Kingdom Hearts II PS2 Cheats

Chicken Little Summon:

Found in the 100 Acre Wood, after the world's second cutscene.

Genie Summon:

Defeat Volcano Lord and Blizzard Lord.

Peter Pan Summon:

Found in the ship graveyard in the second visit to Port Royal.

Stitch Summon:

Found in the hallway to the computer room in Hollow Bastion, after you get Master Form.

Final Form:

You can obtain the Final Form anytime after fighting Roxas in The World That Never Was. Just like the Anti-Form, the Final Form has a chance of occuring in battle, as long as you have your drive gauge above 5. If you still switch into Anti-Form, just keep starting new battles. Once you do drive into the Final Form (Sora floats around with 2 blades in the air), it will be available to choose from the Drive menu.

Secret Ending:

There is a secret ending (after the credits roll) that can be accessed in Standard and Proud modes. In Proud mode, fully complete all the worlds. In Standard mode, complete all worlds and Jiminy's Journal.

Hades Paradox Tournament:

To access this tournament, you must have all four forms maxed out to level 7 as well as every summon maxed to level 7. It's a level 99 underground coliseum tournament, and has 50 rounds.

Easy Exp in Agrabah:

After you complete Agrabah for the second time, go back to Cave of Wonders into the part with the disappearing floors and talk to the sign and say "activate it!" then you will have to fight a bunch of guys and when you're done warp back and repeat. It's awesome exp for summons and forms (though the final form doesnt get exp outside of "the world that never was"...)

Ultima Weapon:

Sora's best weapon must be obtained through synthesis, and it's a doozy gathering all the materials. First off, the recipe is found in Twilight Town near the end of the game. In the basement of the mansion, search around the room containing the pods Donald and Goofy were found in. You'll need 7 Orichalum +, which you can find using the list below, and an Energy Crystal, as well as the remaining materials. The Energy Crystal will halve the amount of Orichalum + you need, but you'll need a level 2 moogle to use it. They are dropped by Bookmasters in Radiant Gardens (Hollow Bastion). The Twilight and Dense Crystals are dropped by nobodies on Naught's Skyway, after the Hall of Empty Melodies.

Obtaining 7 Orichalum +:

1. Clear Atlantica.

2. Clear 100 Acre Wood.

3. Clear Goddess of Fate Cup in the Underworld Coliseum.

4. In a chest in the brink of despair, just before entering the castle in the World That Never Was. It's not the big chest by the save point, it's across from that.

5. In a chest in Twilight Town, Sunset Terrace, on the roof on the building closest to the Sunset train station.

6. In a chest in Space Paranoids, the second time through. It's just before fighting Commander Sark and the MCP.

7. Collect every material in the game (Yes, everything. Shards, crystals, stones, gems, and a regular Orichalum.) and give it to a synthesis moogle. The reward is an Orichalum +.

Good Exp. Spot:

In "The Pride Lands", head past "The King's Den" to "The Peak." There's a ton of Rapid Thrusters (fishy guys) around here. Waste them, and head back to "The King's Den" to respawn them. These guys also drop alot of lightning shards, should you be looking to stock up on them.'

Faster experience in Pride Lands

After heading through the Kings Den go to the top where all the heartless are and once there use Magnera untill your magic is gone collect everything that drops and it should fill your magic gauge all the way up. Repeat until there are no more enemies. Leave, re-enter, and do it all again.

Torn Page Locations:

Torn Page 1In the Disney Castle's Library.
Torn Page 2In the Pride Lands at the Oasis
Torn Page 3In Hallow Bastion at the Crystal Fissure
Torn Page 4In the Land of the Dragons in the Throne Room
Torn Page 5In Agrabah at the Tower

Synthesis Moogle items: Show the following items to the Moogle to get the corresponding reward.

1 type of MaterialElixer
5 types of MaterialFree Development
10 types of MaterialHigh Drive Recovery
15 types of MaterialMegalizer
20 types of MaterialFree Development 2
25 types of MaterialAP Boost
30 types of MaterialDefense Boost
35 types of MaterialPower Boost
40 types of MaterialMagic Boost
45 types of MaterialOrichalcum
All types of MaterialOrichalcum +
50 or more materialsSerenity Shard
100 or more materialsSerenity Shard
250 or more materialsSerenity Gem
1000 or more materialsOrichalcum
All C Rank MaterialsSerenity Shard
All B Rank MaterialsSerenity Stone
All A Rank MaterialsSerenity Gem
All S Rank MaterialsSerenity Crystal
All Mythril MaterialsAP Boost
All Bright MaterialsDefense Boost
All Serenity MaterialsMagic Boost
All Energy MaterialsPower Boost
All Dense MaterialsSerenity Gem

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