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Kingdom Come Deliverance Weeds Bug Fix: How to Complete the Weeds Quest

Like many other quests in the game, Kingdom Come Deliverance Weeds is plagued by some potential bugs and glitches that will prevent the player from successfully completing the quest. This is rather unfortunate for those that are looking to complete this quest and gain the rewards associated with it.

There are actually a couple of problems that you might find yourself faced with in the Kingdom Come Deliverance Weeds quest. One of them is not knowing when you’ve successfully picked out enough weeds and getting a poor rating from Brother Nicodemus despite picking every weed in the field. Let’s get started with how to fix these.

How to Fix Kingdom Come Deliverance Weeds Bugs

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Much like the weeds, you are picking in Kingdom Come Deliverance Weeds, these bugs are a plague upon your gameplay that must be stopped. Let’s start with the first one: not knowing when you have completely rid the two plots of land of weeds. This one is actually not a bug at all, but rather an example of how the game doesn’t hold your hand.

There is no arrow indicating every weed or a ding that occurs upon ridding the land of all weeds. Instead, you have to judge how well you did for yourself and when you think you are done, you must speak with Brother Nicodemus again. This leads directly into the second potential bug for Kingdom Come Deliverance Weeds.

Talking to Brother Nicodemus will have him go and check your work, leading to the conclusion of the seemingly simple Kingdom Come Deliverance Weeds quest. However, despite some players’ efforts to get rid of all weeds, they will find Brother Nicodemus reprimanding them for a poor job.

This is because he walks very slowly and it is entirely possible for weeds to grow back in the meantime, leading to a poor rating. To avoid this, we recommend picking out as many weeds as possible and then going to speak with him like normal. While he is slowly making his way to check it, run back to the plots and pick any new Kingdom Come Deliverance weeds that might have sprung up again. Good luck!