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Battlefront 2 1.2 Update: When Is The Next Battlefront 2 Update Coming?

We’ve been hearing for a while that big changes are coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2. Developer tweets and forum posts have led to some bold promises being made, with new features teased which we’ll hopefully begin to start seeing with the Battlefront 2 1.2 update.

Here’s when the Battlefront 2 1.2 update is set to launch, with different times for each platform, as well as a preview of the patch notes.

Battlefront 2 1.2 Update: When Is the Update Rolling Out?

Community Manager Mat Everett has confirmed that the Battlefront 2 1.2 update will roll out on Monday, February 19. PC gamers will be able to download, install, and experience the patch first, followed by PS4 owners, and then Xbox One players.

Here’s the exact times for each platform:

  • PC: 9:00 UTC /1:00 AM PT
  • PS4: 10:00 UTC /2:00 AM PT
  • X1: 11:00 UTC /3:00 AM PT

There’s no downtime expected, but players will have to reboot the game for the changes to take effect.

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Battlefront 2 1.2 Update: Patch Notes Preview

We’ll be given the full list of patch notes once the Battlefront 2 1.2 update is live. For now, take a look at the preview below for an idea of what this update will accomplish:

  • Our limited time Jetpack Cargo mode arrives
  • Arcade Updates (AI updates and more)
  • Heroes & Villains Balancing (Boba Fett, Palpatine, Iden, Rey, Bossk, Kylo Ren, Luke, Chewbacca, Yoda, Lando, Darth Vader & Captain Phasma all see either, nerfs, buffs and tweaks)
  • Classes, Reinforcements & Core Combat (Dodge updates, emotes, weapon tweaks, SCS un-nerf, and more)
  • Milestones (Updates)
  • Level Design Balance Changes
  • Level Design Bug Fixes
  • General Improvements and Bug Fixes ( Duplicate SC credits, Blaster glow, lightsaber glow, color-blind settings tweak, performance and stability changes, and more)
  • and more…

I can see a lot of changes that have been heavily requested by players. It’s clear that DICE has been listening to the community, and so hopefully we’ll see positive feedback once the update lands. I know I’m excited about the Heroes & Villains balancing, as I am a massive fan of that mode. (Though, it would be much improved with a bit of Obi-Wan!)