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Fortnite Valentines Event Update Guide: When It Starts, New Weapons, Skins, and More

Epic Games is continuing its commitment of bringing more and more content to Battle Royale, continuing with its Fortnite Valentines Event 2018. This marks the very first Valentines-themed event for the popular multiplayer game, bringing with it some new content, skins, and surprises that will get your blood pumping.

Romance is in the air with the Fortnite Valentines Event 2018. This limited time event is coming very soon and we’ve got everything you need to know about it from when it starts to what you rewards you can get to even some new weapons that are releasing with the Valentines event. Let’s get started.

When Does the Fortnite Valentines Event Update Start?

With its recent unveiling, you’re probably wondering “when does the Fortnite Valentines event 2018 Start?” Good question! This exclusive limited time only Valentines Event begins very soon. It kicks off tomorrow (as of publishing) on Thursday, February 8th, 2018. The event will run for a limited time only, so don’t miss out!

Fortnite Valentines Event 2018 Crossbow

The PvE Fortnite Valentines Event 2018 update for Save the World kicks off after that with the release of the V.2.5.0 update, so there will be new limited content to enjoy there as well.

Fortnite Valentines Event Update Guide: All New Weapons, Skins, Crossbow, More

The Fortnite Valentines Event 2018 is bringing with it a ton of new content and surprises that are themed around the lovey-dovey holiday that is Valentines. With this new event, players will be able to get new skins to decorate their Battle Royale characters in. This includes a Gargoyle statue costume and crazy bear one as seen above.

More importantly, the Fortnite Valentines Event 2018 brings with it a brand new weapon for players to find and use. Cupid is busy shooting his arrows of love into Battle Royale, as the Valentines Event is introducing the crossbow into the game. You’ll be able to find this awesome weapon when the Fortnite Valentines Event 2018 kicks off tomorrow.