Darkwatch FAQ

                          Darkwatch Guide/Walkthrough                     
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| Date: 31 August 2005             |
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|                                  | | Mature                             17+ |
| Title: Darkwatch                 | |                  Blood and Gore        |
| Platform: Sony PlayStation 2     | |   M             Intense Violence       |
| ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)      | |                     Language           |
| Players: 1-2 Players             | |                   Sexual Themes        |
| Memory Card: 642 KB              | |                                        |
|                                  | | ESRB CONTENT RATING       www.esrb.org |
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| Table of Contents | Guide is based off of the North American Version.
1) Version History (1VHY)                   | Looking for something specific? |
2) Controls (2CTRL)                         | Use the numbers to the right of |
3) HUD (3HUD)                               | each section. These numbers are |
4) Abilities/Powers (4APW)                  | used only one time so copy them |
5) Allies/Enemies (5ALE)                    | press Crtl+F, paste the code in |
6) Weapons (6WPN)                           | the menu brought up press enter |
7) Vehicles (7VHL)                          | to get to the section needed.   |
8) Walkthrough  (8WLK)                      +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+
  8.1) The Wrong Train (8.1WLK)
  8.2) Ride Like The Devil (8.2WLK)
  8.3) Boneyard (8.3WLK)
  8.4) Devil's Belly Mine (8.4WLK)
  8.5) Darkwatch Outpost (8.5WLK)
  8.6) War Train (8.6WLK)
  8.7) Torture Maze (8.7WLK)
  8.8) Baptism of Fire (8.8WLK)
  8.9) Citadel (8.9WLK)
  8.10) Rescue (8.10WLK)
  8.11) The Deadlight Prism (8.11WLK)
  8.12) Invasion (8.12WLK)
  8.13) Hangtown (8.13WLK)
  8.14) The Morning After (8.14WLK)
  8.15) Showdown (8.15WLK)
  8.16) The Right Train (8.16WLK)
  8.17) Deadfall (8.17WLK)
  8.18) Curse of the West (8.18WLK)
9) Unlockables (9UNL)
10) Thanks (10TNK)

Introduction (From Instruction Manual)

Welcome to the Wild West, circa 1876.  You are Jericho Cross seasoned outlaw.

Looking for a big score, you raid a secret treasure train.  Unknown to you,
this train belongs to the Darkwatch, an ancient organization committed to
defeating supernatural evils.  The cargo of this train is not money or jewels,
but a captured vampire lord being transported to the Darkwatch Citadel for

You blow open what you think is the treasure vault on the train only to release
the oldest and most powerful creature of his kind.  Perhaps from perverse
gratitude, this vampire doesn't kill you.  He just bites you, so you slowly
turn into a vampire yourself!

With growing supernatural powers, you hunt Lazarus, the vampire who sired you.
If you gun him down before the Curse overcomes you completely, you might win
back your soul.  If you fail, you will be damned to walk the earth as an undead
monster, having condemned the West to despair under the rule of evil incarnate.

| 1) Version History (1VHY)

Version 1.0:
  Guide complete.
    30 August 2005

|                             2) Controls (2CTRL)                             |

(From Instruction Manual)

Select Button: Score Menu
Start Button: In-Game Menu
L2 Button: Cycle Powers
L1 Button: Throw (Emergency brake in vehicles)
Up Dirctional Button: Cycle throwing weapon
Down Directional Button: Cycle protectile weapon
Left Directional Button: Lean left
Right Directional Button: Lean right
Left Analog Stick: Move (Up = forward)
L3 Button (Press in): Crouch (release to stand up)
Right Analog Stick: Turn and aim (Up = look up)
R3 Button (Press in): Sight Mode/Blood Vision
Square Button: Melee
X Button: Interact
O Button: Reload
Triangle Button: Jump
R1 Button: Shoot
R2 Button: Activate Power

|                                3) HUD (3HUD)                                |

(From Instruction Manual)

           Full Screen View           

|                                     |  1) Life Display
|  1                             2    |  2) Weapon Display
|                                     |  3) Hit Indicator: Shows the direction
|                                     |     of an off-screen enemy that just
|                                     |     hit you.
|                                     |  4) Targeting Reticle: Shows the
|  3               4               3  |     direction of fire for your weapons.
|                                     |     Always in the center of the screen,
|                                     |     the reticle turns red when you're
|                                     |     on target.
|                                     |  5) Text Messages: Inform you of a
|                  5                  |     decision to make, give you hints
|                                     |     about special tactics, and 
|                                     |     optionally show subtitles for
+-------------------------------------+     voices.

             Life Display             
|   1                         2       |
|                         3           |
|     +-------------------------------+
|     | 1) Power: (Single Player and Multiplayer Cooperative Modes Only) Shows
|     |    the selected Power.  When your Blood Bar is full, the entire Life
|     |    Display glows to indicate that you can activate this Power.  When
|     |    you activate it, the luminous lines around its icon disappear
|  4  |    gradually like a timer counting down to the exhaustion of the Power.
|     | 2) Blood Shield: Decreases as you get hit; increases as time elapses
|     |    between hits.
|     | 3) Health: Decreases after your Blood Shield is depleted and you get
+-----+    hit; increases when you kill enemies and collect their Blood Clouds.
           When your healthdrops to zero, you're dead!
        4) Blood Bar: (Single Player and Multiplayer Cooperative Modes only)
           Fills as you collect Blood Clouds of dead enemies.  When your Blood
           Bar is completely full, you can activate any Power you have earned.

            Weapon Display           
|                                     | 1) Thrown Weapon: Shows the total 
|    1                  2             |    number of remaining throwable
|                                     |    weapons
|                                     | 2) Held Weapon: Shows the number of
+-------------------------------------+    bullets left in your gun, and total
                                           bullets in reserve.

            Power Display
|                                     | 1) Selected Power: Press the L2 button
|                  1                  |    repeatedly to cycle through the
|                                     |    Powers you have earned.  Stop
|                  2                  |    pressing when the Power you want
|                                     |    appears in the large center circle.
|                  3                  | 2) Power Name: Displays the name of the
|                                     |    selected Power.
+-------------------------------------+ 3) Spirit Bars: The two bars on the
-----------------------------------------  bottom fill with blue (good) and red
In Single Player games, press and hold  |  (evil) energy as you earn your way
the L2 button to bring up the Power     |  toward the next Power.
Display and cycle through the powers    |
you have earnes.  Press the R2 button   |
to activiate the selected Power (once   |
your Blood Bar is fully charged).       |
(Multiplayer matches do not use the     |
Power Display.)                         |

|                          4) Abilities/Powers (4APW)                         |

(From Instruction Manual)


As you transform slowly into a vampire, your basic human abilities will be

Walk: Move the left analog stick up to move forward, down to move back, left
      to move left, and so forth.  Move it a little to move slowly, or a lot
      to move quickly.

Ride: Ride your horse, Shadow, and drive vehicles such as the Coyote Steam
      Wagon.  It's just like walking except you can't jump.  In addition, the
      L1 button becoms an emergency brake in vehicles.

Crouch: Press and hold the L3 button (left analog stick) to crouch down.
        Release the L3 button to stand back up.
       -Croch behind low objects to take cover, and stand up briefly to fire.

Lean: Press the directional button left to lean left, and right to lean right.
     -Take cover behind a wall and lean out briefly to shoot.
     -While in the saddle of your horse, Shadow, lean to the side opposite your
      enemies to use the horse as a shield.  You can't shoot while leaning from
      your horse.

Jump: Press the triangle button to jump.

Turn and Aim: Move the right analog stick up to look up, down to look down,
              left to look left, and so forth.  Move it a little to pan your
              view slowly, or a lot to pan quickly.  The targeting reticle is
              always in the center of your view.
             -Turn and aim Gatling Turrets the same as hand-held weapons.
             -The reticle shows the direction that projectiles will go; it
              turns red when you're on target.

Shoot/Reload: Press the R1 button to shoot one projectile.  Each weapon holds a
              limited number of projectiles, but reloading happens
              automatically as long as you still have projectiles in reserve.
              Press the O button at any time to reload manually.  Also, some
              weapons have speacial behaviors when you press and hold the R1

Cycle Weapons: Press the directional buttons up to cycle your throwing weapons
               and down to cycle your projectile weapon.

Throw: Press the L1 button to throw an explosive.  You can't throw while
       driving, riding, or wielding dual Warmaker Pistols.

Melee Attacks: Press the Square button to strike a nearby enemy with the blade
               of your weapon, or knock over small nearby objects.

Interact With Objects: Press the X button to interact with something you're
                       close to.  Not everything can be interacted with, but
                       many things can be:
                      -Pick up a new weapon that's lying on the ground (Dead
                       enemies often drop weapons.) You can't carry more than
                       two weapons at a time.  If you already have two weapons,
                       you must set down the one in your hand to pick up
                       another.  However, you can usually keep your weapons
                       across chapters.
                      -Open doors, push barrels around, knock over tombstones
                       and more.  You can even shoot dynamite barrels to take
                       out enemies near them.  Just don't stand too close
                      -Enter and exit the Coyote Steam Wagon and Gatling
Health: Your health decreases after your Blood Shield is exhausted and you get
        hit.  (The Blood Shield is a Vampire Power, but your health is part of
        your humanity.) Health increases when you kill enemies and collect the
        energy from their Blood Clouds.  IF your health drops below zero, you


You started acquireing Vampire Powers when you were infected with the Curse.
Your Powers grow as you become less human and more vampire.  There are two
basic types of Powers: those that do not take blood energy to use are available
to you at any time, and those that must be earned require blood energy.  All
Powers are negated in direct sunlight.

Powers You Have At All Times

In Single Player games, you quickly gain the following Vampire Powers as you
progress through Jericho's story.  In Multiplayer matches, you get these powers
from the start:

Blood Shield: Protects you from losing health.  Decreases as you get hit;
              increases as time passes between hits.  When the Blood Shield is
              depleted, your health suffers with each hit.

Vampire Jump: Double-tap the Triangle button rapidly to jump really high.  Move
              the left analog stick to change direction while in the air.
              Press the X button to terminate the jump quickly.

Blood Vision: Press in the R3 button (right analog stick) to cause enemies,
              weapons, and other key elements to glow, and zoom in your view a
              bit too.  Press in the R3 button again to return to normal

Powers You Must Earn

Single Player Powers: You will occasionally encounter a victim of Lazarus.
                      Based on your choice to aid or feed on such a victim,
                      your sould will become increasingly good or evil.  The
                      blue (good) and red (evil) Spirit Bars in your Power
                      Display track the progress of your soul.  When a bar is
                      full, you will earn a Power.  Similarly, when you choose
                      to free or feed on what remains of the spirit in a dead
                      Tainted Victim, your woul will also gain either good or
                      evil energy, depending on your choice.
                      Activating a Power takes a lot of supernatural energy.
                      Your Blood Bar tracks the energy you collect from the
                      Blood Clouds of enemies you kill.  When your Blood Bar is
                      full, you can activate any Power you have earned at a
                      moment of your choosing.  Using a Power completely drains
                      your Blood Bar.

                                  GOOD POWERS

Silver Bullet: The Silver Bullet Power increases shooting attacks with holy

Fear: The Fear Power terrifies most enemies.  Some foes will merely laugh it
      off, though, so be careful!

Mystic Armor: The Mystic Armor Power affords superior armor against attacks.

Vindicator: The Vindicator Power calls down chain lightning on your enemies.

                                  EVIL POWERS

Blood Frenzy: The Blood Frenzy Power imbues your melee attacks with
              supernatural berserker power.

Turn: The Turn Power makes slaes of your enemies and turns them against each
      other for a time.

Black Shroud: The enveloping evil of the Black Shroud Power awards armor and
              deals damage to those who dare to attack.

Soul Stealer: The Soul Stealer Power sucks the very souls from distant enemies.

                               MULTIPLAYER POWERS

In Multiplayer matches, you can pick up the Silver Bullet, Mystic Armor, and
Blood Frenzy Powers as floating power-ups.  When you pick up a power, it
activates  automatically and immediately.  Once activated, most multiplayer
Powers have the same effects and duration as their Single Player counterparts.

|                           5)Allies/Enemies (5ALE)                           |

(From Instruction Manual)

| Allies |

To survive, Darkwatch Regulators must sometimes be ruthless as the supernatural
forces they hunt.  They would be delighted to sign up a criminal like you, even
as you transform into a monster.  Should you find Regulators as your allies,
you better hope that they're as dedicated and lethal as they seem.

Cassidy Sharp: Cassidy and you are the only human survivors of your derailed
               train robery.  Although young, this girl is serious.  A superb
               Regulator, Cassidy is hampered only by her conviction that the
               Darkwatch and the work she does for it are beyond reproach.  She
               is a good shot and keeps her cool in deadly situations, but her
               slight physique makes her vulnerable to melee attacks.

Tala: Don't let her seductive grace hypnotize you.  Tala is a fearless and
      powerful fighter who goes out of her way to engage the undead.  Silent as
      a shadow, Tala will sometimes vanish from the field at what seems to be a
      critical moment, only to appear suddenly behind enemy lines, bathed in
      the blood of her foes and signaling her squad that victory is at hand.
      In you she sees the perfect partner in the war against darkness, and in
      her own ambitious quest to rise to the top of the Darkwatch.

Other Darkwatch Regulators: In the course of your queest, various Darkwatch
                            Regulators will help you battle wave upon wave of
                            demented undead.  All are well trained and fully
                            prepared to give their lives to the cause.
                            However, if you ill a Regulator, even by accident,
                            don't be suprised if the other Regulators are less
                            than amused.

| Enemies |

Lazarus is animating the damned to form an undead army and build his empire of
despair.  To help you better understand your enemies, the Darkwatch has
prepared the followinig tactical summary of each known class of the undead.

Reapers: These decaying souls burst from graves with murder in mind and scythes
         in hand.  They swarm you - slicing and dodging with unnatural speed,
         and leaping too high for your vampire jump to buy you any peace.  The
         savagery of Reapers makes up for whatever they lack in size and

Riflemen: Death at the hands of the undead isn't always final.  Some victims
          reanimate to join the fiends who killed them.  When Darkwatch
          Regulators are struck down and reanimate, they become undead Riflemen
          who turn their training and advanced weapons against their former

Gunslingers: Reanimated outlaws, Gunslingers have a refined sense of
             disobedience and disloyalty.  They play no favorites in matters of
             hatred either.  Gunslingers have even been known to attack their
             own comrades just to steal more effective weapons.

Undead Ryders: Essentially Gunslingers on horseback, Undead Ryders use their
               demonic horses to move fast and block your fire, so targeting
               them isn't easy.

Keggers: Laden with explosives, the Kegger will charge toward an advancing
         enemy with a gaping grin to announce its intentions.  Kegers are
         tenacious, bold and egoless.  If they get close to you, they will blow
         themselves and you to hell.

Banshees: These daughters of sin speak death from above.  Their screams will
          home in on you, so be prepared to take cover and shoot these lethal
          balls of energy.  If a Banshee gets too close to you, she will drop
          down and tear into you.  Or you can go on the offensive first and
          vampire jump up to her.

Oozers: These big ugly freaks take a lot to kill.  At range, they puke a
        powerful acid-like a projectile.  Up close, Oozers charge at you with
        a fist full of cleavers and three tons of fury.

Braves: The forces of darkness find the unmarked graves of massacred natives to
        be fertile ground for reanimation.  Haunted by the injustice done to
        them and driven by an insataible desire for vengeance, Braves jump and
        fight very well.  They typically use the same weapons they favored
        during life: the bow and arrow and the tomahawk.

Banditos: Some fat, hard-drinking bastards never quite die, even though
          everybody wishes they would.  In undead form, all that blubber
          hardens into armor, making Banditos tough as hell.  All those bar
          fights made them into great melee fighters too.  On the way in to
          striking range, their shotguns pack a mean punch.  Fortunately,
          Banditos are slow and stupid.  Some things never change.

Vipers: Vipers are quick hand-to-hand fighters with great jumping ability.
        When pressed, they can teleport away from you.  Try to make Vipers out
        at a distance if possible.

Lazarus Malkoth: Lazarus was the Roman who founded the Darkwatch in 66 A.D. to
                 battle the real reason Rome fell: vampires.  In his pride,
                 Lazarus though he could gain ultimate power over darkness by
                 bending a demon spirit to his will.  When the demon possessed
                 Lazarus instead, he turned on the Darkwatch and nearly
                 destroyed his own organization.  The Darkwatch pursued Lazarus
                 across Europe and ultimately the Americas, where he vanished.

|                              6) Weapons (6WPN)                              |

(From Instruction Manual)

Over the centuries, Darkwatch scientists have invented weapons that are truly
ahead of their time.  As you are new to the Darkwatch, you should become
familiar with these weapons before attempting to use them.

Redeemer Revolver: Young Darkwatch engineering students are required to study
                   the innovative blueprint for the Redeemer.  Its ingenious
                   design ejects expended cylinders through the breech while
                   feeding loaded cylinders into the muzzle.  By fanning the
                   hammer (press and hold the R1 button), you can discharge
                   many rounds rapidly, and then quickly reload by replacing
                   the clip.  The careful balance between accuracy, rate of
                   fire, and power make the Redeemer a standard firearm for
                   Darkwatch Regulators.  Like any pistol, however, it has
                   neither the stopping power nowr long range accuracy of most

Warmaker Pistols: Most Darkwatch Regulators scorn these light pistols for their
                  lack of stopping power.  However, their dual fire (press and
                  hold the R1 button) with one in each fist to achieve an
                  impressive rate of fire.  Also, swinging two-bladed handles
                  gives you twice the punch in close quarters combat.

Blackfish Carbine: Darkwatch engineers modified a musket into a breach-loading
                   repeater to create the Blackfish Carbine.  The Blackfish can
                   be reloaded quickly, as has good range and stopping power
                   without too much recoil.  Its heft and bladed handle make it
                   a fine choice for close quarters combat.

Carson Range Rifle: The Carson Range Rifle is designed to maximize range at the
                    expense of all else.  Its long barrel makes it impossible
                    to conceal and awkward to carry.  It bears a fragile 5 lb.
                    scope that provides a great view of distand enemies but
                    less than a 6 degree point of reference.  Press the R3
                    button once to use the scope; again to zoom in; a third
                    time to resume normal view.  You can't use Blood Vision
                    while holding this rifle.

Argus Shotgun: The Argus Shotgun sports four barrels, a simplified extractor
               spring for quick firing, and a wicked 6'' blace for lethal melee
               action.  While two barrels deploy, the second pair swing below
               the breech for simultaneous re-loading.  The two firing barrels
               don't overlap in cone output, in result greater spread.  These
               make the Argus a favorite of Darkwatch agents facing and enemy
               that needs to be taken apart at close range.

Dual Crossbow: In the 19th century, the Darkwatch used arrows as platforms for
               powerful explosives that were too heavy and unstable to fire
               from normal pistols and rifles.  The Dual Crossbow was designed
               to get the most from these explosive arrows.  Perhaps the most
               unusual aspect of this crossbow is the presence of two tillers,
               leaf springs, and triggers that can release arrows nearly
               simultaneously.  Press the R1 button to fire.

Rail Rocket: Developed from a naval signal cannon, the Rail Rocket fired
             explosive mortars a fair distance.  To compensate for its
             inability to be fired at close range (without blowing you up), the
             Rail Rocket has the weight and blade of a formidable melee weapon.
             Although mortars move slowly enough to give distant enemies time
             to take evasive action, you can steer a mortar in flight.  Press
             and hold the R1 button and move the right analog stick to use this

Dynamite and Splitter Grenades: Blow the crap out of anything nearby (including
                                yourself, if you're not careful) with good ol'
                                sticks of Dynamite.  Incinerate weaker enemies
                                with a well-placed throw of a Splitter Grenade,
                                or aim at their feet and watch as the grenade
                                splits into five smaller but still deadly
                                grenades.  don't be suprised if attentive
                                adversaries see them coming and run for cover.

Scepter: In certain chapters of the story, you can find and swing the Scepter
         as a weapon of last resort.

Gatling Gun: The Darkwatch dissects a working prototype of the first Gatling
             guns and found ways to increase their rate of fire to create the
             Darkwatch Gatling Turret.  Because clandestine operations prefer
             to avoid the use of conspicuous stationary weaponry, the Darkwatch
             generally limits use of Gatling Turrets to movile vehicles such as
             the Coyote Steam Wagon.  When you're in a Gatling Turret, move the
             right analogt stick to turn and aim; press and hold the R1 button
             to fire.  Ammos is unlimited.  You can't throw, jump, or use Blood
             Vision while in a Gatling Turret.

|                              7) Vehicles (7VHL)                             |

(From Instruction Manual)

Darkwatch Coyote: The Coyote Steam Wagon is equipped with twin Gatling Turrets.
  The Coyote is designed soyou can drive and shoot at the same time.  When 
  you're near the Coyote, press the X button to get in (and get out later).
  When on board, move and turn the Coyote just as you would move around on 
  foot - except that the L1 button becomes the emergency brake, and you can't
  jump.  Turning the Coyote also turns and aims the Gatling Turrets.  Press and
  hold the R1 button to fire continuously.  Ammunition is unlimited.

Shadow: Your horse, Shadow, is tireless, swift, and undead.  Your own vampire
  blood flows through Shadow's veins, deepening the psychic bond between rider
  and steed, and ensuring that Shadow reacts instantly to your every command.
  While riding Shadow, move and shoot the same as you would while on foot, but
  you can't jump or use Blood Vision.  While riding Shadow, your ammunition is

|                            8) Walkthrough (8WLK)                            |


Greenhorn: Easier than finding tumbleweed in a ghost town.
Cowboy: Legions of undead await, you'll need a quick trigger finger to survive.
Shootist: If you ain't a sharpshooter, then you'll be coolig your heels in no
Deadeye: You don't stand a fighting chance in hell, get ready to die, a lot!

This guide is written off of the Greenhorn difficulty, since most players will
be using this difficulty.

|                        8.1) The Wrong Train (8.1WLK)                        |

Midnight Rendezvous With Destiny.
Tonight's Robery is going to make you a rich man.  Fight your way to the
treasure car, and blow open the safe.

Once the mission starts move foward, you will see a door to the right, look to
the left of the door, those are two standard pistols, just like the one you
already have in your hand, they are just there incase you use your ammo. Go
over to the door just to the right of them, press the square button to melee
attack the door, it will open, and go through.  Run over to the door leading
into the next car, it will automatically open when you get close to it.

In this room you will see a cannon right away, go over to the left side, press
and hold the L3 button, then walk under the barrel, do this for the next cannon
you come to also.  Off to the left side there is a door, go through it.  Walk
down this short stretch between the cars and go into the next train car.  Right
away there will be two turrets, pointing downwards to form a V-shape, run at
them, and press the triangle button to jump clear over.  Do this for the next
set of turrets, then go through the door behind the barrel on the right side
of the wall.

Walk through this short exterior area, and go into the next train car.  This is
a stable car, don't be afraid of the horse lying on the ground, it will kick
its head up, but there is nothing you can do to help it.  Just past the horse
to the right, there are two more guns like the previous ones, if you need ammo
grab them.  Just to the left of that is a door, go through it, down the short
exterior stretch and through the next door into the meat car.

You will meet your first enemy here, rather funny since this is the meat car,
the enemy feasting on the body is a Reaper, this is the lowest class of the
enemies you will fight (for more information on the Reapers please look to
section 5)Allies/Enemies (5ALE)), the Reaper will not attack you until you
shoot it, so just place your shot well by pressing the R1 button to shoot, or
you can press the square button to melee attack it.  If you took damage from
this encounter just to the right of where the Reaper was feasting is a Blood
Canteen, this will fully restore your health.

Run through the next door, you will be in another exterior part of the train,
the door in front of you will open and two Reapers will run at you, kill them,
and continue into the next train car, a man on the floor will give you his
Redeemer Revolver, your first Darkwatch weapon.  Press and hold the R1 button
to fan the hammer on the gun, this will cause the gun to fire extremely quick,
considering this gun uses a clip unlike your previous Revolver it will work
extremely well at rapid fire.

Avoid the fire in this room, if you step in it there is a Blood Canteen on the
left side of the room.  Go through the door just past the Blood Canteen, cross
over to the next train car, kill all the Reapers that charge at you, the body
on the floor right as you go in is holding Redeemer Ammo, so if you run out, go
pick it up.  After killing all the Reapers run over to the blue light at the
end of this car, sit back and watch the cut-scene.  The explosion will release
Lazarus Malkoth, the leader of the dead.  Lazarus will bite you, now you begin
your slow transformation into a vampire.  The woman that tries to stop you is
the Darkwatch memeber Cassidy Sharp, she will fight at your side for a bit.

Once you regain control of Jericho you will learn about Blood Clouds, when you
kill an enemy they will drop Blood Clouds, now that you are turning into a
vampire, pick them up to restore your health.  Run forward, just past the blood
cloud the debris from the explosion will make a ramp going to the roof of the
train cars, go up top, kill the two Reapers here, then you will learn about
your Blood Shield.  It keeps you guarded, once it is depleted any attacks you
take will damage your health.  As long as you do not get hit your Blood Shield
will regenerate.

Run forward, watch the short cut-scene.  Once you regain control of Jericho
your goal is to defend yourself from the Reapers, and to lower Lazarus's health
bar (it appears at the top of the screen).  Fan the hammer on your Redeemer
Revolver, to attack him as he teleports at you.  All the while you need to
defend yourself from the Reapers, and defend Cassidy.

After reducing his health to Zero, then sitback and watch the cut-scene, after
killing your horse by sucking its blood, it will come back to life as a vampire

|                      8.2) Ride Like The Devil (8.2WLK)                      |

Vampire Horse For A Vampire Outlaw.
Nice going, outlaw, your sould is slipping away, and hell's own horsemen nip at
your heels.  Your only hope is to ride with Cassidy to the Darkwatch outpost.

You, your vampire horse, Cassidy, and her horse are on the run from Lazarus,
popping up out of the ground will be some Undead Ryders, they aren't tough at
all, just shoot them.  You have unlimited ammo while you are on horseback, so
just shoot away.  For the most part your Blood Shield will offer more than
ample cover, the Undead Ryders do not have the greatest accuracy, thus giving
your Blood Shield enough time to regenerate.

You can lean to the left or to the right to use your horse as a shield, but one
thing to note is that you can not shoot from this position.  Cassidy will tell
you where the Undead Ryders are attacking from, follow her orders and you will
be fine.  After taking out a whole bunch of Undead Ryders Lazarus will come
flying at you, like the battle before just shoot him, his health meter is at
the top of the screen, and he really is nothing to worry about, you can handle

He will shoot an attack that launches many projectiles at you, just steer your
horse between them, and keep shooting at him.  He also has an attack that will
shoot a single projectile, just dodge it.  Another attack of his he will shoot
single bolts at the ground in succession, just dodge those also.  The main
thing that he ddoes is trick you out by flying over you and then ducking back
behind you while you look forward, it can get confusing, but this battle is
pretty easy. Once his health reaches about half there will be a cut-scene where
he says that he is not through with you, once you regain control of Jericho
continue to shoot him, once his health reaches zero he will leave.

|                            8.3) Boneyard (8.3WLK)                           |

No Rest For The Wicked.
A cemetery ain't no place to be when the dead walk the Earth.  Fight your way
through the graveyard to reach the secret Darkwatch passage on the other side.

You will automatically start out with the Blood Vision engaged, this allows you
to see exits to your current area, and weapons on the ground (they appear in a
pinkish white color).  From the start go forward and pick up the Carbine, then
run down the path to the gate.  Go through the gate, fight the Reapers that are
initially in this area.

In a short period of time you will meet a new enemy, the Gunslingers, they have
guns so they can hit you with ranges attacks.  Fight your way towards the
church building you see.  Once you reach the church go to the door that lights
up the pinkish white color.  Kill all the enemies, a few waves will pop up.
After killing the waves of enemies a mark of evil will come out of the ground,
it is basically a twisted looking tree, destroy it as fast as you can.  After
you destroy the tree another one will come out of the ground up on a hill, 
destroy it.

After all of this the door will open, grab the sticks of dymanite by the door
and go into th crypt.  Run forward and go down the steps.  Right as you enter
on the ground to your right is a shotgun, grab it, you will need it.  Continue
forward, go down the steps and up to the gate.  The monster that flys by is
known as a Banshee.

Once the gate opens you will have to fight your way through the crypt.  Follow
the Banshee to the left.  Follow the general path killing anything that gets in
your way.  When you come to the end there will be a Gunslinger shooting at you
from behind a half gate, destroy all of the enemies here and the ground will
break under you.

Fight forward, go up the steps to your left and through the gate.  In this area
you will learn the Vampire Jump, just double-tap the Triangle button to jump
up in the air even higher.  After you take the first jump you can move the left
analog stick in another direction, hit triangle for the second jump and Jericho
will jump that way.  Also if you have performed a double jump just press the X
button to drop back to the ground extremely fast.

In this area you will need to fight everything that jumps out at you, use the
double jump to reach the levels above you, they hold ammo, and are a good way
to get out of the fighting for a few seconds to let your Blood Shield
regenerate.  After killing the wave of Reapers the Banshee will reappear in the
lower level in the middle of the area.  She will fly up into the air, just load
her with ammo from your shotgun, and circlestrafe the first level up.  Kill all
the Banshees that attack you, and then some Gunslingers will open a gate, come
through and shoot at you.

Kill the Gunslingers then jump all the way up to the upper level in this area,
cirlce it and you will find a crossbow.  Jump back down to the bottom and go
through the gate that the Gunslingers opened.  Follow the tunnel, then go right
up the steps.  Kill the enemies at the top continue along your way, and the
game will bring up a save screen.

Continue through this area, there is only one exit and it is not hard to find.
Kill anything that comes at you.  Once you go through some gates kill anything
that comes at you.  There are two Reapers who are feasting on dead bodies, kill
them.  Run over to the cross you see and you will get a message.  When the
option menu comes up choose the Good: Purge her sould of infection.  You should
now gain the New Power of Silver Bullet.

Follow the on screen instructions on using your new power and activate it right
now, kill everything that comes at you and you will get a cut-scene and a
Banshee will appear, kill it, then two more Banshees will appear, if your
power meter is filled, use Silver Bullet again to gain the advantage.

Fight your way back to where you entered this area, a large enemy with two
swords will appear, this is an Oozer.  Use your Silver Bullet again, and attack
this foul beast with your Crossbow, but keep your distance so that the
explosion from the ammo does not kill you.  Once it is dead Cassidy will come
back and show you the way.  Lazarus will come back in this cut-scene and kill
Cassidy, but that is the end of this level.

|                       8.4) Devil's Belly Mine (8.4WLK)                      |

The Breaking Point.
Cassidy is dead, Lazarus lives, and your own damnation is dead ahead.  Alone,
angry, and fighting your lust for blood.  Battle your way out of a haunted

Once you get the option of what to do with Cassidy choose Good: Free her
tortured soul.  Run forward, grab the Redeemer Ammo off of the crate, then run
over to the plunger.  It is the large detenator looking device sitting up on a
crate.  Use it and it will blow open a blocked passageway.  Kill the Reaper
that comes out and go through the newly opened passage.

Kill the Reaper that is feasting on the body, then look to the right, follow
the path that you see.  Watch the cut-scene, then continue forward.  Another
blocked passageway will blow open, kill the Reaper that jumps out.  Make a left
at this intersection and go down to the Tainted Victim.  Choose Good: Send the
victim to a peaceful reward.

Run back to the intersection and make a left.  Continue to follow this mine
path.  Part of the roof will blow out and some more Reapers will attack you,
just kill them and follow the path until you witness another cut-scene.  Kill
the Reaper feasting on the body, then grab the Dual Pistols next to it.  Kill
anymore Reapers that come up at you, run forward and you will see yet another
cut-scene.  This time a mark of evil will come out of the ground.

Run forward to the broken bridge killing anything that gets in your way.
Destroy the mark of evil, it will kill any of the enemies left in this area and
also open the door to the next area.  You will need to use the Vampire Jump to
cross the broken bridge.  Follow the tunnel, soon a Reaper will jump up from
a passageway, kill it, then jump down the passageway it came from.  This will
trigger a load screen.

Follow this tunnel forward, a short cut-scene will begin.  After the cut-scene
run forward into the main room, take cover behind a post, and kill anything
that runs at you.  Vampire Jump to the bridge to your right, and in the side
opposite of where you entered is another plunger,  activate it, and watch the
cut-scene.  It will blow the next door open and let in a few Reapers, kill them
all then look for the poorly blocked path that is opposite of the new path that
just opened, blow the wood off of the entrance, kill the Reaper that is
feasting on the body inside, then go over to the tainted victim and choose
Good: Send the victim to a peaceful reward.  After that go down the path that
the plunger opened.

As you come through this mine tunnel you will find two Reapers feasting, kill
them.  You will come to a path that is blocked by a fire.  In the right side
wall just behind it is a shotgun, and a lantern, crouch and run through this
area to bypass the fire.  Follow this path and drop down to the lower level
once you get a chance.

Watch the short cut-scene and meet a new type of enemy, these bad guys with the
TNT barrels are known as Keggers, they will run over to you and blow you and
themselves up with the TNT barrels.  Kill all the enemies in this area and go
up the slope to the left.  Use the Vampire Jump to reach the next level up that
is on the opposite wall, then use another Vampire Jump to reach the top level.

Follow the path, release the tainted soul, use the Good: Send the victim to a
peaceful reward.  Turn around, then run and jump over the broken bridge, kill
the Reapers that come at you and activate the plunger.  Run through the passage
it blows open.  Follow this passage and it will triger a loading screen.

In this next area push forward, shoot the enemies that come at you.  The sharp
shooters are Riflemen, they are basically Darkwatch members who have been
infected.  In this area kill anything that attacks you and activate the three
plungers.  Once all three are activated the door will blow open, run through it
and to the gate.

Run forward and follow the path, as you come around the right turn kill all the
enemies in this area.  Off to the left is another tainted victim, use the Good:
Send the victim to a peaceful reward.  Continue down the general hallway at the
end follow it to the left.  You will come to a Reaper feasting on a body, kill
it.  Shoot down the shoddy pieces of wood blocking the path and go through.

Follow the path and kill the Keggers that come at you.  Follow this path, you
will come to an opening, kill the Reapers that jump up at you.  Jump down into
the main area, off to the left is a tainted victim, use the Good: Send the
victim to a peaceful reward.  Jump through the holes in the ground until you
reach the bottom, follow the path and a cut-scene will begin.

An Oozer will come up out of the ground, along with a mark of evil.  After
destroying the mark of evil jump to the other side and go through the door that
the Oozer appeared in front of.  Follow the path, and watch the cut-scene.

|                       8.5) Darkwatch Outpost (8.5WLK)                       |

Snowbound Secrets And Bloody Slaughter.
Guided by Cassidy's ghost.  You find the Darkwatch Outpost, but all is not as
it seems...

Once this mission starts run forward and grab the Range Rifle that is leaning
against the gate.  Fight your way through the outpost, mostly this area is
full of Riflemen, kill them with your Range Rifle, that is the best way since
it allows you to keep your distance.  You will come to a building on your
right, go in, kill the enemies in there, then go over to the tainted victim and
choose the Good: Send the victim to a peaceful reward.  This room also has some
ammo in it, grab it if you need it and exit.

Go through the rock gate just in front of you.  Kill the Riflemen guarding this
area, then kill the Reapers that jump out of the ground.  Continue through this
area.  Once you come to a set of train tracks go left through the opening.
Watch the cut-scene, clear this fort of evil.  Kill all of the enemies in here,
after clearing out the enemies a few Banshees will appear, kill them too.

Kill all the enemies in here and run to the Darkwatch Ghost Door, it is the
black and green vortex.  It should hopefully take you to the Darkwatch Citadel.
But well, that would just be too easy.  In this new area run forward, there is
some Redeemer ammo on the ground if you need it.

Run forward, go up the steps you see, kill the enemies in here and follow the
exit in the far left corner.  Run through the open door and go left.  When the
option screen comes up choose Good: Suck the evil from his veins.  By now you
should have learned the New Power named Fear.  Fear will terrify most enemies,
but has no influence on some.

Continue to follow the path through this area.  There will be quite a few
lifeless bodies hanging from meathooks.  Shoot the Reapers as they come up out
of the ground, now is a good time to test out your new power.  After killing
the Reapers continue along the path.  Another large grouping of Reapers will
appear, shoot them and continue along the path as it takes you outside.  Watch
the cut-scene.

|                           8.6) War Train (8.6WLK)                           |

Death On The Rails.
The sun's coming up and your luck is running out.  The fastest way to the
Darkwatch Citadel is to follow the railroad tracks.  Ride like hell.

Once back on your lightning steed it is time to ride to the Citadel.  Remember
you have unlimited ammo while riding your horse.  At first you will have to
deal with a few Dead Ryders, kill them, and a Darkwatch War Train will appear.

Dodge the barrels that are thrown off of the War Train.  You can shoot them
while they are in the air, or move around them.  Only shoot for the ones that
are of a threat to you.  Through here some Dead Ryders will attack you, kill
them.  Ride up past the cars, shoot the enemies that are manning the guns, and
shoot the coupling between the trains.  Just shoot the red light and that will
break off the back train.

Kill all of the Dead Ryders attacking you, and also kill the enemies on the
War Train.  Move your focus to the engine after breaking the cars apart, shoot
the large red light on top, load it with ammo until it explodes.  Also shoot
the rest of the general area near the engine.  Once the health bar on the War
Train depeltes it will blow.  Sit back and watch the cut-scene.

|                          8.7) Torture Maze (8.7WLK)                         |

Only The Strong Survive.
Darkwatch Brigadier General Clay Cartwright blames you for Cassidy's death.
Survive his brutal initiation, and you just might save your soul.

Once the mission starts run over to the Scepter and pick it up.  Fight the
Reapers with your scepter.  Whatever you do, do not stop fighting, you should
have problem with the Reapers since they go down easily.  Next he will send
out a wave of stronger Reapers at you, kill them, it will take a few more hits
than it would take for a normal Reaper.

After taking out the waves of enemies the doors will open, run through this
area, ignore the people walking around, this is a test, do not even get near
them.  Once you reach the door on the opposite side a loading screen will

In this next area kill all of the Gunslingers, but use your Scepter.  After
the wave of Gunslingers he will send a wave of Riflemen at you.  Kill them with
your scepter like you did the Gunslingers.  You will need to grab a gun for the
Riflemen up on the far ledge.

The next test there will be a mass of enemies unleashed along with a few normal
people.  Protect the normal people and kill the enemies.  After completing this
test head through the door that opens up.  Fight through this area killing all
in your way, and once the door opens a loading screen will appear.

Grab the shotgun that is in front of you and jump down into the lower level.
You need to find the three valves in the steam room.  Activate your Blood
Vision and they will be easier to find.  Turn all three wheels and get ready to
fight a few Banshees.  After you defeat them it is on to the sewers.

Run forward you will get a short briefing about the enemies down here, they are
Vipers.  Quick, agile and they are strong hand-to-hand fighters.  Continue
along the path, kill a Viper, make a right, kill a Viper, make a left, kill a
Viper, make a left, then right.  Head up a slope, kill the two Vipers, kill the
Viper at the top, cross over the bridge.  In the middle of the bridge are some
Splitter Grendades (I believe the Splitter Grenades are exclusive to the Sony
PlayStation 2 version) pick them up.  When thrown these grenades explode into
a few smaller grenades and are good for clearing out areas.

On the other side of the bridge go left down the tunnel, kill the Viper you see
and continue along the path.  Kill the next Viper and grab a key off of the
body.  Turn around and run the way you came.  Do not recross the bridge,
instead continue straight up a slope and follow it to a door.  The key you
picked up will open the door.  Kill the Viper and go through.

Follow the path over to the ladder and that will bring up a loading screen.  In
this next area you are forced to a showdown.  Kill anything that attacks you,
once the meter at the top empties.  That will triger another load screen, watch
the cut-scene.

This part is a little tough since you lose all Vampire skills when in the sun.
Kill the Oozer, then grab the shotgun out of the middle.  Break through the
fence holding you in and get into the shadows.  Fight all the Reapers that come
at you.  A wave of Reapers and Keggers will attack, kill them.  Kill the next
Oozer that appears in the middle of the room.  This will finally complete this

|                        8.8) Baptism of Fire (8.8WLK)                        |

Welcome To The Darkwatch.
Joining the Darkwatch arrests your soul's slide into darkness.  But there's
still work to do.  Your pursuit of Lazarus begins here, and you've got a new
partner - Tala.

Once the mission begins clear the initial area of enemies.  Run over to the
building just to the right, go to the tainted victim and choose Good: Send the
victim to a peaceful reward.  Exit the building, go right and follow the path
up the slope.

Fight your way up this slope, at the top watch the cut-scene.  After jumping
back down to the lower level kill everything in your way.  Your goal is to
fully deplete the meter at the top of the screen.  For the most part you are
ambushed by Keggers and Reapers.  After the bar depletes a load screen will be

Follow Tala through this next area, kill the Riflemen you come to and continue
along the path.  Once you get to a slightly open area a cut-scene will trigger.
Tala will go a different direction and meet you later.  All you need to do is
fight your way through the undead and stay alive.  Kill the two Riflemen up on
the ridge to trigger another cut-scene.

The weapon that was zoomed in on during the cut-scene is the Rail Rocket, go
pick it up and use it to blow up the mark of evil.  Once you get a direct hit
on it, it will explode and destroy all of the enemies here.  Run over to where
the mark of evil was and go left over to the house.

Kill all of the enemies, enter the lower level of the house, shoot the three
boards off of the far door and go in.  Free the tainted victim by choosing
Good: Send the victim to a peaceful reward.  Run up the steps to the upper
level and watch the cut-scene.

Shoot the mark of evil you see from the upper level of the house with your
Rail Rocket.  Once it explodes it will kill the Banshees that were attacking
you.  Another mark of evil will appear, take that one out the same way.  This
will trigger a loading screen.

Run forward, there are some Rail Rockets on the body if you need them, continue
along the path and save the three people that come running around the bend that
are being chased by Reapers.  Continue along the path and save the two people
that are running from the Reapers.

Continue to follow the path and run through the opening you come to, watch the
cut-scene, and choose Good: Grant the boon of life.  Run up the steps and kill
the Reapers.  Drop down through the break in the floor and go through the door.

Go through the door and make a right, go over to the tainted victim and choose
Good: Send the victim to a peaceful reward.  Go through the gate, follow the
path and watch the cut-scene.  The enemy showcased here is the Bandito, they
are fairly strong, take them out with headshots.

Continue up the path, kill the next Bandito you come to, continue up to the top
kill the Banditos here, but try not to shoot any of the people.  After you kill
them it will trigger a cut-scene, and many enemies will come out at you.  Use
your Rail Rocket to hit the mark of evil, it will blow and kill everyone.

Follow the path up past where the mark of evil was, and a loading screen will
be triggered.  In the next area run around the turn and kill the enemies here.
After blowing open the gate kill the Reapers that come through.  Go in where
the blown gate, make a left and kill anything in your way.  At the end a
cut-scene with Tala will be triggered.

Follow her in this area, kill the Riflemen in your way.  As you exit the other
side go right, grab the Range Rifle on the ground, shoot the sniper, then grab
the gun you previously had.  Go right and kill all the enemies here.  At the
end a cut-scene will begin.

Run inside the building you see, kill all the enemies hiding on the opposite
side of the shelves.  The path will lead you to a mark of evil, destroy it with
your Rail Rocket, but keep your distance.  This will trigger a cut-scene, then
a loading screen.

|                            8.9) Citadel (8.9WLK)                            |

Secret Headquarters Of The Darkwatch.
Explore the Citadel and choose your next Darkwatch mission.  Watch your back,
the Darkwatch ain't used to having a vampire on their side.

Talk to the scientinst, choose Rescue, accept the mission.  Go through the
door to your left, down the steps, make a left and speak to the man behind the
counter.  He will tell you that the Steamwagon will be enough firepower, so
turn around and go through the door behind you.

Go through the next door in this room, make a left, and go into the vortex to
begin the Rescue mission.

|                            8.10) Rescue (8.10WLK)                           |

The Steam-Powered Cavalry Comes Over The Hill.
A Darkwatch platoon got themselves ambushed, and the lost an experimental
Coyote Steamwagon.  You're the  rescue team.

At the start run over to the Coyote Steamwagon, press the X button to turn it
back over, and press the X button to get in.  Drive the Steamwagon forward,
a short cut-scene will spawn some marks of evil, and some enemies, aim for the
marks of evil first.  Progress through the gate, all you have to do is destroy
the marks of evil when you come to them and kill the enemies along the way.

Once you reach a small town kill everything in here until the bar at the top is
depleted.  This will trigger a mark of evil to appear, go over to the building
it appeared in, get out of the Steamwagon, kill an enemy and take their weapon.
Fight your way to the top of this building, destroy the mark of evil.  This
will trigger a cut-scene that brings up another mark of evil.

Jump off of the upper level of this building, get in you Coyote Steamwagon and
take out the next mark of evil along with the Banshees.  Stop your Steamwagon
get out and go through the door behind the last mark of evil.  This will
trigger a cut-scene, then a loading screen.

Once you meet up with the other Darkwatch Regulators, grab the Crossbow off of
the post in the middle of the room and get ready for a fight.  After killing
the Reapers, you will need to fight Banshees and Oozers, use your Crossbow for
these foes.  After killing them a loading screen will commence.

You will be taken back to the Citadel, speak with the scientist, choose The
Deadlight Prism and accept the mission.  Exit through the door to your left,
go down the steps, make a left and speak to the man behind the counter.  He
will give you a weapon selection screen, choose the Shotgun.  Turn around and
go through the door behind you.  Go through the other door in this room, make
a left and go into the ghost door.

|                     8.11) The Deadlight Prism (8.11WLK)                     |

No Place To Hide.
Lazarus' minions slaughtered a wagon train transporting the Deadlight Prism -
an artifact that lets vampires walk in the daylight.  Fight your way through
the canyons and get the Prism.

The enemies out here are Braves, they were Native Americans, but now they are
undead.  They will throw their Tomahawks at you.  You must be careful in this
area, since you are in the sunlight you have no vampire powers.  Start out by
shooting the TNT barrels on the ground, this should take out the first wave of

Kill all of the Braves and a cut-scene will begin, you must kill the Banshees
and Braves here.  After killing this wave, watch the cut-scene, then go through
the barracade that was blown open.  Jump down the ledge and a loading screen
will begin.

Run forward, watch the cut-scene, then pick up the Range Rifle.  Kill the
Braves with this, and go down the slope.  Follow the other Darkwatch Regulators
a cut-scene will trigger and a mark of evil will appear.  Take cover behind
something and use your Range Rifle to take out the mark or evil.

Continue to follow the regulators and anoher loading menu will appear.  Run
forward and kill the Banshees.  Go left and fight through the Braves.  Jump
down into the pit you see and begin to fight the Braves.  Go hide in the
shadows so that your vampire skills will come back.

Fight the waves of Braves so that the flames that blocked you in this pit
dissappear, jump over that way.  Fight through the Braves here.  Continue to
fight your way out of this area.  Continue through the tunnel and kill the
Banshees.  Towards the end a loading screen will be triggered.

At the beginning of this next area choose Good: Grant the agent a merciful
death.  Right behind you is a Carbine, grab it and kill the Braves running at
you.  Continue along this path killing anything in your way, but lurk in the
shadows so your Vampire skills will be available to you.  Once you get a
message that you hear gunfire ahead look to your left for a tainted victim,
use Good: Send the victim to a peaceful reward.  You should now be rewareded
with the New Power Mystic Armor, now is a good time to use it.

After killing this ambush of Reapers and Braves continue along the path and a
cut-scene will begin, this will reveal another mark of evil, destroy it.  Go
along this path, make a right, you will come to a Blood Canteen and a tainted
victim, choose Good: Send the victim to a peaceful reward.  Turn around and
make a right down into the tunnel.  A loading screen will trigger.

Move forward, kill the enemies below, then jump down.  Run forward, you will
trigger a cut-scene with the Prism.  Jump up to the upper level and run over
to the tainted victim, choose Good: Send the victim to a peaceful reward.  Jump
down, run over to the Prism and get in the Gatling gun turret.

Being closed to the Prism enables your Vampire skills even in the sunlight, so
stay in the turret and kill off the enemies.  Hold your ground here, after
killing all of the enemies run forward into the cave to get back to the

Speak to the scientist, choose Invasion and accept the mission.  Go left and
through the door.  Head down the steps, make a left, speak to the man behind
the counter, choose the Shotgun, turn around and go through the door.  Go
through the other door in this room, make a left and go into the ghost door.

|                           8.12) Invasion (8.12WLK)                          |

Waking Nightmare.
Lazarus' curse has raised the dead all across the west.  A peaceful Indian
tribe is under siege by their ancestors.  Here's a chance to clean up some of
the trouble you've made.

Peek around the corner and shoot the TNT barrel to the left, this should kill
the three Braves right away.  Continue down this path, shoot the other Braves,
once you reach the end you will come to a tainted victim, choose Good: Send
the victim to a peaceful reward.

Turn around and run back the way you came, look on the right side wall and you
will find a small cave, go in, make a right at the end and kill the Brave,
stay up here for a minute and kill all of the other  Braves that jump up at

Jump down and kill the Oozer that runs around the corner.  Follow the path to
the left and kill the Keggers that come running at you.  Continue past the
Keggers and kill the group of Braves.  Continue to follow this path, jump down
a level once you reach a cliff.

Kill the Oozer and head down the passage, this will trigger a loading screen.
In the next area an Indian that is infected will come to you, choose Good:
Purge the poor soul of infection.  Kill the Braves that attack you.  Follow
the path and kill all enemies that get in your way.  Once you come to a
building look to the left for a set of steps, go up them.

Circle the building and cross the bridge on the other side.  Kill the Braves
and go off to the left.  Jump up to the rooftops and navigate them until you
reach a tainted victim, choose Good: Send the victim to a peaceful reward.  

Use the rooftops to fight in this area until you reach the end, jump down and
kill a wave of Braves.  A mark of evil will appear, destroy it and go through
the gate to trigger a load screen.

Fight the waves of enemies until the meter at the top of the screen depletes.
Once it does a loading screen will appear and the mission will be over.

Back at the Citadel speak to the scientist, and it is time for the Hangtown
mission.  Go left through the door, down the steps, and make another left.
Speak to the man behind the counter, choose the Carbine for this mission.
Turn around and go through the door behind you, pass through this room and
through the next door.  Make a left and go over to the vortex, an Oozer will
come through, though the Regulators on the turrets will take care of them, go
through the ghost door.

| 8.13) Hangtown (8.13WLK)

Where It All Goes Wrong.
Hangtown has been corrupted by the undead.  Tala's idea of saving the town is
to destroy it.  Innocent folk are caught in the crossfire, Cartwright ain't
gonna be happy about this.

Run forward into the town, watch the cut-scene, then go through the gate.
Enter the first building to your right and grab a Shotgun in place of your
Redeemer.  Exit this building and meet with the Darkwatch Regulators in the
middle, tell them you are ready to go.  

Kill the enemies in this area, soon you will be ambushed and need to fall back
to the hotel.  Follow the path killing all the enemies in your way, you will
reach the hotel and get ambushed.  Kill the enemies, enter the front door and
a loading screen will be triggered.

Once you rach the Regulator that is infected choose Good: Ease his suffering.
By now you should have unlocked the New Power Vindicator, this will instantly
create a thunderstorm and strike your enemies.  Go into the Saloon.  Your main
objective here is to hold the saloon, you have more than enough ammo stored
inside for your means.  

Soon a mark of evil will appear inside of a barn, run in and destroy the mark
of evil.  Another mark of evil will appear, but first go up to the top level of
the barn and release the tainted victim, by choosing Good: Send the victim to a
peaceful reward.  Go and destroy the mark of evil that just appeared.  A door
will blow open and go through it to trigger a loading screen.

Run to the top of the street and kill the Oozer at the top.  Make a left and
kill the next Oozer.  Continue along the path killing the enemies in your way,
at the top kill the Riflemen shooting at you and the Vipers attack you on the
ground.  Make a right, go over to the to the tainted victim and choose Good:
Send the victim to a peaceful reward.

Go over to the left and check the tainted victim, choose Good: Send the victim
to a peaceful reward.  Run over to the old gates and a cut-scene will begin
with Tala.

|                      8.14) The Morning After (8.14WLK)                      |

The Price Of Passion.
Joining the Darkwatch isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Cartwright's ready to
kill you, and you're no closer to Lazarus, and it's about to get worse.

Once you wake up run forward, grab the Redeemer off of the boxes to your left
and the Shotgun by the door.  Go through the door, go down this hallway and
through the door to the right.  Kill the Vipers in this room and run to the
door to your left and watch the short cut-scene telling you to get to the
ghost door to seal the breach.  

Go through this door, head straight in this room, go through the next door, go
down the steps and make a right through the next door.  Pass through this
small room and go through the next door.  Watch the short cut-scene then kill
all of the Vipers that come through the ghost door, use the Gatling Gun Turrets
set up on each side.  Keep fighting until the ghost door breaks.

Go through the other door in this room, the one you used to enter, pass through
this small hallway, make a left, go up the steps, and through the door, cross
this room and go through the other door, watch the short cut-scene then kill
the Vipers that come through, go through the first door on your right to
trigger a loading screen.

Go forward, make a right, kill the turned Darkwatch members here, go to the
end, make a right and check the tainted victim, choose Evil: Take its fading
essence for your own.  Turn around and take the first right you come to, run
towards the purple light and kill all of the enemies that attack you here.

Go through the other door in this room, grab the ammo here if you need it,
check the tainted victim, choose Evil: Take its fading essence for your own.
Go back into the previous room and go through the door.  Head down this short
hallway through the next door.  Fight through this area, when you reach the
train tracks go off to the left and kill the enemies here.

Once you reach the door on the left side of the train tracks go through it,
this will trigger a loading screen.  Go through the other door in this area.
Grab the Rail Rocket and kill the enemies here.  Go off to the right, climb the
slope, jump over onto the train, then over to the door.  Go through it and then
through the next door.

Stock up on ammo here, go off to the right and kill the Oozer, continue down
this path and kill the Riflemen.  Follow the path as it goes left, kill the
Oozer here and the Keggers that run at you.  Circle this area until you see
an entrance into the central area, go in and kill the enemies that attack you.
Go down to the bottom and through the door.

Kill the enemies in this area, once you reach the end you will be attacked from
behind so be quick to turn around and the ammo cache.  After killing the waves
of enemies go through the door that just unlocked to your right.  This will
trigger a loading screen.

In the next area, go through the door at the end of the hallway, a cut-scene
will trigger, kill the enemies in this area, and enter each of the side rooms
and flip the switch in the box.  After flipping both switches exit this room
through the far door that was previously locked.  It is opposite of where you

Go up to the next door in this area to trigger a loading screen, watch the
cut-scene with Lazarus and another loading screen will begin.  Kill the
Bandito's in this room and then kill the Banshees.  Kill everything in this
room that attacks you and exit through the door you used to enter.  Watch the
cut-scene and mission over.

|                           8.15) Showdown (8.15WLK)                          |

Destiny Revealed.
High noon in the ruins of the Darkwatch Citadel.  Fight for you life...then
decide what kind of man you are.

Here you need to deplete the health meter at the top of the screen.  For the
most part he will shoot the multiple projectiles at you.  Once you lower his
health meter a bit he will send a wave of Reapers at you.  Periodically as you
lower his health he will send waves of enemies at you.  Once his health meter
gets to around 1/4th you will be fighing on a bridge.  Scour the area for
weapons and health, some Reapers will jump up here and attack you, once you
get his meter to zero watch the cut-scene.

When you get the Blood Judgement Menu, choose Good: Break the curse of the
west.  A loading menu will appear

|                       8.16) The Right Train (8.16WLK)                       |

Seems Like Old Times.
Lazarus is dead, but his plan is still in motion.  You have to get to deadfall,
and the quickes way is to board a Darkwatch train, but you know it can't be
that easy...

Chase after the train, kill everything that gets in your way.  Kill the enemies
up on top of the train and the ones riding beside it, go to the back of the
train once all of the enemies are gone and go up the ladder.  Once on the train
move forward, go up the steps and move the wheel at the top.

Go back down the steps and into the next train.  Continue to the next car
killing anything that is in your way.  Grab the Shotgun by the farthest horse
stall on your right and continue forward.  Kill the enemies that spawn on the
top of the train and run down the rubble in front of you to attack.  Run up the
rubble and continue down this train.

Run up to the opening in the car and watch the cut-scene, once inside kill the
feasting Reapers.  Go through the far door once it opens.  Kill the Riflemen
out here and the Dead Ryder.  Jump in the turret and kill all the enemies that
jump off of the car in front of you.  You will be attacked from all directions,
but the Gatling Turret is still the best place to be.

Once the door on the car in front of you explodes kill the enemies that run
out.  Once a cut-scene begins a loading screen will trigger afterwards ending
this mission.

|                           8.17) Deadfall (8.17WLK)                          |

Hell On Earth.
The destruction you'll witness in Deadfall is just a taste of what Lazarus had
planned for the West.  Fight through the chaotic streets of Deadfall to reach
the Temple.

Exit the train car you are in, kill the Reapers immediately running at you,
look to the Riflemen on the bridge, shoot the TNT barrel to kill them both.
Kill any other enemies, then cross under the bridge and go left.  Get in the
Gatling Turret up to the left, kill all the enemies that attack you.

Head down this street, make a right, kill the Reapers on the ground and the
Riflemen up on the roofs.  Kill the small wave of Keggers, go into the
building in front of you and a loading screen will be triggered.

Run forward, grab the ammo, then jump down to the ground, grab the ammo here,
exit this area, kill the Reapers on the ground, the Riflemen on the roofs, and
the Banshee.  Follow the path, repeat the previous process here too.  Once you
reach the end watch the cut-scene.  Jump up onto the roof and a mark of evil
will appear.  Destroy it quickly.

Once it is destroyed go through the path it blocked, a loading screen will be
triggered.  Fight through this area until you reach a building with steps, go
up the steps and make a left through the broken wall.  Jump down into this area
and destroy the mark of evil that Lazarus left.  Watch the cut-scene, then
continue down the road.  Go in the building to your right and this will trigger
a loading screen.

Kill the initial three Reapers that attack you, then destroy the mark of evil
that appears.  Jump up on the level to your right, then go through the door.
Head down this hallway, kill the Reapers here and the Bandito that breaks
through the door.  Continue down the hallway, kill the next Bandito to break
through a door.  Go up the steps and kill the Reapers.

Kill the next Bandito, continue down this hallway, a woman will be thrown out
of a door, kill the Bandito that comes out after her.  Further down the hallway
kill the Reapers.  Go up the steps, down this hallway and trigger a loading

Kill anything that comes in this room to attack you, stock up on ammo here.
Jump down onto the wooden path and follow it, keep pushing on and you will get
a cut-scene where a mark of evil appears, destroy it.  Another cut-scene will
begin, then a loading screen.

| 8.18) Curse of the West (8.18WLK)

Reap What You Sow.
End of the Trial.

The final fight.  This fight is very similar to the previous fights with
Lazarus, the same general attacks, basically all the same, except this time it
is Tala.  Throughout the battle she will crush victims in the great jaws.  It
will occur in a cut-scene.  Start out by using all the ammo in your Redeemer,
then grab one of the weapons on the ground, use the ammo in that.  Once you
drop her health a bit a cut-scene will begin.  She will crush victims in a
large jaw clamp.  The next cut-scene she does she will crush another victim.
At this point she will begin to fly very high in the sky, then swoop back down
at you, just dodge her attacks and shoot her.  Once you deplete her health
meter to zero, watch the cut-scene.

You will either get the Good or Evil ending depending on how you followed the
plot, but you should get the Good if you followed this walkthrough.  You will
leave with Cassidy, you will be freed from the curse, Cassidy will gain her
wings and the ending credits will roll.

|                            9) Unlockables (9UNL)                            |

Boneyard (65%+ Accuracy) - Enemies 1
Campaign Completion (Single Player) - Evolution of Jericho
Curse of the West (10 Minutes or less) - Environments 3
Curse of the West (Shootist Difficulty) - Allies, Boss Art
Complete Gunslinger levels (All on Deadeye) - Darkwatch Archives
Darkwatch Outpost (No Deaths) - Environments 1
Deadfall (20+ Headshots) - Vehicles
Dead Light Prism (80+ Kills) - Attract Mode Movie
Invasion (Deadeye Difficulty) - Environments 2
Morning After (70%+ Accuracy) - Weapons
Rescue (15 Minutes or less) - Highmoon Trailer
Showdown (20+ Melee Kills) - Enemies 2
The Wrong Train (65%+ Accuracy) - Wrong Train Animatic
The Right Train (Shootist) - Showdown Animatic
Torture Maze (30+ Melee Kills) - Cowboy Animatic

|                              10) Thanks (10TNK)                             |

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PlayStation 2
Highmoon Stucios
Dolby Pro Logic II