howdy are these critters cranky.  Shoot them off onto the ground
or a wall or whatever and they'll jump on the first outlaw that wanders by.
That poor sap is then in for an awful gnawing, and that don't feel good.

Thudslugs - Don't worry-shooting a thudslug into the fat belly of an outlaw
doesn't hurt it a bit, thanks to its armor-like shell.  The outlaw, on the
other hand, won't know what hit him.  And even if he did, it'd still hurt like

Boombats - I don't know what these critters have been eating, but once you
shoot them onto an outlaw or a nearby wall, they're like a ticking time bomb.
When they go off, the explosion knocks any nearby outlaws flat on their fat

Stingbees - What they lack in punch they make up for in quantity.  You can fire
off stingbees in rapid succession, turning your crossbow into a machinegun.
Zing an outlaw with 'em and watch him get angrier that a nest of hornets!

Wasps - For the discerning bounty hunter, use wasps in concert with your newly
acquired binocs and you'll have super sniper abilities to commit a clean,
quiet, and effective punishment.

Ammo Upgrades:

Spark Stunkz - These stinkers don't blow, they suck.  Their potent stench eats
up Oddworld's sweet air and creates a vacuum that draws in nearby outlaws like
a putrid filth magnet.  Very smelly, very effective.

Bola Blasts - Wrap up multiple enemies in sticky web goo.  One bola blast can
put a whole group of outlaws under wraps.  What you do with them after that is
up to you.

Howler Punks - Hoo boy are these little brats obnoxious.  Yes, even more so
than chippunks.  While chippunks are only annoying enough to draw the attention
of one outlaw, howler punks are foul-mouthed enough to lure three of them into
your trap.

Rabid Fuzzles - These fuzzles are so angry you'd think somebody smacked their
ma.  They jump farther and bite harder than regular fuzzles.  It gets
especially gruesome when a pack teams up on an outlaw.  Best not watch if
you've got a weak constitution.

Riot Slugs - Riot slugs self-destruct in mid-air, fragmenting their shells and
spraying shrapnel over a wide area.  Since they only live 24 hours in nature
anyway, the riot slug happily makes this sacrifice to help you take out more
outlaws with one blast.

Boombat Seekers- These crazy critters pack an even bigger pop than regular
boombats.  Fire them towards some outlaws and watch them mercilessly hone in on
their target.  There won't be much left of 'em after the big boom.

Super Stingbees - That old adage of 'if you ignore a bee, it will ignore you'
won't work on these suckers.  Rapid-fire them at an outlaw and they'll chase
him down like he called their mama ugly.

4) Hints and Tips

(From Game Manual)

-Practice different strategies using combinations of 1st- and 3rd- person
attacks, especially when you're heavily outnumbered.

-I don't want to condone violence on innocent folk, but I've heard that a good
head-butt can shake a couple bags of moolah out of Clakkerz.

-Look for rickety structures, precariously balanced boulders, and other
creative ways to take down outlaws.

-Always visit the General Store after you finish a bounty, as that's usually
when the shipment of new goods like crossbow attachments and upgrades comes in.

-Make sure you stock up on ammo before tracking down a bounty, otherwise you'll
have to use whatever critters you can scrounge up on the way.

-Outlaws are strange folk and trust no one; they often hide moolah in crates
and barrels, so crack 'em open whenever you can.

-Dead outlaws tend to disintegrate quickly out in the desert.  If you just took
one out and you want to collect the bounty on the dead body, you better bag 'em

-Your 3rd person camera can really help you peek around corners to spy on
enemies while not being spotted!

-Whenever you're in town, chat with the locals.  They may say some dumb things,
but some of them might also have valuable information.  Same goes for the
native grub.

-If you're ever not sure what to do, just press X and Stranger will let you
know what you should be thinking about.

-You can use your high-speed running lope to ram guys unconscious!

-Outlaws won't try to stomp a chippunk that they can't reach  (for e xample, if
the enemy is behind a door or up on a cliff).  Also, if enemies aren't
attracting to the chippunk, check to make sure they are within range.

-And don't forget: you can bring bounty in dead or alive, but you get more
moolah for the live ones.

5) Walkthrough

Howdy, Stranger
Nobody knows where you came from, and nobody cares.  You're not here on
Oddworld to make friends.  You're here to bag scumbag outlaws and bring 'em in
for bounties.  That's how you make your moolah.  The hours bite, but the pay's
not bad.

Not that moolah's ever mattered much to you.  The pleasure of bagging the likes
of Filthy Hands Floyd, Pack Rat Palooka, and The Looten Duke is reward enough.
It's just that you're saving up from an operation- one that your life depends
on.  And your life does matter to you.  It's just about all you got.  So when
that corporate slime Sekto puts up the biggest bounty you've ever heard of, you
swallow any reservations you might have and take the job.

Unfortunately for you, you have to start your journey in town amidst the
Clakkerz.  These bird-brained townsfolk aren't happy unless they're gossiping,
putting each other down, or making strangers feel unwelcome.  Still, some of
them have good information, so they're a nuisance you'll have to put up with to
some extent.

Of course, the Clakkerz are downright homey compared to the Wolvarks.  These
blue collared grunts are just corporate lackeys at the beck and call of whoever
is floating their paychecks.  They'll protect whatever industrial wasteland
they're assigned to like they own it themselves.

Nah, it's only in nature that you're really in your element.  Though nature's
getting harder to find on Oddworld these days.  Just ask the native Grubbs.
These gentle, honest creatures might be a bit backwards and naí¯ve for your
liking, but something in you is drawn to them.  Maybe you just admire the way
they've persevered as Sekto drains the Mongo River and sucks the life out of
their serene mountain valley.  Whatever it is, you can't help but get the
feeling that they'll have some part to play in your quest for the ultimate

So starting out a new game are you? Well follow this and it will get you all
the way to the end.

5.1) Gizzard Gulch

5.1.1) Blisterz Booty

Run over to the Outlaw that you just wrapped up, press and hold the X Button to
bounty him.  Run to the area near him where the arrow is bouncing up and down.
It will take you up an escalator.  At the top run over to the other bouncing
arrow.  Jump your way up the path to get there, run over to the next gap, press
A at the edge to jump, then press A again while in the air to successfully
cross the gap, do that to get across both gaps.  Run over to the rope, press
the A Button go grasp it and climb up it with the left thumbstick, jump off by
pressing A at the top.  Climb both ropes and run down the path, jump off the
ledge, run forward and you will come to a fence, smash it with either the left
or right trigger.  Continue down this path and double jump both gaps.

You will be attacked, use the Y button to shake off or heal yourself, and go
through the gate.  The enemy will be in the lower part of the area past the
first drop down, attack him with the left and right triggers, know him down and
bounty him, it is best to capture them alive if possible.  Climb the rope at
the other side and jump up on the ledge, jump down run shortly down the path
and break the gate.  Run to the boards and you will get your crossbow, fire the
chippunk at the rickety platform and the enemy will run onto it and fall.  Run
to the right of where you just were and through the gate, jump down the
platforms and bounty the dead outlaw, near him are some barrels, break them
open whenever you see them the will hold some nice goodies.  Run over and go up
the next escalator.

Drop down the ledge and run forward, jump on the horizontal rope and cross it.
Jump off the ledge and attack the outlaws at the bottom, bounty them alive if
possible.  Jump up the graded steps on the right of where the outlaws were and
go up the escalator.  You now have a Bolamite in your crossbow, shoot one at an
outlaw and they will become all wrapped up with a sticky web.

Get off the Escalator and stand in the tall grass, shoot the outlaw with your
Bolamite when he comes by.  A door will open up to your left, jump down and
bounty him.  Another door to an escalator will open, go in and up it.  Shoot a
chippunk to the point it shows you and then shoot the outlaw with a Bolamite
when he comes over bounty him, jump back to the top and do this again for the
other outlaw.  Exit this area by way of the other escalator.

Upon getting off the escalator stand at the point with the arrow, fire a Stunkz
near the outlaws, bounty them all up and run over to the next escalator.  Now
you have some Fuzzles, shoot all the enemies at the top with Fuzzles, then you
will get a message that outlaws will be coming in ten seconds, shoot Fuzzles
where the game tells you to near their door.  The Fuzzles will kill the outlaws
so you can go through the door.  Go to the right and up the slope, make a left,
a left, a left, a left and you will get a message you have a new ammo,
Zappflies, go to your ammo screen by pressing up on the D Pad and load the
Zappflies, run into this area and fire it at the surge activator, it is where
the arrow is pointing.   Run through the door.

Now its time to learn to hunt ammo.  Shoot all the critters on the ground with
your Zappflies and collect them, it is simple.  Run over to the bridge and
shoot the blue surge activator to extend the bridge, cross it.  Capture the
outlaws here that are on the ground then run into the building to the right of
the bridge, climb the rope to the top and get the outlaw here.  Exit the
building and go right, run up the slopes at the top run through the main gate.

5.1.2) Filthy Hands Floyd

You will be taken into a building, talk to the guy behind the counter, then
exit the Jail and go left, the first building on the left hand side is the
bounty store, go in.  Speak to the man behind the counter and take the Filthy
Hands Floyd bounty.  Exit the bounty store, go right and make a left at the
cluster of signs, run forward and go to the gate this will lead you to the
North Gate, go through.

In this area get yourself some Ammo off the ground and shoot the surge
activator on the gate to open it, run through.  Run forward and make a right,
hug the right side wall and jump across the platforms.  Follow this path around
and shoot the enemies here and capture them alive, or you can shoot the surge
activator on the crane to drop the rock on them, but alive is the best way.
Follow this path to the left and get your self some Bolamites.  Continue along
the path, shoot the surge activator and take care of any outlaws you come upon
on your way.  Keep following this path and you will come to a tunnel, run
through it, after watching the outlaws block the wagon train bounty them.  On
the left of this area you should see some ropes, climb them, run across the
platform and climb down the rope.  Bounty all the outlaws near the wagon train
and a cut-scene will begin.  Your target Filthy Hands Floyd will appear, bounty
him.  Bounty anyone he sends at you and shoot him with a Bolamite to wrap him
up and bounty him.

After watching a cut-scene run into the mine path and you find a bridge, try to
cross it and it will break, at the bottom run through the opening.  Follow this
all the way to the end, jump down clear out this area and follow the path, you
will come to a large crane holding a rock, follow this path and it will lead
you back to the town.

5.1.3) Looten Duke

Back in the town go to the Bounty Store, you will cash out on Filthy Hands
Floyd's bounty and take Looten Duke's bounty next.  Exit the Bounty Store and
cross the street, slightly to the right is the General Store, go in speak to
the man behind the counter and you can buy some Ammo, Armor, Upgrades and other
goodies.  Exit the store and go right, this will take you to the Water Facility.

Follow the path and shoot the surge activator you see and an escalator will
come down, get on it and ride it to the top.  Follow this path and you will see
a cut-scene about some new ammo, shoot them down and collect the Thudslugs.  To
the right side of this area is a rope, climb it and the other one up to the
top, follow this path, break down the Keep Out sign and continue along.  You
will see a gap with some spikes in it, to the left is a target painted on a
piece of wood, shoot and a ledge will fall down so you can safely cross.
Follow this path and break down the barrier that says, we said keep out.  Keep
following this path and jump down one ledge and follow the slope to the right
downwards.  Stop in the grass at the bottom and shoot some Chippunks to lure
single enemies over and wrap them up with your Bolamites.  Clear out the lower
level, then break down the main door by pounding on it, swarm the interior and
clear it out.  It is best to use Bolamites to wrap them up and Chippunks to
lure them.  After you bounty all the outlaws Looten Duke will appear, kill the
guys up on the roof, you can use the towers for cover, just run up in them and
they can not hit you with their weapons.  After killing them Looten Duke will
come out to play, Bounty him get him alive if possible he's worth 600 moolah
still breathing.

Behind the building that Looten Duke attacked you from is a large beam, and
behind that beam is a door, that was previously closed, go into the cave.
Shoot down and collect the Boombats after the cut-scene describing them.  You
will come to a ledge, jump down into the water.  Swim over to the other side
and continue through the tunnel, run through the open door and keep following
the path, jump down into some more water and there is a rope slightly off to
the right, climb up it, jump off at the top run across the three platforms and
climb the next rope, jump off and continue through the tunnel.  At the end jump
down and go left towards the town, kill or bounty the outlaws here and jump
down the ropes making your way to the bottom.  From the bottom run forward,
shoot the surge activator and ride the escalator down.  Follow the road and it
will lead you back to town, go to the Bounty Shop and collect your bounty.
Exit the Bounty Shop and go right, you will see the Doctors office to the left,
go in.
After the cut-scene exit and go to the General Store and pick up some new items
if you need to, if not just head straight to the Bounty Store next.  Speak to
the clerk and take on Boilz Booty's Bounty.

5.1.4) Boilz Booty

For this mission, just take cover and try to lure enemies away.  Your best bet
is to hide, use Fuzzles as traps, when you run out of those use Bolamites to
wrap up enemies the quickly bounty them, Boombats are good when you are
ambushed.  Take out all the enemies and bounty them, getting Boilz might prove
to be tough.  Now we are heading east to Buzzarton, it is to the right where
the Bounty Office was, now its just flames, run through the gate, just follow
the weaving and winding path, you will come to a wall, climb the rope and jump
over it.  After a nice cut-scene of you crossing the bridge capture the two
outlaws.  Continue following the main path to the town.  On your way you will
hear some of the locals talk about a security guard, run to the Opple farm and
go into the main house, climb the rope all the way to the top and break open
the moolah container it holds a good deal, get back on the main path to the

5.2) Buzzarton

Stay on the main road, you will see the Bounty Store on the right and the
General Store on the left, go in the General Store and buy any new items you
need and then go to the Bounty Store.  Cash out your Boilz Bounty here and take
on the Eugene Ius Bounty.

5.2.1) Eugene Ius

This bounty is only good if he is brought back alive.  Exit the Bounty Store
and speak with a local and they will direct you to the General Store to speak
with the Professor, he is off to the left side of the room, you will see the
gate open, to get there exit the General Store, go left, over to the sewer
entrance and go up the path that says, To Temple Valley.  Cross the bridge and
go through the tunnel at the top.

Work your way through the tunnel, smash the Keep out sign you come to.  You
should get a cut-scene about the Stingbees, collect them, and continue along
the path.  Break the next keep out sign and start to bounty up the enemies
here, after capturing them, run up the slope to the side and jump onto the
first pillar, up on the robe, climb across it and drop down on the other side
of the rubble blocking your way.

Drop down on the other side, climb the structure to the left and shoot at
enemies from it, shoot Boombats towards the bottom of the opposite structure
and you can blow it sky high.  Break down the barrier to your left and you will
get an informative piece about the Stunkz, collect some and continue along
through this tunnel.  Exit out and go left down the slope and follow this path,
break the gate and bounty everyone inside the camp.  On the far side there are
some crates that you can jump up and over to exit this area, do so, clear the
next area of outlaws and you will see a structure with ramps going up it, work
your way to the top.  Work your way along the path and cross the bridge you
come to on your right.  Clear out all the outlaws and work your way up to the
highest slope and save Eugene Ius.

In this new passageway follow it to the end and pick up the glowing stuff.
Work your way across the rooftops and through this area, there is a part will
the path will give and lower down, climb the rope near it to get back up to the
other side.  Jump off the ledge and follow the path.  Break the walls to get
through this area and jump the barrier in the tunnel you go into.  Drop into
town, go to the General Store for new items, and then go to the Bounty Store.
Collect on Eugene Ius's Bounty and take on Jo' Momma's Bounty.

5.2.2) Jo' Momma's

Exit the Bounty Office and go right and speak to the sewer worker at the sewer
door.  Go in and climb down the rope, take notice of the flowers at the bottom,
aren't sewer flowers just pretty?  Anyways follow the path, speak to the worker
at the end and have them shut off the water wheel.  Now time for the leap of
faith, jump into the nasty sewer water and swim through and get on the solid
ground to the left, run to the top and climb the rope, jump down the first half
tube you see and slide safely to the other side, go directly across climb
another rope and jump up on the platform, go left and slide down the half tube
and at the end jump to the rope, climb it and jump off at the top.  Run through
the tunnel and jump down the next half tube you see, go right and jump down the
next half tube, break open the gate, run through to the left and break the next
gate.  Follow the path, take it up the slope, climb the rope, keep following
this path and exit to the left.

Follow the path, jump down into the water, climb the rope you see and work your
way across this area.  Exit through a tunnel on the opposite side of where you
entered.  Follow the tunnel, climb a rope to the right and run through the open
door.  Go through the pipe on the left run through this area and bounty the
outlaws.  Follow the path as it goes right and into a tunnel.  Go through the
tunnel, jump down into this area and bounty the outlaws, shoot the Surge
Activator you see and it will lower a platform, get on it and ride it up, you
will see an electrified rope at the top, shoot the Surge Activator across the
way to deactivate the electricity.  This is tough, you need to shoot Jo' Momma
with a Stunkz to make her sick, shoot the Surge Activator and get across the
wire before she gets up to turn the power back on to it.  Hit her with
Thudslugs and bounty her alive.

Drop down to the bottom and go through the gate that just opened up.  Follow
the path, it will take you back to town, go to the General Store for new items,
then to the Bounty Store to collect on  Jo' Momma.  Take the Bounty offer on
Meagly McGraw.

5.2.3) Meagly McGraw

Exit the Bounty Store and go left.  Follow this path all the way out of town
and you will come to the Opple Farm on your left, go in through the archway.
Run in and bounty the outlaws.  Lure them away from the main group with
Chippunks and bounty them.  After clearing out the outlaws head into the main
building, directly in front of where you enter, take out the outlaws in here
and Meagly will appear, shoot him out off of the guy he is riding, and then he
will run on foot, shoot him and bounty him, best alive, but dead works too.

After you bounty Meagly McGraw, exit the Opple Farm and run back to the town.
Go to the General Store for new items, then to the Bounty Store to collect on
Meagly.  Take the bounty offer for Packrat Palooka.

5.2.4) Packrat Palooka

He stole Eugene's laptop so you just have to get it back now don't you?  Exit
the Bounty Store, talk to any local they will tell you to check out the Sewers,
so go there.  Climb down the rope and you will meet your man, climb back out
and go right from the sewer exit and you will come to the path leading to the
Junkyard, follow it.

You will come to a huge gap, look around and you will notice a broke bridge,
but it is just long enough for you to double jump to the other side, tell the
password to the gate, it will happen in a cut-scene, then go in.  Keep running
through and you will come to half tube in the ground that you can slide down,
do so.

Bounty the outlaws here and open the gate, you will be attacked by some outlaws
with explosives strapped to them, so be careful, run around the path to the
right.  Continue running through here, when you come to a fence, break it down
and continue into the Junkyard.  Kill the outlaws on the other side and shoot
the Surge Activator and the bridge will lower, cross it.  If the bridge does
not lower all the way then you need to look for any more outlaws on the other
side, they will press the switch to keep the bridge up.

Once across follow the path and bounty the outlaws you come to.  Continue along
this path, climb the rope you see and jump on the ledge and press the X button
at the gate controls, this will open the gate, jump down and go through.  Run
to the left side of this area and you can get up on the upper path that the
outlaws are on.  Clear this area off then go back to the lower level and follow
the path.  Continue through mercilessly bountying the outlaws.  Break the fence
on the right side of this area and follow the path, bounty the outlaws you come
to then climb the rope near the closed gate.  Run along the ledge and climb
down the other rope.  Follow the path and get ready for the showdown with
Packrat Palooka.

Shoot the Surge Activators on the generators, but dodge his attacks.  Shoot him
while the shield is down and when he reactivates the shield shoot the Surge
Activators on it again.  Take care of any outlaws he sends at you and shoot him
off the ledge with Boombats.  After the fight run through the tunnel, jump down
a level when you get the chance and continue following the tunnel.  Follow the
tunnel, jump out at the end and go back to the General Store for new items,
then to the Bounty Store to collect on Packrat Palooka.

After a nice cut-scene exit the Bounty Store, make a right towards the Sewer
then make a left and the path will lead you to the Mongo Valley Exit, speak to
Eugene and he will open the gate for you, run through.  When you come to an
area with three outlaws use the Chippunks to lure them away one at a time and
bounty them, run towards their campfire and follow the path to the right.
Follow the path as it circles around the waterfall and goes upwards, double
jump to clear the first gap you come to and cross the horizontal rope that you
see a little further up the path.  Double jump the next gap and climb the rope
you come to.
Follow this path and a cut-scene will begin.

5.3) Mongo Valley

As you exit the tunnel follow the path to New Yolk City.  There are a few
outlaws to bounty, but they are up in tree stands so most likely you'll just
get them dead.  When you come to a fork in the road go left, it gives you the
most cover from the outlaws, follow the path beyond the pond and into a rock
tunnel.  You will come to an exit, a cut-scene will begin, after the cut-scene
jump down and run forward, you will see the General Store to the left, go in
for some new items and then go to the Bounty Store across from the General
Store.  Take on X'Plosives McGee's bounty here.

5.3.1) X'Plosives McGee

Exit the Bounty Store and go right.  At the end you will see a wooden crate
elevator, get in and ride it to the top.  Run through the tunnel and at the end
is a whole group of outlaws, best to attack them with Stunkz and Boombats to
break them up then jump down for the bounty's.  You can also use the explosive
crates, or even shoot a Chippunk under the dangling rock, then shoot the Surge
Activator to crush them.  Anyways after taking care of them continue along the
path.  Jump into the mine car to start the next section.

Shoot the explosive containers and use them to your advantage, do not focus on
a single enemy, that will get you killed, focus on the explosive containers and
you will get through fairly safe.  The path will get blown out at a certain
point, but it is ok your mine car will just drop down a level.  Jump out of the
mine cart and two outlaws will jump down the rope after you, bounty them and
then climb the rope.

Bounty the outlaws here and follow the path as it swings around to the right,
but stay up on the upper paths, jump down on the opposite side into an enclosed
area, bounty the outlaws and unlock the gate at the gate controls.  Run back
through the gate into the area you previously were in.  Make a right and take
out the two outlaws that came through the opposite gate, go through that gate
which leads into a mining tunnel.  Be careful when you come up to your first
outlaws there is a roof mounted flame thrower, sneak by it after killing the
outlaws, you can use the exploding barrel to take them out.  Continue along the
path, you will come to a closed gate, use the controls to open it and well you
find an outlaw with a flame thrower stalling you from getting to X'Plosives
himself.  Bounty the outlaws here, climb the platform and jump into the mine

Again through this area focus on the exploding barrels, it will blow the
platforms clear out under from the outlaws, shoot them before the outlaws even
run out and they will just fall to the bottom of the canyon.  Watch your back
here too because outlaws will come at you on mine cars chasing you from behind.
This part can be extremely easy or extremely hard depending on how you do it.

Once your cart stops at the bottom jump out and follow the path, use the
exploding barrels to your advantage through here too.  When you come to a gate
climb the rope to the left of it and jump it, keep going through and you will
come to a wooden gate, break it down and bounty the outlaws in the next area.
A door on the left side of the canyon will open farther down the path, go in
and bounty the outlaws.  Continue through bounty the outlaws you come to and
open the gate, but watch out for the roof mounted flamethrower, sneak past it,
or destroy it, sneaking is faster and easier.

After exiting you will come to a rope, climb down it and go left.  Some outlaws
should attack you from a tunnel to the left, after you bounty them run through
the tunnel.  Activate the switch to open the door and you will be in the boss
fight area.  Blow up the explosive containers on the bottom so they can not use
them against you and take out the enemies up top by shooting the exploding
barrels near then.  Now be careful X'Plosives McGee will send waves of enemies
at you through the doors on the bottom so while you are trying to shoot the
Surge Activators to drop him down watch out for those.  Make sure you are
always moving and stand in the open as little as possible, this is a tough
bossfight.  Once he is on the lower level use Boombats, Thudslugs, Stunkz to
slow him down, any combination, but the best starting combination is Boombats
and Thudslugs.  He is best gotten alive, but that might be tough.

After taking care of X'Plosives McGee look for the side area that will take you
out of here, go through the gate and follow the mining tunnel.  At one point it
will drop down, jump down and collect the treasure chests here then continue
through the tunnel.  Open the closed gate by activating the switch and continue
along, this will lead you back into town.  Now before doing anything else, run
forward and talk to the woman wearing the red and white clothing, she will tell
you about the black market across the street, she says to climb the rope across
the street from her.  Climb the rope and run across the roofs it will lead you
to a door tell them the password and go in.  Purchase some new items, then
exit, jump off the rooftop and go to the Bounty Store to cash in on X'Plosives.
Exit the Bounty Store and cross the street to get to the General Store and pick
up a Mongo River Pass.  Head back to the Bounty Store and take the Bounty for
Lefty Lugnutz.

5.3.2) Lefty Lugnutz

Exit the Bounty Store, speak to any of the locals and they will tell you that
you can find someone to teach you the sleg call by going behind the general
store.  Run towards the General Store and you will see the person they are
talking about.  He will tell you to go to the Mongo River and slay a Giant Sleg
in the Mongo Wilds, to get there look at the sign near the General Store and
follow it to the Port Authority.  Speak to the man behind the counter and he
will open the gate to the Mongo River for you, go through the gate.

Run up the slope and follow this up to the top run out of the exit and forward
along the grass.  You will see a large green sign saying that if you go left
you can get to the Mongo Wilds, go left and follow the path.  Run along the
shoreline and you will come to a sign that says, Welcome To the Mongo Wilds
Happy Hunting, continue past that and a cut-scene with the giant Sleg will
begin, kill the sleg and a cut-scene will begin.  Run back into town, look for
the giant structures, you can get easily spun around from the cut-scene and
fight.  As you enter the Port Authority he will meet you there.

Go back to that sign you saw earlier, and this time go right.  Run along the
shoreline and cross a bridge going over the water.  At the end of the bridge go
right, break down the wooden fence you come to and continue through.  You will
come to another fence, break that too and continue through.  Yes you will see
yet another fence plaguing you, you know what to do.  The path will soon drop
down, jump and follow the new path around to the right, run over towards the
Tombstones and press X to initiate the Sleg call and it will bring out Lefty
Lugnutz.  Bounty the outlaws he sends at you and after that he will come out on
his platform, shoot him.  He will hide in the tents, come out of other ones and
send more enemies at you so be prepared, he will run and fall off of his ledge,
attack him head on then.

After you bounty him run through the open tunnel you see.  Hit the switch you
come to and follow the path out.  This will lead you back to the bridge, cross
it and go right.  Run into the Port Authority building, have the man behind
the counter open the gate for you, and go back to town.  Go to the General
Store then to the Bounty Store to cash in on Lefty Lugz Bounty.  Take on Elboze
Freely's Bounty next.

5.3.3) Elboze Freely

Exit the Bounty Store, go left and to the Port Authority.  Run through the open
door in there and follow the passage and exit out at the top.  You will see
that sign you used earlier, this time go left to the Mongo Wilds.  Follow the
shoreline, when you come to the sign saying, Welcome To The Mongo Wilds Happy
Hunting, continue past it.  When your path ends go straight through the water
and to the other sign, this one says, Now Leaving The Mongo Wilds Ya'll come
back now, continue out past that sign and up the slope, you will pass some very
unlucky fishers hanging to your left, but just follow the path.  When you come
to the end you will see a ledge sticking out and a large rock in the water,
jump on the rock from the ledge.  Jump down into the water and cross it to the
other side, go right once on the land again.  Follow the shoreline and you will
come to some rocks in the water, use them as stepping stones to get across.
From the end go left.

Now you are starting to enter Elboze Freely's area.  Work your way through here
and bounty the outlaws.  You will come to some outlaws across the water, take
out as many as you can from a distance, this will be tough to do, then cross
and go left.  Work your way through their encampment and you will come to a
rope, climb it, jump on the platform, then climb the next rope and jump off.
Bounty the outlaws in the next area, continue through and climb the rope you
come to.  Jump off and climb the next rope up to the next level, jump off and
bounty the outlaws here.  Use the explosive barrels to your advantage.
Continue through and you will come to a bunch of drop downs in the path, jump
down each and at the edge a cut-scene will begin.

Time for the boss fight.  This is a very tough and very unique boss fight, but
if you can get down the general idea you can take him out quickly.  Jump on the
ground and get close to him, yes get close to him.  He will swing his arms at
you and then stop, run behind him and shoot him in the back with your
Zappflies, Thudslugs, or Boombats.  Keep doing this and if you are fast enough
you will be able to bounty him alive, but if you are having trouble getting
behind him quickly you can bounty him dead.  Also if your health gets low shake
off the damage while he is standing still, or even try to get up on the upper
level but be quick because he will retract the platform from under you.

After you bounty him jump into the opening in the ground.  The path is blocked
in one direction so go the other.  Once this path dead-ends go left down the
tunnel.  This will put you back in the Mongo Area, run back to the Port
Authority have the man behind the counter open the door for you and run back to
town.  Check out the Black Market and the General Store for items, then go to
the Bounty Store to cash in on Elboze Freely.  Take Fatty McBoomboom's bounty

5.3.4) Fatty McBoomboom

So exit the Bounty Store and look around for a goofy looking guy with a feather
in his hat, one eye glass thing, a bowtie, and a goofy, goofy vest, speak with
him.  This will initiate a cut-scene, after telling him a nice joke, run to the
Port Authority, go through the gate and run out the other side.  Go to the
right side of the infamous sign you come to and you will see a sign for the
Skycart pointing you towards the building, go up the ramp, and around the
building, you will see another ramp leading up into the building, go in and
speak to the vest man inside.  Ride the skycart to the top and get off on the
other side.

Run up the ramp to your right, cross the bridge you come to and continue
through the tunnel.  When you come out of the tunnel just follow the path.
Bounty all the outlaws you come, lure them out and wrap them up.  Continue
through the building and down the slide you come to.  Follow the path, run into
the building and bounty the outlaws, follow the paths upwards.  Exit the upward
ramps and get  into the mine cart.

Jump out of the cart when it stops and in this area really focus on the
exploding barrels, it is better to bounty the outlaws dead rather than to
be dead yourself.  Continue out of this area, climb the rope, or run through
the gate you come to, sometimes the gate will be shut from getting shot at, but
either way go past it.  Follow the path in this area and it is time to fight
Fatty McBoomboom himself.

Just hit fatty with powerful Ammo and he will be down extremely quick.  Exit
through the gate that opened and follow the path.  When you get a chance
jump down.  Just follow the path, jump out through the waterfall and swim back
to land.  Run back through the Port Authority, go to the General Store, the
Black Market, then to the Bounty Store.  Cash in on Fatty McBoomboom, and now
its time to go up the river.

Exit the Bounty Store, go left, and through the Port Authority.  Run out onto
the docks and you will see the Barge Keeper, speak with him and a cut-scene
will start.  Ride the barge up river, as you get off you will see that the Doc
is dead, and you are attacked by some Outlaws.  Fight and take out as many
outlaws as you can.  A cut-scene will start.

5.4) The De-Pantsing

After finding out that you are a Steef, kill everyone in this room and exit
through the opening in the floor, kill anyone in your way and bust through the
glass at the end to exit.  Follow the path out of there and you will come to a
tilted window, break the glass and drop in the building, break through the wood
patching the wall, follow the path through the town, when you reach the main
gate go up the slope to the right and break through the glass.  Break through
the wood at the bottom and follow the path out of town.  Eventually a cut-scene
will begin.

5.5) Wolvark Docks

Run forward and between the rock formation.  Follow this path and jump down.
You will be in the grub village and extremely welcome.  You will be given some
armor and a new crossbow.  Get to the lower level and run along the bottom, you
will have a cut-scene.  After the cut-scene continue along the path.  Go
through the open gate and along the path.  You will come to a point where you
see a small island in the water, jump on it and jump to the slope going
upwards, follow it.  Bounty all enemies you see, they are used as ammo.  Use
Howler Punks to lure enemies under the hanging crates and hit the Surge
Activator to drop the crates on them.

Open the gate by throwing the switch, run through the gate and over the bridge.
Work your way through this area, once you reach the end throw the switch and go
through the gate.  Cross the bridge, clear out this area, throw the switch at
the end and go through the gate.  Throw the next switch and go through the next
gate.  Go right and smash open the door that is lit green.  Continue through
this area and break the glass doors you come to.  Continue through this path
and break the next glass doors you come to.  Go through the door to your right
and work your way through this room.  Bust down the door you come to and go
left.  Break through the opposite door and follow the path.  Use the switch you
come to and open the gate with it.  Shoot out the glass and go through.  Take
the exit in this room upwards and break through the wood.  Follow this path
upwards, at the top use the switch to open the door, then use the next switch
to open the next door and go through.  Clear out this area and continue along
the path.  You will go into a cave and climb the rope you come to.  Jump off
and follow this path.  Walk up to the water and watch the cut-scene.

Here you will see the boat, but you do not use it just yet, take the path you
see back to the village.  Once back in the village kill all the bad guys and a
cut-scene will start.  Clear out the village again and it will be saved.  Now
run back to the boat.  Once you get back the boat will be fixed and looking
much better than before.  You will get some more upgrades from the grubs.  Get
in the boat by pressing X and steer it with the Left Thubmstick.  Take the boat
out of the cave and into open water, and you go out in a very very nice way by
way of the waterfall.

Follow the path with your boat, continue up stream and you will come to a
locked gate, dock your boat, clear out the bad guys and go near the gate.  You
will see a switch to open it, do so.  Get back in your boat and go through the
gate.  Continue to follow the water.  A cut-scene will start and you will dock
your boat.  Get back in your boat and take it up the river.  Blow up and sink
the boats you come to by shooting all three sets of barrels on them.  Jump out
of the boat and swim over to the gate.  On the right side of the gate is a gap
big enough to swim through, swim through it, swim past it and go up the slope
you see to the left.  Clear off the top and use the switch to open the gate.
Jump back in your boat and paddle through.  Continue down the water for a

5.6) Last Legs

Pull your boat up to the shore and get off, run up the shore and clear it of
enemies.  Run in through the gate.  Work your way through this stone tunnel.
Exit the tunnel and follow the path through the town.  Towards the end you will
come to a cut-scene where more enemies come at you off of a vehicle, take them
out.  Continue past the vehicle, you will come to a group of enemies, take them
out and a cut-scene will begin.  A vehicle will break through the wall, kill
the enemies that come with it, just shoot the vehicle and it will blow up.
Continue along the path.  Run backwards and you will see an opening in the
wall, here you will meet the person you need to.

Where you exit out just follow the path.  A bunch of enemies will come at you
from over the wall, take them out and continue along the path.  You will come
to another area where they will attack you from over a wall, take them out and
continue along the path.  You will come to a tunnel, go in and as you exit take
out the enemies.  Run to the end for a cut-scene.

Get in your boat and paddle upstream.  Paddle over to the left side of the
stream and you will see an opening in the rock wall, go in.  Go through here
and you will come to the exit, as you exit there will be a cut-scene.  Paddle
forward, dock on the slope upwards to the left side of this area.  Get off your
boat, run forward, take out all the enemies here and hit the first switch,
cross the rope, take out the enemies there, and hit the second switch.  The
doors will open, get back in your boat and paddle through.  Once you reach the
end of this area the water will rise taking you up to the next point.  Dock
your boat on the right side and get out.  Clear out the area to your right, and
once you reach the top you will see a point just long enough to jump, shoot out
the glass and jump.  Follow the path up, press the switch to open the doors,
and then get back in your boat and paddle through.  The water will rise in this
room like it did in the other, at the top paddle out.  A cut-scene will begin.

After the cut-scene row your boat forward and start taking out the enemies here.
Dock your boat at the gate and climb the rope.  Hit both Surge Activators that
are off to the sides in this area.  Follow the path upwards to the door with
the green and blue lights above it.  Use the panel to the left of it to open
the door and you get a nice cut-scene.  Hit this enemy with Thudslugs and
Boombats to take it out quickly.  After taking it out head through the door and
its time for a new area.

5.7) In the Dam

Head through this area shooting your enemies on the platform to the left,
remember they can's swim so try to knock them in.  Follow the path and around
the turn a platform will raise up with a bunch of enemies on it, take them out
and follow through.  You will come to two platforms with switches on them,
climb the rope next to each, activate the switches, and the door will open.  Go
through and follow the path.  Run through here and kill anyone you run into.
At the top is a door that will open for you when you get close to it, run
through.  When you come to a building run through it and work your way to the
top.  Knocking them out of windows is effective.  At the top break through the
glass doors, climb the vertical rope and jump to the horizontal rope.  Use the
horizontal rope to get over to the next platform.

On this next platform clear out the enemies and work your way to the bottom.
Leave by way of the ramp at the bottom. Use the boxes to clear the barrier,
they will give you that extra jump you need.  Break through the glass doors you
see, but well your friend breaks through first, attack him and he will run
away.  Continue through the doors.  Fight through here and press the switch you
come to and it will open the door, follow it up the slope.  Hit the switch at
the top to open the next door and here you will get some more of the previous
fight in.  Attack the squid creature with Thudslugs and Boombats.  Destroy the
Squid creature here and continue along the path.  You will come to a switch,
use it to open the door, go up the slope, and use the next switch to open the
next door.  Run through this area and kill the outlaws.  You will come to a
switch, use it to open the door, go up the slope and to the top.  Kill the
enemies up here and press the X button at the switch to the door and it will
open.  Run through the door and follow the path to the elevator, ride it up and
get off at the top.  Open the doors and run through.  Follow this path and
watch a cut-scene.  Now a timer should just have appeared.  Just follow the
path it is extremely straight-forward.  When you get to the end you will see a
cut-scene and the timer will stop.  Head down the red carpet and when it comes
to an intersection you will
see a cut-scene.

Now you will have to fight two of those squid creatures, take cover where you
can and attack them with powerful weaponry.  After you kill them both watch the
cut-scene.  Now to beat Sekto focus on the two large glowing things on each
side of him, shoot at the light up pieces that are coming off the larger
circle, take them all five on each leg.  Keep moving around and you can hide
behind the book cases and just in general dodge his attacks.  Be careful
though, he has one attack that is a charge attack and will deal severe damage,
he will charge a few times go when he does that run.  Also there is plenty of
ammo hidden around through here if you need it.  After doing that he gets
crushed under rubble, watch the cut-scene and that is Game Over.  Good Job you
just finished Oddworld Stranger's Wrath.

6) Frequently Asked Questions

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7) Special Thanks

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