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Shadow of the Colossus 4th Boss: How to Beat the Fourth Colossus

The 4th boss in Shadow of the Colossus is a tall horse-like creature whose official name is Phaedra. Taking on the fourth colossus isn’t as hard as the last one you defeated, but figuring out the trick to get to its weak spots can be difficult. The challenge in this fight isn’t caused by anything Phaedra does, but instead how tall it is. Below we have the strategies you need to get on top of and take down the 4th boss in Shadow of the Colossus.

How to Beat the 4th Boss in Shadow of the Colossus

After respawning at the temple after defeating the third colossus, you can raise your sword and see your light shine to the southeast. Head over that way, and you’ll find an opening in the cliff. Follow the path and keep on it as it goes downward and head east to find some ruins. Further east past the ruins is the fourth colossus.

Even though you can ride Agro during this fight, she’s not required so you can park her somewhere else. The key to winning this fight lies in the ruins, so memorize their position relative to you and keep it in mind throughout the battle.

Start the fight by getting Phaedra’s attention. You can whistle or shoot an arrow at it to do so. After it turns your way, run into the ruins and wait for the 4th colossus to approach. Once it gets near you’ll want to head to one of the three paths out that you didn’t take. It’s best to use the one opposite of the way you entered, but any of them will work.

Shadow of the Colossus 4th Boss Weak Spot

When Phaedra gets near the passage you entered, it will bend down and try to look through the entry for you. When this happens, you can mount the fourth colossus’ back one of two ways.

The easy way is to exit via a passageway the colossus isn’t looking in and climb up its stubby tail. Doing this will make the battle a little longer, but is the easiest way to get on Phaedra’s back. Once you’re on the 4th colossus’ back, you need to proceed to its neck and stab it in the weak spot. This will make Phaedra lower its head and allow you access to the weak spot on its head.

The harder, but faster method of mounting Phaedra is to stay near the entrance that you entered the ruins through and wait until the colossus comes to peek inside. When it’s looking in, run out and jump on one of the rock columns on either side of its head. This method has more of a chance at failing, but it’ll allow you straight access to the colossus’ weak point without having to take the time to crawl up its back and stab it in the neck first.

How to Beat the 4th Boss in Shadow of the Colossus on Hard Mode

When trying to tackle Phaedra on hard mode, you’ll need to attack two more Sigils than you do on normal. Instead of going straight to the top of the 4th colossus’ head, you’ll need to take care of two weak points to the left and right of its neck. They only take one good stab each but eat up time, which can be irritating if you’re trying to beat it in Time Attack mode.

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