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Overwatch 3.30 Update Patch Notes | Kanezaka map and Hanzo Kyōgisha event

The new Overwatch 3.30 update patch notes come just on the heels of Blizzard’s new hero tease from yesterday. This update adds the new Kanezaka deathmatch arena that is just below the Hanamura castle from the launch set of maps. It also comes alongside a new event that gives players the ability to unlock the Hanzo Kyōgisha skin. Here’s how to unlock that skin as well as what hero updates are in the patch notes. Also it does not appear to fix the dance emote glitch.

Overwatch 3.30 Update Patch Notes | Kanezaka map

Overwatch 3.30 Update Patch Notes | Kanezaka map and Hanzo Kyōgisha event

The Overwatch Kanezaka map is one of the highlights from this update. It is only playable in Free-For-All so those who only play traditional modes might not see it. However, this area was part of the aforementioned hero tease and it ties into Genji and Hanzo’s lore. This is where the character Asa lives, who may or may not be one of the heroes coming to Overwatch 2. There’s even a cat café.

Overwatch 3.30 Update Patch Notes | Hanzo Kyōgisha skin and Kanezaka Challenge

Overwatch 3.30 Update Patch Notes | Kanezaka map and Hanzo Kyōgisha event

This map comes alongside the Kanezaka Challenge and Kyōgisha skin for Hanzo. To earn the Hanzo Kyōgisha skin, players must win nine games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade before the event ends on January 25. Winning three times earns an icon and six wins nets some sprays.

Overwatch 3.30 Update Patch Notes | Balance changes

There are also a few balance changes in this patch. Ashe can now aim down sights in .65 seconds (instead of .7) but does 80 damage instead of 75 when aiming because she was “too dominant” otherwise. Hanzo’s recovery time between Storm Arrows is now .25 seconds instead of .3. Sigma now has to wait 2.5 seconds to deploy his barrier instead of one second so he would have to commit more to it. And Wrecking Ball’s Adaptive Shields now give him 75 shields per target instead of 100 9because he was “a bit too survivable.”

Full Overwatch 3.30 update patch notes

  • Kanezaka, nestled beside Hanamura, is our newest Free-For-All Map!
  • Fight for your life in a thrilling battlefield of alleyways, ancient stone, towering steel, and cat cafes. Shatter your enemy’s dreams in the pottery shop, deliver beatdowns in the Tora no Sumika nightclub, or rise above the competition in the tower at the center of the city.


Celebrate the release of Overwatch’s newest map with the Kanezaka Challenge! Through January 25, earn limited-time rewards, including the new Kyōgisha Hanzo skin, by winning games and watching Overwatch on Twitch.

Learn more about the Kanezaka Challenge on the Overwatch website.


Feature Update: Replay Viewer Custom Spectator Options
  • Added Detached Timecode UI option to Replay Viewer



Ashe being able to eliminate 200 health enemy heroes with one headshot while assisted by 30% damage boost became too dominant, especially when combined with the other improvements to her weapon. We are lowering the maximum damage but also the shot recovery time to keep her overall damage output relatively the same.

The Viper
  • Aim-down-sights damage reduced from 80 to 75
  • Aim-down-sights recovery time reduced from 0.7 to 0.65 seconds

This rate of fire change improves the feel and effectiveness of the Storm Arrows ability and though small, adds up over the course of firing 5 arrows.

Storm Arrows
  • Shot recovery time reduced from 0.3 to 0.25 seconds

We’re increasing the cooldown of Sigma’s barrier to require a higher commitment to its placement and open up additional opportunities for counterplay.

Experimental Barrier
  • Redeploy cooldown increased from 1 to 2.5 seconds

Wrecking Ball’s high mobility and potential for massive shield health have left him a bit too survivable after the overall damage and crowd control in the game have been tuned down. We are reducing the amount of additional shields he generates per target though the base 100 shields from the ability remains unchanged.

Adaptive Shield
  • Shield per target reduced from 100 to 75


  • Fixed a bug that caused the flex role rewards banner to not display immediately
  • Fixed a bug with the end of round screen for Deathmatch that would exclude players who left when the match ends
  • Fixed a bug that caused achievement categories in the career profile to become misaligned when setting the filter to “locked”
  • Fixed a bug that caused jump landing sounds to not playback properly
  • Fixed a bug with long spray names overlapping with UI elements
  • [Fixed on impacted platforms] Fixed a bug that caused an indefinite loading icon on the Social menu if your friends list is empty
  • [PC-Only] Fixed a bug that caused the mouse cursor to remain focused on the game client while in windowed or windowed fullscreen mode


  • Fixed a bug with the “One Punch” highlight intro that would cause it to clip into the ground on certain maps


  • Fixed a bug with the Genji Contenders skin portrait not appearing properly


  • Fixed a bug with the “Unwrap” emote animation not displaying properly when rotating the camera around during its duration