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Metal Gear Survive Offline Mode: Can You Play Without an Internet Connection?

Metal Gear has traditionally been played offline, with entirely separate online multiplayer. Metal Gear Survive is the first game in the series that weaves the online multiplayer together so tightly with single-player action. There’s plenty of fans who want to play Metal Gear Survive single-player in offline mode, just like they have the other games in the series. Is it possible to play offline? Read below to find out all the details.

Can You Play Metal Gear Survive Offline?

Unfortunately, because of how intertwined the single-player and multiplayer co-op is in Metal Gear Survive, you can’t just stick with one or the other. For Metal Gear aficionados that were looking to play the story offline and aren’t vested at all in the online multiplayer, this is likely a big disappointment.

Regardless of whether you obtain an item or blueprint recipe in single-player or among your fellow soldiers in co-op, you’ll retain it no matter where you’re at in the game. In a way, this is really cool, and it makes your hard work in either mode reflect throughout Metal Gear Survive. However, even though this is a weird departure from past Metal Gear titles (which were pretty odd already), you would think Konami would have made it a little more appealing to series fans.

Looking on the official Metal Gear Survive website confirms that the game requires a constant internet connection. While Konami hasn’t cited any reason as to why this is so, usually studios will say its to prevent cheating. While that might be applicable on PC, I’m not sure how someone is supposed to cheat on a completely closed ecosystem like Xbox One or PS4. As far as I know, there is no custom firmware for either of those consoles that can connect to online services, and there’s no such thing as a GameShark for Xbox One or PS4.

Regardless of the reason, for now, you can’t play Metal Gear Survive offline in any mode.

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