Fight Night Round 3 Xbox360 Cheats

All Venues:

Enter NEWVIEW as your first name in create a champ mode to unlock all arenas.

Bonus Venues:

Win a career mode fight at the Staples Center or Madison Square Garden to unlock it.

Fight as Ko Rey Mo:

Beat Ko Rey Mo in the light heavyweight division to unlock him.

The Burger King as your trainer:

Beat the Burger King event in career mode, then when selecting your trainer, press Down until Burger King is selected.

Fighting Styles:

Win matches in ESPN classic fights mode or career mode to unlock the fighting styles used by your opponents

Easy career wins:

Set Illegal Blows to 'off'. Get the illegal blow 'Elbow Shot' from the store, start a fight and use it as a counter. Ouch!



How to Unlock
1. Burger King Achievement - 100 pointsWin The BK Invitational Fight.
2. Dodge Achievement - 100 pointsWin the Dodge sponsored fight.
3. EA SPORTS Achievement - 150 pointsWin any EA SPORTS sponsored fight.
4. ESPN FNF Achievement - 150 pointsWin any ESPN Friday Night Fight event.
5. ESPN PPV Achievement - 150 pointsWin any ESPN Pay Per View fight event.
6. ESPN WNF Achievement - 150 pointsWin any ESPN Wednesday Night Fight event.
7. Everlast Achievement - 100 pointsWin the Everlast sponsored fight
8. Under Armour Achievement - 100 pointsWin the Under Armour sponsored fight.

Thanks to Revolution Reader tehbaddstman!