UberSoldier PC Cheats

Cheat Mode:

NOTE:This procedure involves editing a text file.

Make a backup before proceeding.

1.) Open the config.ini file in the game directory.

2.) Add the line bindc+DIK_GRAVE(console_showhide) to the end of the file and save.

3.) Start the game and press ~ to show the console.

4.) Enter sv_cheats 1 to enable the following cheat codes.

Toggle God modegame_godmode
Set invincibility with indicated healthgame_godmode
Toggle flight modeg_fly
Toggle no clipping modeg_noclip
Spawn or recharge weaponaddwpn
Ammo for indicated weaponaddammo
999 ammo for all weaponsaddammo all
Display weapon namesaddwpn ?
Add health to playerdamage player -
Remove health from playerdamage player +
Level selectmap
Toggle framerate displaycl_drawfps
Toggle debug informationcl_showinfo
Toggle developer modeg_developer
Set total panel energy (developer mode)emotion_ctrl s e 100
Quit gameexit

Thanks to Revolution Readers metatroopa, Jaar, and TKO!