Perfect Dark Zero FAQ

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   / ___,'/ /_  / /_/ // /__  / /_  / / /_/ / /  / /  / // /_/ // /_/ // /,' /
  / /    / __/ / __  |/ ___/ / __/ / / __  / /  / /  / // __  // __  /    ,'
 / /    / /__ / / / // /    / /__ / /_/ / / /  / /__/ // / / // / / // ,' 
/_/    /____//_/ /_//_/    /____/ ___,' /_/  /_____,'/_/ /_//_/ /_//_/  /_/
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                   ,----, ,---,         ,---,   /   / ,---,   ,---,
                ,-'  ,-' /   /_____    /   /___/   / /   /   /   /
             ,-'  ,-'   /   ______/   /   ____  ,-' /   /   /   /
          ,-'  ,-'     /   /         /   /   /    /   /   /   /
       ,-'  ,-'_____  /   /_______  /   /   /   / /   /___/   /
      /____________/ /___________/ /___/   /___/  _________,'

                     |       Perfect Dark Zero FAQ        |
                     |  Author: Xiamut ([email protected]) |
                     |  Version: 1.01                     |
                     |  Last Revision: 03/04/06           |
                     |  Platform: Xbox 360                |

|                               Table of Contents                            |

 - Introduction.........................................................[I]
 - Basics...............................................................[II]
 - Walkthrough..........................................................[III]
        Mission Zero..............................................(1.00)
        Mission One...............................................(1.01)
        Mission Two...............................................(1.02)
        Mission Three.............................................(1.03)
        Mission Four..............................................(1.04)
        Mission Five..............................................(1.05)
        Mission Six...............................................(1.06)
        Mission Seven.............................................(1.07)
        Mission Eight.............................................(1.08)
        Mission Nine..............................................(1.09)
        Mission Ten...............................................(1.10)
        Mission Eleven............................................(1.11)
        Mission Twelve............................................(1.12)
        Mission Thirteen..........................................(1.13)
 - Weapon Information...................................................[IV]
 - Achievements.........................................................[V]
 - Revision History.....................................................[VI]
 - Thanks/Acknowledgments...............................................[VII]
 - Contact Information..................................................[VIII]
 - Copyright Information................................................[IX]

  [I]                            Introduction

This walkthrough covers Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360 console. Perfect
Dark Zero is an Xbox 360 exclusive launch title developed by Rare. It is a
prequel to Perfect Dark released back in 2000 on the Nintendo 64. You play
the role of Joanna Dark, a promising bounty hunter in training.

I have implemented a search system, I suggest that you use it. It is very
easy to use, simply press Ctrl+F and enter the desired section's corresp-
onding roman numeral surrounded by square brackets in the search field.
Press enter to be taken to that section. I highly suggest that you utilize
this system, as it will allow you to use this guide much more efficiently.

Please note that the walkthrough was written based on the Secret Agent
difficulty level. I hope that you can find the answers you are looking for.
Now let's get on with the FAQ!

 [II]                              Basics

Use this section as a reference for both the controls and the different
multiplayer modes. A section including tips will eventually be added in a
future update.

 - Controls

|      Button      |                      Function                           |
| A button         | Perform action when prompted.                           |
| B button         | Melee attack.                                           |
| Y button         | Shuffle or swap current weapon.                         |
| X button         | Reload.                                                 |
| LT button        | Aim/Zoom                                                |
| LB button        | Dive(use with L stick to determine direction)           |
| RT button        | Use gun's primary fire.                                 |
| RB button        | Use gun's secondary fire.                               |
| L stick          | Move character, click to crouch.                        |
| R stick          | Look around.                                            |
| D-pad Up         | Unarmed mode.                                           |
| D-pad Down       | Drop current weapon.                                    |
| D-pad Left/Right | Switch to gadget.                                       |
| Start            | Pause/Resume game                                       |
| Hold RB Press LT | Use gun's tertiary function.                            |

 +----- Jetpac Controls -----+

|      Button      |                       Function                          |
| L stick          | Accelerate, brake, strafe left/right                    |
| R stick          | Turn left/right, look up/down                           |
| RB button        | Take off/land(when near ground)                         |
| LT button        | Rise(release to fall, hold to hover)                    |
| A button         | Mount/dismount                                          |

 +----- Hovercraft Controls -----+

|      Button      |                       Function                          |
| L stick          | Accelerate, brake, strafe left/right                    |
| R stick          | Rotate left/right                                       |
| A button         | Mount/dismount                                          |

 - Multiplayer

There are several different types of multiplayer modes. They are split up
between Deathmatch and Darkops. Deathmatch contains your standard FPS modes
such as Killcount, Capture the Flag, Territories etc. DarkOps is more tactical
and is round based. Each round, players must buy weapons from their personal
stock of cash, earned by killing the enemy and achieving scenario objectives.
Below is a list of all of the different multiplayer modes and a brief descri-
ption of each of them.

 +----- Deathmatch -----+

Killcount is a simple, everyone for themselves match. Depending on the options
that are set, the winner is either the person who reaches a specified amount
of kills first or the person who racks up the most kills before the time runs

Team Killcount:
Team based variation of Killcount. Each kill you make counts towards your
entire teams cumulative score. The winning team is the one that achieves the
most amount of kills.

Capture The Flag:
A team-only match. The goal of Capture Te Flag is to bring the opposing
team's flag back to your base. You can only score a point if you have both
your enemy's and your own team's flag. The winning team is the team with the
most successful captures.

Territorial Gains:
A team-only match. The goal of Territorial Gains is to try and capture
several neutral hills and retain control of them until they generate points.
To capture one of these hills, press and hold the A button when prompted. The
team that seizes and holds the most territories is the winner.

 +----- DarkOps -----+

A team-only game. The goal is to eradicate the opposing team before they
eradicate you. The last team with any members left alive wins

A team-only game. One team defends a base, receive on life each and has the
ability to buy weapons. The other team has only basic weapons but infinite
lives. The team that stays alive the longest while defending the base wins.

A free-for-all only game. There are two types of players: Infected and
uninfected. Once a player dies, they become infected. If the uninfected stay
alive until the end of the match, they are the only players to get points.
If the infected wipe them out, they are the only ones who score. The player
with the most points is the winner.

A team-only game. The team that causes the most damage to the other team's
property wins.

 [III]                            Walkthrough

This walkthrough was written based on the Secret Agent difficulty level. Goals
and objectives differ at higher difficulty levels. 

If you ever get lost and you don't know where to go, there is a waypoint
system in Perfect Dark Zero. If you have been wandering around for a certain
amount of time, blue arrows will appear on the ground, leading you in the
right direction.

| Mission 0  | Datacore | Demolition | Location: Pacific Ocean | Code: 1.00  |

 +----- PRIMARY: Evade dataDyne Security -----+

 This is simply a tutorial mission, Chandra will guide you through the level
 and tell you what to do. Once you gain control of Joanna, use your gun to
 destroy the three spiderbots crawling around the door. When dead, the door
 in front of you will open. Step through the door and move through this room.
 When you come to the doorway with the laser trip wire, click the left stick
 to crouch. While in this crouched state, you move yourself under the laser
 trip wire. Head up the ramp and continue into the next room. Move up to the
 higher section of this room, you will need to use your melee attack to get
 past the wooden crates in this section. Once you have cleared a path for
 yourself, head down the ramp and you will come to a set of three laser trip
 wires. Before going near them, use your P9P to destroy the two sentry turrets
 on both sides of the door. Next, crouch and roll using the LB button to make
 it past the trip wires. There is a camera in the next room, before heading
 inside, press the RB button to put a silencer on your P9P. Follow the white
 arrows on the ground to a place where you can take cover. The camera is above
 the next door. If you attempt to pass through the door and the camera spots
 you, it will seal the doors, disallowing you to pass through them. Move along
 this object until a prompt appears telling you to press A to cover. Press A
 and Joanna will take cover behind this object.

 While in this cover position, aim your gun towards the camera that is visible
 above the doorway. When ready, press the right trigger to pop out from cover
 and fire at the camera. When it has been successfully destroyed, you will be
 free to continue. There are two enemies in the next room, take cover behind
 the railing. While behind the railing, you can press the left trigger to aim
 your gun, take out the two enemies and the head down the ramp. The guards
 were carrying P9Ps, you can take one of them and dual wield, but it isn't
 really necessary. Next, you need to use your Datathief to unlock the secured
 door. Move towards the door and stand in front of the keypad next to it.
 Press left or right on the d-pad to take out your Datathief. Chandra will
 explain what to do, it is really quite simple. There are three rings, they
 will need to be cleared from the outside to the inside. You need to watch the
 white cursor that is circulating the ring that you are on. When it passes on
 a blue ring, press the A button to break the ring. If you press A while the
 cursor is on a white ring, it will turn red. Make too many mistakes and an
 old ring will appear again. Once you have cleared all of the security rings,
 the door will open and you will be able to continue.

 +----- PRIMARY: Destroy CPU -----+

 A short video will play in when you pass through the door. You will then be
 in control of the camspy, maneuver it straight, then take the left. Follow
 this path until you come to a hole in the wall on your right. Head inside
 the hole and stop in front of the yellow lasers. To your left and right,
 there are two circuits behind metal grates. Aim towards them and press the
 right trigger to deactivate the lasers. Continue onwards, drop down through
 the hole in the floor and continue moving forward until you reach another set
 of yellow lasers. When you reach them, head back and look up to the ceiling
 where you see sparks shooting out. There is another circuit up there, aim and
 shoot at it to deactivate the lasers. Continue on and fall through the hole.
 Once you have reached the bottom, head through the open doorway and approach
 the CPU. While you are in front of it, press RB to destroy it.

 +----- PRIMARY: Escape Trinity Platform -----+

 Once you have regained control of Joanna, head forward and past the doorway
 to your left. You will find a scientist in this room who is being attacked by
 spiderbots. Kill all of the spiderbots that are surrounding the scientist,
 once they have all been destroyed the scientist will open the door and head
 out. The scientist will open the door for you. The next room is filled with
 spiderbots, they aren't very dangerous for the most part, just watch out for
 the ones with yellow eyes. Do not kill these when they are close to you or
 any scientists, they explode and cause massive damage. Follow this scientist
 until you meet up with the others. Once you have found them, and additional
 objective will become available.

 +----- SUPPORT: Escort Scientists To Elevator -----+
 Help the scientists fend off the bots, remember to be cautious of any yellow
 eyed ones. Follow the scientist with the helmet, he will lead you to a door.
 There is a spiderbot crawling on the keypad, kill it, activate the keypad and
 the door will open. Head down the hall, you will eventually come to a room.
 Look on the wall, you can pick up a FAC-16 here. Grab one and continue on.
 You will come to a bridge that is just crawling with spiderbots, remember to
 be watch out for the yellow ones. Run past this bridge and activate the
 keypad next to the door. You will come to a large room, once again follow the
 scientist with the helmet, picking off spiderbots as you move along. Once you
 reach the end of the path, your objective will be complete.

 +----- SUPPORT: Deploy Sentry Gun -----+
 This room is just crawling with spiderbots, you can grab a Laptop from the
 cases on the wall and throw it down by pressing the RB button. By pressing
 RB, it will become a sentry turret and held you fend off the bots. You don't
 need to defend the scientists anymore, but just watch for those yellow 
 spiders for your own sake. If the scientists die, Chandra will have to hack
 the elevator to call it down for you. Hold off the spiderbots and then head
 into the elevator once it arrives.

 Once it reaches the top, prepare yourself before running you continue on.
 There are a lot of dataDyne security on the top platform, you will need to
 be cautious if you want to make it out alive. Don't just run in, if you still
 have your FAC-16 with you, you can use it to aim with the left trigger and
 fire from cover. There are some exploding barrels scattered throughout that
 you can use to your advantage. If you see an enemy standing near one, direct
 your fire towards it. Jack will appear to assist you. Once you have cleared a
 safe path for yourself, follow Jack up onto the platform. Press the A button
 when prompted, the elevator will begin to rise. You can't do anything about
 the ships, when the platform begins to rise they will leave you alone. You
 will be attacked by dataDyne units wearing jetpacs, shoot them down. When
 the elevator reaches the top, run around the platform and head towards the

| Mission 01 | Nightclub | Stakeout  |   Location: Hong Kong   | Code: 1.01  |

 +----- PRIMARY: Identify Enforcers -----+

 Joanna starts off by silencing her P9P, you need to use stealth in this
 mission, so keep this gun out. Move forward, but be cautious because there
 is an enemy sitting on the boxes. Slowly move behind him and shot him in the
 back of the head. Move to your head, past the boxes and head up the stairs.
 Once you have reached the top, move forward and look down below this wall.
 Take out your Audioscope and lock on to the enforcer. The enforcer is the
 enemy that is outlined in green. Move your view over him and then press the
 right trigger to lock on. Wait for the bar to fill up and once the identifi-
 cation is confirmed, silently move on. If you are playing on the Agent diffi-
 culty level, you will only need to identify one enforcer, so this objective
 is complete for you. If you are playing on Secret Agent, you will need to
 identify an additional enforcer. Move along the wall to the right, when
 you come to the gap quickly move past it in a crouched position. Next, you
 need to pass a large open area, there shouldn't be any guards around to spot
 you, but move quickly just in case. Silently move towards the jeeps, there
 are a couple of guards sitting on the boxes, ignore them, they shouldn't spot
 you if you are quiet. Hug the wall to your left and follow it until you reach
 some steps. Climb up and you will come to a door with a lock on it. Shoot the
 lock with your silenced P9P, the door will open.

 +----- SUPPORT: Evacuate Civilians -----+
 +----- PRIMARY: Locate Jack Dark -------+

 Move over the walkway quietly, enter the doorway at the end. There is an
 enforcer sitting on a box on the other side of this room. You Audioscope
 can reach him from here, once you have succeeded in fully identifying this
 enforcer, the objective will be complete. This concludes the stealth part
 of this mission, head down the steps and take out the enforcer and his
 buddies. The enforcer is tough to take down and he is using a Def-12 shotgun.
 Take cover behind the glass, the enforcer however will run around and shoot
 at you from the window to your right. Once all of the enemies in this area
 are dead, pick up the Def-12 from the dead enforcer and move on. Before you
 head outside, use your P9P to kill the guys in the window across the area.
 Move to the left of this area. Move up to the blue door, you will need to use
 your Locktopus to open the door. It is simple to use, rotate the left stick
 around until the circle in the middle of the Locktopus turns green. When you
 have found the sweet spot hold the stick in that position until the lock is

 Continue onwards, take out the enemy here and go down the steps. There are a
 lot of enemies in the nightclub, so you must be very careful. Be cautious and
 use your P9P to pick off a few enemies with headshots. Open the door and kill
 any enemies that stand in your path. Head through the door and continue past
 a second open doorway to the left of the closed one. Head down the hallway
 and open the door at the end. Shoot the guard sitting at the desk and then
 press A near the switch on his desk to disable the security system. Punch
 the fire alarm to the right of the door to evacuate the civilians from the
 nightclub. Crouch in the doorway and use you P9P to take out some enemies
 from afar. There are some moving up above you, take them out too. Head into
 the main area of the nightclub and go up the stairs. Locate the second set
 of steps that leads higher up, continue moving until you come to a room with
 flashing red lights and some enemies. This room is dangerous, move into the
 room for a second so the enemies spot you, then head back down a bit and take
 them out as they attempt to follow you. Hopefully you still have that shotgun
 with you. Take out the bartender with you P9P, move into the back and down
 the hallway into the next room. Kill the second bartender in here then head
 up the stairs. Continue moving and heading up stairs until you reach the
 sentry turrets.

 +----- SUPPORT: Disable Sentry Guns -----+

 As you attempt to climb the stairs, you will be shot at by the sentry turret.
 Hopefully you still have your P9P, crouch and aim at the sentry turret, shoot
 it a few times and it will explode. When that turret is gone, move into the
 middle of the room and use you Locktopus on the locked door behind the
 fountain. In this room, hit the switch on the table to disable the rest of
 the sentry guns. Now all that is left to do is to locate Jack Dark, move
 back and follow the hall down to a set of double doors. Open them to complete
 the mission.

| Mission 02 |  Subway | Retrieval   |   Location: Hong Kong   | Code: 1.02  |

 You have probably obtained some weapons that you can bring along with you. I
 brought a FAC-16 and a P9P for this mission, bring whatever is available to

 +----- PRIMARY: Retrieve Briefcase --------+
 +----- PRIMARY: Meet Up At Evac Point -----+

 As soon as this mission begins, you will be attacked by a gang of bikers.
 Quickly take cover behind the car to your left. Use your P9P to shoot at
 the bikers from behind cover. Use the conveniently placed explosive barrels
 to your advantage. You can also shoot their bikes to make them explode and
 this may cause damage to them. When you have killed them all, search their
 bodies for a keycard. Once you have obtained the keycard, head up the ramp
 and use it on the device to open the gate. There are several cameras in this
 area, take cover behind the first wall, aim at the camera on the fence and
 shoot it out. Hug the wall and move so that you can see the opening of the
 garage across the street. Aim and headshot the enemy working on the lifter.
 Head into the garage and move around the lifter. Use the Datathief on its
 control mechanism. Once you have hacked the lifter, follow it into the area
 that it leads you to. Be careful, there is a camera above the door, shoot it
 out before it can spot you. If the camera does spot you, you will be forced
 to fight a large wave of enemies. Once inside the warehouse, take cover and
 get some headshots on the baddies around the area. Move around the area while
 picking off enemies. Head into the wooden door and climb the stairs. You can
 find some Frag grenades on the desk in this room, take them if you wish. Move
 through the second door, a new objective will become available.

 +----- SUPPORT: Sabotage Armory -----+

 You may want to grab a Def-12 before proceeding to blow up the place. When
 you are ready, chuck a frag grenade into the room to blow it up. Run like
 hell back downstairs or drop to the lower level. Move under the platform
 and towards the steel door. Take cover behind something and take out the
 enemies. Move down to the end of the street, hug the wall because there is
 a bad guy with a shotgun in the window above. Head inside and up the stairs,
 move down the hall and into the room with the window. You can grab the body
 armor that is here, if needed. Go back down the stairs and move through the
 building. You should come to a steel door with a keypad next to it. You can
 Use your Datathief on the keypad to open the door. Step into the room and
 grab the briefcase. Head back out into the streets and enter the subway
 via the entrance  just to the right of the building you just exited. Head
 down the steps.

 +----- SUPPORT: Divert Enemies -----+

 Continue moving through the area, killing any enemies in your path. When you
 reach the gate, aim and shoot of the two locks and then proceed. You will
 need grenades for this next portion of the level. If you still have some from
 the Armory incident, then don't worry. I was able to find some from one of 
 the enemies in the streets outside the subway, look around and you may be
 able to pick some up. Continue down the steps, be careful as you must not be
 spotted. There is a ton of baddies down below, you need to do something to
 make them fight each other. Throw a grenade down below, you shouldn't be
 seen. If you manage to kill someone they will begin to fight each other. Now
 you do not have to deal with them. Take cover and wait for the shooting to
 die down. Once the skirmish is over, move forward and head down the ramp.
 Pick off any remainders from the fight and continue moving down.

 You will eventually enter a large area, if you have a gun with a scope you
 can try killing some of the enemies that are occupying the subway car. If
 not, you can just run in and kill them. Head onto the rails and into the
 subway car, move down it until you come to an open door to your right. Hop
 back up onto higher ground and go through the door. Kill the enemies in here,
 run up the steps and kill the three enemies. Now just run through the doorway
 and continue moving until you reach the end of the path to complete the

| Mission 03 |  Rooftops | Escape    |   Location: Hong Kong   | Code: 1.03  |

 As soon as the level starts, run off to the side and kill the sniper. Grab a
 Jackal and take out the sniper across from you who shooting at Jack. Next,
 help by killing some of the ground units Jack is dealing with. Climb up the
 ladder and kill the enemies here. One enemy has a DW-P5, take this and use
 it to kill the enemies that are shooting at you from the building across.
 Now quickly head down the steps with the red railing, ignore the devices up
 here for now. Crouch in front of the vent and press B to smash it, crawl
 through until you find yourself in a room. Kill the enemy here and continue
 into the next vent. Follow this one through and kill the two baddies here.
 Once you are outside, use this area as a vantage point to assist Jack who
 is fighting below. When Jack is safe, he will need you to act as a sniper
 to protect him as he moves through the building. Head through the doorway
 and follow the straight-forward path until you come to a wooden door. Open
 the two wooden doors and step outside. Jack starts out at the bottom, so you
 can shoot any enemies that are in his path as you can see them through the
 glass. When he gets to the top floor, you can shoot the conveniently placed
 explosive barrel to quickly kill the two enemies in his path. If you are
 playing on the Agent difficulty, you can use your Locktopus to open the
 locked door to grab the massive M60, which will come in handy during a future

 +----- SUPPORT: Jam Enemy Comms -----+

 When Jack is safe, head back down the hall and exit. Climb up the two
 ladders. Pass through the cylindrical tube, careful not to fall through the
 windows if the glass has been broken. Now is the time to deal with the comms.
 You need to use you demo kit to destroy them. Crouch next to them and press
 left or right on the d-pad when the prompt appears. All you need to do to set
 it is to set up the grid in such a way that it connects from one arrow to the
 other. This particular one is very simple, as they all pretty much are. When
 it has been set, stand back. It will explode and you will have completed
 this objective. 

 +----- PRIMARY: Assist Jack -----+
 Now head back to the area where you covered Jack while he was moving up the
 building. Look for the zipline and press the A button when the prompt
 appears. Joanna will use it to travel to a lower level. You will find your-
 self on a rooftop with another zipline. First, activate the device to
 complete the Assist Jack objective. Take the zipline to a lower level.

 +----- SUPPORT: Nullify Killian -----+

 Killian appears, you need to damage his aircraft. Immediately take hide
 behind the metal object in front of you. His vehicle is armored, but you can
 nullify him by aiming at one of the engines on the side of his craft. When
 you are given the chance, taunt him. It will lower his accuracy. Use the
 DW-P5 or FAC-16, if you have the M60 then definitely use that, it will make
 short work of him. When you have succeeded in nullifying Killian, continue
 onwards. You will need to drop down in a few places and you will run in to
 a couple of enemies that need to be dealt with. You can find some body armor
 along the way as well. Move along until you come to a set of steps. Move up
 one of them, before moving up the second see if you can get some headshots
 with the DW-P5. There are some DW-P5s in the boxes, stock up on ammo because
 you'll surely need it. Hop down and smash the glass to fall through the
 ceiling. Head down the stairs, through the long tube and hop down to the
 lower level. Now just follow the pipes until you regroup with Jack.

+----- PRIMARY: Escape To Evac Point -----+

 Killian sure is a pain in the ass. Don't worry about the minor enemies, Jack
 will deal with them. Run through this area, cross the metal bridges and hide
 behind the stone structure to the right. Same deal here, you need to aim your
 fire at one of his engines to bring him down. Only concentrate on attacking
 one engine, there is no need to damage both. Wait until he has his back
 turned to you, while he is dropping off enemies. This will give you a clear
 shot and you won't have to worry about him shooting you. Maneuver yourself
 around the stone structure according to his position. He will fire rockets at
 you, but they should just hit your cover. You can watch his position on your
 radar so you now when to change positions. This battle may take awhile, you
 should be using a DW-P5 if you have one. If you don't have any suitable
 guns, you can wait for him to drop off support. These soldiers are using
 DW-P5s, go after them for ammo time. You need to damage both of Killian's
 engines. Once he has taken enough damage, his craft will explode. Mission

| Mission 04 | Mansion | Infiltration |     Location: China     | Code: 1.04 |

 I suggest that you pack a DW-P5 and a P9P for this particular mission. If you
 don't have a DW-P5, substitute with another weapon that has a scope. The
 DW-P5 is the preferred here, since it also has a silencer.

 +----- SUPPORT: Disrupt Security Comms -----+

 From your starting position, follow the path until you reach a circular open-
 ing. Take out your DW-P5 or P9P and wait for the patrolling guard to walk by.
 Aim your shot and shoot him in the head. He will drop his radio, run up and
 pick up the radio. If other guards have spotted you, take the time to kill
 them before walking out into the middle of the area to grab the radio. Watch
 for the snipers in the towers, they can deal some heavy damage to you. If you
 are seen, chances are a bunch of soldiers will be sent after you. In this
 case you will just have to stand your ground. If you manage to kill the sold-
 ier without alerting anyone, quietly move in and grab the radio. Do not step
 into the light. Once you have the radio in your possession, move back behind
 the circular opening and select it by pressing left or right on the d-pad and
 then press A to use it. You will then have to choose an option: Bluff, Threa-
 ten or Charm. If they ask you "Is this maintenance?" select bluff to disrupt
 the security comms and complete the objective. There are some other things
 that will require you to select either charm or threaten, but I am not sure
 what exactly they were asking.

 +----- SUPPORT: Activate Satellite Server -----+

 This part is a little tricky if you are playing anything higher than Agent.
 Before you proceed through the circular opening, you need to take out the
 guards patrolling the grounds as well as the snipers in the tower if you
 haven't already. Use your DW-P5 or P9P to take them out with a couple of
 shots to the head. The snipers will bring down your health fast, so make sure
 that they do not spot you. There are three sniper towers, the one on the
 right has two enemies with one armored, while the one on the left has one
 unarmored. There is another on the far left, we'll deal with him while we
 move through. Take out the two guys in the right tower. Then headshot the one
 lone, unarmored enemy in the left tower. Once they have been dealt with,
 very, very cautiously make you way to the left side of the fortress. Before
 crossing the bridge, take out the lone sniper in the tower ahead of it. Make
 sure that you do not stand directly in any light, this will allow the enemies
 up above to see you. Watch out for any patrolling guards that you may have
 missed. Eventually you will come to some steps that lead you up to the wall.

 Now there are a lot of enemies up here. In a crouching position, carefully
 move up the steps to the right, peek over and see if you can score any heads-
 hots on the guards below with your DW-P5. Once all visible threats have been
 dealt with, approach the computer near the satellite and use your Datathief
 to hack it.

 +----- PRIMARY: Infiltrate Mansion -----+ 

 After, use your DW-P5 to headshot any enemies patrolling below. Now you need
 to make your way to the mansion's front doors. Move forward, past the steps
 that you emerged from, and stop in front of a second set of steps leading
 down. If you haven't already, crouch and kill the guards talking down there
 from above. One of them has an M60, so be very cautious. Once the three of
 them are dead, head down and open the big red door. Kill the guard standing
 by the doors ahead, if you have not already. Use your DW-P5 or P9P to shoot
 out the camera to the side of the door. Now you need to use the switch to
 beside the door. With the camera destroyed, select bluff when you are asked
 the question. There may be different questions, if bluff doesn't seem appr-
 opriate use something else. I know that if the guard asks you if you are
 someone, bluff should work. Put your gun away by pressing up on the d-pad
 before you continue.

 Once inside, head to your right until you reach an area with a series of
 laser trip wires. Crouch and move over the first middle one when it is high
 enough. I suggest that you grab the Viblade that is in the middle of this
 area, this is the only level that I know of that you can obtain this sword,
 keep it with you so that you can use it in later levels. Move around by crou-
 ching under any lasers that are high enough. You can also roll under them.
 Once you get to the end, smash the glass and step into the room with the two
 guards by the door. Open the door and watch the scene that takes place.

 +----- PRIMARY: Defeat Mai Hem -----+

 Now you will have to have a Deathmatch with Mai Hem. You are armed with a
 Magsec4. While not particularly powerful, it does have a scope that you can
 use to your advantage. Mai Hem is somehow making clones of herself, you will
 have to kill her multiple times because of this. She also gets help from the
 samurai statues lining the arena. No wonder she always wins! Chandra may
 eventually give you a choice of weapon that you can summon. I suggest select-
 ing the M60. The Hawk Boomerang and combat shield aren't quite as useful
 here. It will spawn down in the middle of the arena, run down to grab it, all
 the while watching your back for any approaching samurai statues. Mai's dupl-
 icates will begin to carry Superdragons. Grab one when you have the chance as
 the grenades are very useful. Just continue killing Mai Hem's clones and the
 statues until you finally kill the real Mai Hem. It is helpful to stay crou-
 ched on one side of the arena, and let the enemies come to you.

| Mission 05 |  Laboratory | Rescue   |     Location: China     | Code: 1.05 |

 Pack a DW-P5 and P9P for this mission. Once you regain control over Joanna,
 move towards the door. When the door opens you will be standing in a large
 area. You need to be careful here, as there are many guards patrolling around
 the area. Make sure that your gun is silenced before you shoot anyone, as you
 really don't want them to set off the alarm. Trust me, you do not want that
 to happen! If you are on anything higher than Agent, you may have trouble
 fighting off the onslaught that comes with a set alarm. Stand in the doorway
 and use your silenced weapon to headshot the patrolling soldiers. Kill the
 guard that is walking by, then quickly run out and take cover behind the
 boxes. You should be able to spot another guard standing by a door to your
 left, aim and shoot him in the head a couple of times to kill him. Continue
 silently moving to the left, spot another guard standing by a unsecured door
 in the distance. Kill him and then continue moving along. Headshot the guard
 standing at the far end of the platform by the second secured door.

 +----- SUPPORT: Shutdown Power Generator -----+

 Now that this area is clear, head to the unlocked door. Quickly kill the
 guard that is leaning against the glass, then move on. You will find yourself
 at the top of some steps that lead down into the lower area. Crouch at the
 top of them and headshot the visible guard patrolling here. This should set
 off the others. Don't worry about the alarm, these guys won't set them off.
 Now stay at the top of the stairs and pick them off as they come to you.
 There is one guy still hiding behind a table at the end of the room, be
 cautious as you step down and headshot him. Grab the Nightvision goggles from
 the crate to your right. Move to the end of this area and head down. Kill the
 two guards here, then approach the generator to your left and switch it off.
 Move to the right of this area, crouch and punch the grate. You can put those
 Nightvision goggles to use now, though it isn't that hard to see. Move on
 through the vent and to the end of this area. The spiderbots here are harm-
 less, but you can kill them if you wish. Once at the end of this area, crouch
 down and smash the second grate. Grab the Silver Keycard from the table dire-
 ctly in front of you as you enter the room.

 +----- SUPPORT: Disable Tracking System -----+

 Don't bother harming the scientists. Head up the stairs and open the door
 with the keycard. This area is packed with enemies, you may want to step back
 and allow them to come to you once you have been spotted. The female units
 are using magnums. While they are slow on reload, they are quite powerful, if
 you can manage to get one, use it to defend yourself. Once you have dealt
 with the initial wave of goons, head to the very end of this walkway and open
 the door with the silver keycard. Head up the steps to your left and grab the
 Gold keycard off of the desk in the middle. Head to the far left of this room
 and go up the stairs. Look for stairs in this area and start going down. Look
 to the ceiling, that is the tracking device that you need to disable. Shoot
 the four green cones surrounding it until they explode. You should use a
 magnum to blast them, as they destroy them effectively.

 +----- PRIMARY: Access Containment Facility -----+

 Now exit this area and walk all the way to the end of the walkway, look to
 the area with stairs that will lead you down. Open the red door and step into
 the containment facility. This room is also packed with enemies, you need to
 clear them out before you can reach the top of the structure in the middle
 of the room. If you don't have a weapon with sniper capabilities, try to lead
 out one of the more aggressive soldiers. They are packing Magsec 4s that you
 can use to pop some heads. You can back up into the last room and try to lure
 some ground soldiers in to pick them off. Snipe the goons standing on the
 structure, then enter the area and begin by moving up the first ramp. Be wary
 of the units on turrets, if you can stand within of the structure, you can
 avoid most of their fire and just snipe them off. Once the turrets are vac-
 ant, make your way up the structure by climbing up the ladders. When you have
 reached the top, move off onto the ramp, head into the cabin and up the
 stairs. Kill the guard and approach the console.

 +----- PRIMARY: Locate and Rescue Jack -----+

 Use your demo kit to destroy the security system. Exit this area and follow
 the walkway to the golden door. When you open the door you will be greeted
 by a mob of enemies. If you can manage to lure them out, you can run back and
 hop onto the turret emplacement. Then simply pick them off as they approach
 you. When all of the enemies have been dealt with, head inside and look
 around for Jack.

| Mission 06 |   River | Extraction   |     Location: China     | Code: 1.06 |

 This is not a stealth level, it is time to pack the big gun. Bring the
 strongest gun available to you, and also take something with a scope. I sugg-
 est the FAC-16 and the Def-12 Shotgun. When the mission starts, you will be
 confronted with a large wave of enemies. It may be a good idea to run through
 with your Def-12 and blast all of the enemies away. You can play it careful
 if you wish, but the enemies will also be concentrating on Jack so you aren't
 the only target. Once the area is clear of threats, follow Jack and he will
 lead you to the demo spot. You will need to protect Jack while he sets the
 explosives. Some enemies will come running down from the other side of the
 hall. Stay with Jack, as enemies will come from behind as well. Once Jack
 has set the explosives, stand back. Before proceeding, clear the area of any
 enemies that may be left. Some enemies may run through the newly created
 opening, just pick them off. Before heading outside, equip your scoped weapon
 and take out the gunners surrounding the outside area. They cause a lot of
 trouble if not dealt with. You can head up the steps to your left and take
 out the first gunner. Use this area as a vantage point to take out the other
 guards positioned around.

 +----- SUPPORT: Incapacitate Hovercrafts -----+

 When the area is relatively cleared, head down and find the hangar that holds
 the three hovercrafts. Be careful, there are three female enemies in here
 that are packing magnums. Once you have gotten them out of the way, shoot the
 crafts until they explode. The Def-12 shotgun works well, if you have one
 with you. If you are playing on the Agent difficulty level, you should have
 your demo kit with you, you can also use this.

 +----- SUPPORT: Steal Rocket Launcher -----+

 Exit the hanger and move along the sides of the open area. Locate the stairs
 to the left of the area and head up them. Jack will tell you to grab the
 Rocket launcher that is currently mounted to a turret. Be cautious, if you
 haven't killed the guard standing near it, he will run and man the turret.
 If he does, quickly take him out. After, approach the turret and hop on.
 Press the Y button to shuffle your weapon and grab the rocket launcher. You
 won't be needing your other weapons, so don't worry about throwing them away.
 If you are playing on Agent, you don't need to worry as the hovercraft is
 already initially equipped with a rocket launcher. Now head over to the
 hanger that contains both Jack and the hovercraft. Climb up into the gunner's
 position and swap the Rocket Launcher for the currently mounted M60.

 Now you need to open the gate, approach the large stone structure to the
 right of the red gas tanks. Use your Locktopus to move the lever to open the
 gate. When you have opened the gate, head back to the hanger and hop into
 the driver's seat. Jack will be gunning, some soldiers will run out of a
 hanger. Stay still and let Jack deal with them. After, head for the open gate
 and set out. Follow the tunnel and exit out into the open waters.

 +----- PRIMARY: Power Down Radar -----+

 Pilot Jack around the land area. There are a lot of soldiers hanging around
 here, try to keep moving so your craft won't take as much damage. Navigate
 around this area until Jack can manage to destroy all of the power stations.
 Jack's aim is terrible to say the least, just try to give him as good of an
 angle as possible. Watch out for enemy hovercrafts; With the rocket launcher,
 Jack can take them out fairly easily. When Jack has successfully powered down
 the radar, head to the left and go through the tunnel.

 +----- PRIMARY: Escape the Airbase -----+

 Now all that is left to do is escape. Quickly move past this area, as there
 are many enemies around. There are mines scattered in the water, they look
 like balls with spikes, just don't run over them. Go past this area and
 through another tunnel to complete this mission.

| Mission 07 | Trinity | Infiltration | Location: Pacific Ocean | Code: 1.07 |

 Make sure to a pack a weapon with a scope, you'll need it for several reasons
 in this level.

 +----- PRIMARY: Eliminate 'The Brothers' -----+
 Right off the bat you are thrown into a fight against a couple of mysterious
 bounty hunters known as The Brothers. Take some cover behind the metal crates
 to the left of the area. You can hide behind the wooden crates, but they will
 eventually break as they absorb shots from your foes. You can also destroy 
 the wooden crates that The Brothers hide behind. While taking cover behind
 the metal boxes, pop up from time to time and shoot one of The Brothers as
 they are out from cover. Concentrate on one of them at a time. I used a DW-P5
 and was able to kill them quite easily. Just aim your fire towards their
 heads and shoot them while they are reloading. Don't stay up for too long
 fall back down to take cover. When you have successfully killed both of the
 bounty hunters, a bridge will form and it will connect the two platforms.

 Shoot the sentry turret that is placed on the wall to the right, then proceed
 over the bridge. Once you have crossed the bridge, head to your left and
 climb the stairs. There are other ways inside, but this is the safest. There
 are snipers around the area and they will likely kill you. You'll likely be
 greeted by several dataDyne troops as you climb up the steps, deal with
 them and then head inside. Now enter the elevator and press the A button to
 head up when the prompt appears. Proceed through the door, don't step in just
 yet. If you still have your DW-P5 with you, pick off some of the enemies in
 here with headshots. Grab a Jackal from the wall on the upper level and then
 head down the steps. Go through the door to your right, don't head outside
 just yet. Open the door and look down near the building to your right, there
 is a sniper standing around this area. Use your Jackal to pick him off, then
 move left down the walkway. Stand so that you are facing the rocket. Look
 down at the ground past the rocket to the left, spot the sniper standing on
 the small platform and kill him. Look to your left and kill the sniper placed
 on the left most cylindrical tower next to the building.

 +----- SUPPORT: Manipulate Personnel -----+

 Once you have killed these three snipers, head for the zipline in the left
 corner of the walkway and take it down to the lower level. When you touch
 ground, head into the door to the left. Step into the elevator and ride it
 up. When the elevator reaches the top, kill the four guards here and step
 out. Switch out your Jackal for dual CMP-150s if you haven't changed it alr-
 eady. Now head down the hall to the left and follow it until you reach
 another elevator. Ride the elevator up and kill the troops that await you
 once you reach the top. Head to the right until you come to a room with a
 computer. Walk up to it and press activate, you can talk to Father this way,
 you need to try and convince him to send all of the scientists out. I am not
 entirely positive, but I think that the question that Father says is random.
 Try to act accordingly to what it asks. If you choose the wrong option,
 Father will send a squad of enemies to attack you. Bluff seems to work more
 often than not.

 You need to locate Dr.Caroll now. Look through the science facilities and see
 if you can find him. If you do find him, you will need to escort him to his
 lab. If not, head back down to the lower level and continue heading left. You
 will find yourself in a large, open area. If you are concerned with staying
 stealthy, be very observant before you go further. There are many cameras
 lining the walls, take them out before going on. Follow this area to the end,
 there are many soldiers in here so take them down carefully. Some soldiers
 are using a combat shield, you can either shoot their legs or kill them with
 a headshot. Now exit through the opening and head down the hall. Follow this
 path until you reach the end, head to the right and you will find yourself in
 another science facility. If you don't have Dr.Caroll, he should be here.

 +----- PRIMARY: Escort Dr. Caroll To Lab -----+

 Simply follow Dr. Caroll and he will lead you to his lab. There are a few
 enemies on the route to his lab, but they are easily dealt with. Once you
 reach his lab, you will have completed your mission.

| Mission 08 |    Trinity | Escape    | Location: Pacific Ocean | Code: 1.08 |

 You should pack the big guns here. I brought a Def-12 Shotgun and a DW-P5,
 that worked out quite well. You will be doing a lot of killing, so make sure
 to bring at least one powerful gun and I suggest another with a scope so you
 can score some headshots.

 +----- PRIMARY: Download Ziegler's Program -----+

 When the mission begins, follow your new found allies. If you are packing the
 Def-12, you can run through the door here and blast the goons with the Combat
 Shields. Head to the right, you will need to use your Datathief to download
 Ziegler's program. If you are playing on the Agent difficulty, one of your
 allies will do this for you. Approach the platform and press left or right on
 the d-pad. Take your time, this one is a little tricky. Once you have the
 program, follow your buddies out. Follow them until you reach a fork in the
 road. The two rooms are swarming with enemies, I hope you have that Def-12
 with you. When they are dead, head to the left room, open the door and head
 up the ramp.

 +----- SUPPORT: Cut Off Pursuit -----+
 +----- SUPPORT: Flood Hangar --------+

 Head straight down this hall. You will come to a door that you can seal to
 cut off pursuit. If you are playing Agent difficulty, you have to do this. If
 Secret Agent, one of your buddies will. While he is setting the charge, you
 need to protect him from oncoming enemies. When he has set the charge, step
 back. Head to the right and ride the elevator. Once it has reached the top,
 set out and continue go through the door. One of your allies will use the
 valve in the corner to flood the hangar. When he is finished, deal with the
 soldiers in the room behind you. Take a left, cross the bridge and follow
 this hall to the end. There is quite a bit of enemies in this next area,
 prepare yourself before jumping inside. The Def-12 will make short work of
 them, just keep an eye on your health bar. You can't head down as the lower
 level is submerged. Make your way to the end of this area, go through all of
 the halls until you reach the second cut off point. Same deal here, watch the
 guy's back, though it is unlikely that any resistance will show up.

 Clear out the enemies in the upcoming rooms, then head down the ramp. Move on
 until you reach the round walkway. Move around this area until you find the
 unsecured door. Go through here and kill the enemies in the rooms to your
 left and right. Take the either room and search for the secure door at the
 end. Make your way down this hall and halt once you reach the final cut off
 point. Once again, just watch the guy's back. Once it has been sealed, head
 into the next area. There are quite a few enemies in here, but your allies
 can take them. If you have a DW-P5 or other scope weapon, you can use it to
 help them out a bit. Find your way to the lowest level of this hangar and
 find the door that leads to the elevator.

 +----- PRIMARY: Escape To Evac Point -----+

 Step into the elevator and ride it to the top platform. This is where a DW-P5
 or similar weapon would come in handy. As you step outside, look to see if
 the gunner has his back turned to you. Pop him in the head, then see if you
 can take out anymore enemies in the distance. Watch for the soldiers using
 Jetpacs; If you can get behind them, give them a few blasts in the back with
 a shotgun. When the platform appears to be relatively clear, head for the
 airship surrounded by the red smoke. Board the ship to complete the mission.

| Mission 09 |     Jungle | Storm     | Location: South America | Code: 1.09 |

 I brought a DW-P5 and a Def-12 on this mission. Bring something with a scope
 at least, though you will be switching out one of these weapons early on.

 +----- PRIMARY: Defend Dropship -----+

 This can be somewhat hectic. There are tons of enemies that are going to be
 coming after you. Try to get your hands on a RCP-90, with its threat detector
 secondary function, it will be invaluable. Just to the left of the ship,
 facing towards the jungle, there are two crates that have RCP-90s on them.
 Grab one of them, press the right bumper and commence the killing. As you can
 see, you are absolutely swarmed by enemies. Try to protect yourself as much
 as possible, don't just run in the middle of the field, take some people out
 from a distance. Be careful because there are some soldiers that will throw
 grenades. When you have stopped the onslaught, you will be free to move on.
 If the pilot is still alive, you can speak with him and he will give you the
 threat detector goggles.

 +----- SUPPORT: Disable Spiderbot Sensors -----+

 Move up through the jungle until you find an opening. Head to the left and
 stop. Put on the TD goggles and take out your DW-P5. If you don't have one,
 some of the enemies that were attacking you were using them. Put on the
 silencer and shoot the soldier standing ahead. Next, approach the sensor
 station silently, use your demo kit to destroy it. Go to the end of this
 area. Follow it until you come to a spot were you can see enemy soldiers with
 the TD goggles. There are a lot of enemies in this area, there is a gunner
 and also someone throwing frag grenades. Ok, well, try to get a few headshots
 with your DW-P5. If you see a grenade(they show up on your TD goggles) press
 the left trigger and pull back on the left analog stick to roll backwards.
 When the area is clear, take the bridge up. Take a left and head up the ramp,
 be cautious because there are a few enemies in some of the huts. Enter the
 first hut to your right, before heading up the ladder, fire an unsilenced
 shot above. This should cause the enemy above to run over to the opening and
 try to shoot you. Kill him and then proceed up the ladder. If for some reason
 he doesn't come over, then you'll have just climb the ladder and take a
 couple of bullets.

 +----- SUPPORT: Rescue Dropship Pilot -----+

 Follow the bridge and grab the body armor in the corner. Head to the path in
 opposite direction of this armor. Proceed down into the water, move through,
 killing any enemies in your path. There is one enemy standing on top of one
 of the statues by the waterfall, it's fun to shoot him down and watch him 
 fall. Or maybe that's just me... Anyway, eventually you will come to an area
 with some more enemies, there are multiple log bridges that you need to cross
 to get to the other side. Start by clearing out the hostiles, then step up
 onto a bridge and get to the other side. Follow this path until you find the
 dropship pilot. Use your RCP-90 to quickly clear out the enemies.

 +----- SUPPORT: Disable Spiderbot Sensors 2 -----+

 Once he is safe, follow the trail until you come to the downed dropship. You
 still need to protect the pilot, so don't lose track of him. There is a group
 of enemies in here, you can use your RCP-90's zoom scope to take them out
 quickly. Move up ahead, make sure that you have some form of TD on. You will
 come to an area surrounded by mines, your TD scope will expose them. There is
 another spiderbot sensor station here, if you set off a mine it will trigger
 the spiderbots. This one is kind of hard to get to if you want to use your
 demo kit. Start by going by the left side of the temple, don't get to close
 to the mines. It's actually much easier to just blast the thing rather then
 trying to weave yourself between the mines. Make sure you have a full round
 and start shooting the thing with your RCP-90. One full clip should be enough
 to destroy it. After, shoot the mines to clear a path for yourself.

 +----- PRIMARY: Breach dataDyne Dig Site -----+

 The next area is quite troublesome. You need to cross the bridge, but there
 is a squad of troops as well as jetpacs in your path. The troops are annoying
 because of the grenade throwers. They are a danger not only to you, but to
 the rescued pilot. Try to get their attention, then run back and pick them
 off with headshots as they attempt to follow you. 

 Crossing the bridge is also a big problem, as there are two units with
 jetpacs hovering around, as well as some loser with a Hawk boomerang. Crouch
 behind the wall and peek over to headshot the guy with the boomerang. The
 jetpac users are more of a problem. You can attempt to take the unoccupied
 jetpac in this area, but it is a little too risky as both of them will
 immediately shoot you when you try to get on. Instead, peek around the same
 corner and concentrate your shots at them. They're a royal pain in the ass,
 but once they are dead you can cross the bridge without obstruction. Once
 you have passed the bridge, you will eventually come to a temple. This area
 is packed with hostiles, take your time and try to pick them off one by one.
 When all of the hostiles have been killed off, step past the temple. Be
 careful here, there are a few more enemies within this area. Follow the path
 and exit the level through the temple opening.

| Mission 10 | Temple | Surveillance  | Location: South America | Code: 1.10 |

 I suggest bringing a RCP-90 on this mission and another weapon of your
 choosing. You do need to move quickly through this level, as there is an
 invisible time limit. 

 +----- SUPPORT: Sabotage Lifting Gear -----+

 Turn on your RCP-90's TD function and head down the stairs in front of you.
 Head to your right, be wary, as there is a trap ahead. Crouch and walk over
 the planks of wood. When you have reached the other side head through the
 passage at the end of the walkway. Move through this area. You will find
 yourself in a room with a few enemies. Be careful, as there are some grenade
 throwers amongst them. Clear them out and then proceed down the stairs. Head
 to your right and enter the first passage you come to. Again, crouch and walk
 over the planks to avoid falling through. Cross over the second trap and you
 will find yourself in a room with dragon head statues shooting out flames.
 This is as easy to get past as it looks, just stop in front of the heads if
 they are breathing fire and proceed once they stop. Once on the other end of
 the room, exit the area through the passage and head to your right. Go
 through he first passage you come to and cross the two bridges that you come
 to. To your left, there is an enemy, kill him immediately as he can cause
 some heavy damage. Grab the mines he was carrying if you have any space, they
 may come in handy.

 Continue heading in this direction, the other just leads to a dead end. Don't
 go down the first set of steps you come to just yet. Continue heading left
 and you will find the controls that will allow you to sabotage the lifting
 gear. Approach the computer and use your demo kit to destroy it. 

 +----- PRIMARY: Plant Tracking Device -----+

 Go back and head down the stairs you passed by before. Kill the soldiers and
 follow the first passage to your right. You will come to an ambush point.
 Be cautious, but don't spend too much time with this room. Shoot the guard on
 the walkway and then run past. Exit this area and open the door that you come
 to. Kill the enemy soldiers and go through the first passage that you pass to
 your right. This next area is a little confusing, but it's not very hard to
 find your way through the plants. As soon as you enter the area, just keep on
 moving along the wall to your right and eventually you will find the passage
 that leads to the next area. Go behind the block in the bottom left corner of
 this room and use your melee attack to knock it on top of the switch. Approa-
 ch the laser tripwires and press left or right on the d-pad to select the
 camspy. Move forward, head to the right when you hit the statue. Follow this
 path until you reach the power source.
 +----- SUPPORT: Flood Fountains -----+

 Now you need to kill the Phantoms that have been sent to kill you. They use
 a cloaking device to remain invisible. You can try to fight them where you
 are standing, but there are quite a few of them and their Plasma rifles are
 quite deadly. Don't bother taking cover, as the Plasma rifle's splash damage
 will still cause a large amount of damage to you. Run to the side of the
 statue and run down the steps. Run around this area and look for a small
 recess in the wall. Once the area is flooded, the Phantom's cloaking skill
 will become useless. This isn't necessary however, if you still have a RCP-90
 you can kill them quite easily.

 +----- PRIMARY: Defeat Phantoms -----+

 With your TD function on, you can see a cloaked Phantom more easily. Kill one
 of them and then try to get a hold of their Plasma Rifle. This gun is very
 strong and you can kill them without too much trouble, even if you can't see
 them. When all of the Phantoms are dead, the mission will end. Hopefully you
 managed to grab a Plasma rifle before completing the mission so you can use
 it during later missions.

| Mission 11 |    Outpost | Rescue    |    Location: Africa     | Code: 1.11 |

 Once again, I suggest that you bring a RCP-90 with you, the threat detector
 function is very useful.

 +----- PRIMARY: Rescue Institute Squad -----+

 The RCP-90's TD function is very valuable in this situation. Start off by
 killing as many enemy soldiers as you can see using the TD function. Once
 the area is relatively clear, move around the walkway and head down the
 zipline. Your buddies are being held in the room across the walkway, start
 by hacking the keypad by the laser tripwire barred door. You will find
 Jonathan and the others in the proceeding room. If you don't have a FAC-16,
 grab one from one of the weapon cabinets! This makes a later objective much
 easier, make sure to keep it with you. Step out of this room and kill any
 enemies that you can see by overlooking the walkway.

 +----- SUPPORT: Neutralize Dropships -----+
 +----- SUPPORT: Ambush Convoy ------------+

 Locate the stairs and start heading down to the lower level. Carrington will
 inform you that there are enemy dropships in the area. Follow Jonathan and
 the others, eventually you should see some dropships flying above you. Just
 continuously shoot at it until it explodes. Kill the gunner on the roof and
 then begin shooting the enemies walking down below the bridge. Your buddies
 will probably be able to take carry of them very quickly. You need to destroy
 two dropships before you are able to complete the objective.

 +----- PRIMARY: Disable Air Defenses -----+

 Now all you really need to do is follow Jonathan, he'll lead the way. Kill
 any enemy soldiers that are in your path quickly, as some of them are grenade
 throwers. You will come to a spot where there are four soldiers standing in a
 cluster, just shoot a grenade at them with the FAC-16. Now just run and gun
 through the streets of the city. You will eventually come to a room with some
 stairs leading up. There are about five enemies above. Fire a grenade to kill
 them and if some of them survived, they should run down the stairs. When you
 emerge back into to streets, you will be attacked from both sides. Take cover
 inside the doorway and pop out to shoot a few enemies. Make sure to look both
 in front and behind you. When you reach the ramp, kill all of the enemies
 on it. Try to take out some enemies from below, then slowly move up the ramp
 while picking off targets. When the area is clear, follow the walkway cross
 the bridge in the middle, you will be thrown into a boss fight.

 This battle is much, much easier you are using a FAC-16 or Superdragon. Just
 aim at the hovercraft and press the right bumper to fire a grenade at it. Do
 this until the craft explodes. If for some reason you don't have a FAC-16 or
 Superdragon, or you are out of grenade ammo, the enemy soldiers running
 around the walkway are using Superdragons. You can go up the steps near the
 entrance to this area and run around the walkway. You may find it easier to
 hit the craft with bouncing grenades when you are on ground level, but you
 can stay on the walkway and fire grenades down below if you wish. Once you
 have dealt enough damage to the hovercraft, it will explode and the object-
 ive, as well as the mission, will be completed.

| Mission 12 |    Bridge | Assault    |    Location: Africa     | Code: 1.12 |

 Bring any weapon that has a scope, either a FAC-16, DW-P5, RCP-90, Superdra-
 gon, Jackal, or Shockwave.

 +----- SUPPORT: Assist Institute Squad -----+

 When the level begins, use the M60 mounted on the turret to bring down the
 two jetpac enemies. It isn't hard to bring them down at all, just hold the
 left trigger to aim and fire at their heads. When you're finished, press the
 A button to dismount. Approach Jonathan, who is laying on the ground, to get
 him on his feet. Pass the ruined hovercraft and you will receive a call
 asking for support. Head up the road and you will reach the ruins. There are
 multiple snipers in the ruins and their fire is pinning down your allies.
 Zoom in with your scope and headshot the sniper. If you don't have a suitable
 weapon, you can look around for the downed marksman. He's laying in the midd-
 le of the area. Carefully move out, grab the gun, then jump back behind
 cover. The only problem with the Shockwave is that it overheats, at that
 point it will need time to cool off. Just duck behind cover if this happens.
 Any gun with a scope will do just fine if you don't want to go with the

 There are some ground units, as well as some snipers on the structure and in
 the mountains to the left. Take cover behind on of the columns and start
 sniping the enemies on the mountain. Then move on to the ruins, then the gro-
 und units.

 +----- PRIMARY: Escort Jonathan -----+

 Once all of the hostiles in this location are dead, head towards the ruins
 and enter the small passage that leads inside. There are some enemies in
 here, but nothing that you can't deal with. The way up the temple is very
 straightforward, just keep on heading up sets of stairs until you reach the
 location with the rocket launcher. Once you get to this location, quickly
 kill the rocket launcher user, he poses a threat to both yourself and
 Jonathan. Either way, if one of you dies its mission failed. He is a little
 hard to see because he is standing behind foliage, use your TD scope if you
 have a RCP-90 with you. If not, just aim around until your cross-hair turns
 red. Once he is dead, head towards the circular tunnel. Go through the door
 on the right.

 +----- SUPPORT: Destroy Enemy Mortars -----+

 You have to cross this bridge and get to the coliseum on the opposite side.
 This isn't going to be easy, as there is a whole force of enemies standing in
 your path. Well, first you need to take out the enemy mortars. You can't do
 this with a normal handgun, you'll need to get your hands on a rocket
 launcher first. If you picked up the rocket launcher from the enemy that
 greeted you as you exited the ruins, then great, use that. If not, head to
 the left(facing towards the bridge) while standing in the room with Jonathan
 and the others. Continue heading this way until you come to the armory. You
 can grab some fresh body armor in the corner here. There is a locked chest
 that contains a rocket launcher, you need to use your Locktopus to open it.
 Then, with rocket launcher in hand, now just find a good spot that will give
 a good angle on the tanks. You can find a spot that gives you a good angle on
 both of them just by heading up the steps in the armory. They should lead you
 to a sniper position. Zoom your rocket launcher towards the opposite side of
 the bridge. Aim at the mortars(the tanks) and then fire. You only need to hit
 them with one rocket to destroy them. Once they have been destroyed, your
 allies can move in.

 +----- PRIMARY: Infiltrate Coliseum -----+

 You still have to rockets, so why not use 'em. You can kill the jetpac units,
 they may be flying towards you already. If not, I suggest blasting the sniper
 standing on the arch with the sign near the front. Now you'll want to head
 back to the armory and get some more appropriate weaponry, preferably someth-
 ing with ammo. I grabbed a Def-12 for those close combat encounters and a
 FAC-16 for some ranged killing. When you are equipped, find the doorway and
 head down and out onto the bridge. Take your time here, take out as many
 enemies as you can from a safe distance. When the area is relatively clear,
 begin moving up the bridge. You probably want to switch out one of your
 weapons for a Superdragon, if you can find one laying around. Wait, not so
 clear! Some more enemies will appear, just take cover behind something, such
 as that overturned truck and fire away at a distance. Take cover a good ways
 away from the oncoming soldiers, so you can get them as they move in to try
 and get a good angle on you. There's one onslaught left, this is the toughest
 as well. You may want to backtrack a bit, so your not overwhelmed by the
 sheer amount of enemy soldiers.

 When the waves of enemies have finally come to a stop, you are free to cross
 the bridge and get to the other side. There is big trouble waiting for you
 once you do cross however. There are female soldiers using plasma rifles,
 lots of them too. They are a real pain in the ass, because if you die here,
 all that you accomplished on the bridge is naught. That's right, you'll have
 to restart at the bridge checkpoint. So you really don't want to be killed by
 these women. If you are really low on health, you should coax them out so
 that they will follow you across the bridge. Put away your weapon so that you
 can run much faster. Their plasma rifles are still deadly when you are far
 away however, they have a ridiculous range, they can literally hit you from
 across the bridge. The RCP-90 is a good weapon to use against them, as the
 threat detector function makes it much easier to see a cloaked plasma rifle
 user. When they are all dead, all you have to do is find your way to the

 Alternatively, there is a much, much easier way to get across the bridge. If
 you are having a lot of trouble dealing with the onslaught of plasma rifle
 wielders at the end of the bridge, then this method is for you. As you step
 foot on the bridge, look to your right and you will see a small platform with
 a mounted M60 on it. Head over to there and you can use the M60 to dispose of
 the initial wave of hostiles standing in your path. You can use this turret
 dispose of the next couple of waves of enemies. From my experience, you can
 just skip the last two waves and head to the finish right away. Either way,
 head up the stairs by this platform until you reach the top. Walk around the
 column at the top of these stairs and you will see a lock for a ladder. Use
 your locktopus gadget to unlock the ladder and climb up. Walk down the
 catwalk and you will come to a zipline. Take this zipline and it will lead
 you into the enemy base. Now all you have to do is avoid any plasma rifle
 wielders that you may encounter, and find a passage way leading out to the
 canyon. It's as easy as that. Thanks to Post412 and Sobrido Sgt Michael for
 this information!

| Mission 13 |     Arena | Showdown   |    Location: Africa     | Code: 1.13 |

 This is it, the final battle! This is the final showdown, the only thing that
 stands between you and the completion of this game is the battle with Zhang
 Li. This isn't just the regular old Zhang Li, however. He's used the Graal to
 acquire some seriously awesome powers. His appears has also changed so he now
 stands at a taller height. This battle is extremely easy if you have the
 right weapons in your arsenal. The weapon combination that I used was the
 Shockwave and Viblade. You can find the Viblade in "Mission 4 - Mansion
 Infiltration." It's in the room with the laser grids. The Shockwave can be
 found in the mission prior to this one. If you have a Jackal, that would work
 out too. If you don't have these weapons and you don't feel like going back
 to get them, you can use a different combination. Another one that I have had
 success with is Superdragon and Def-12. Basically just combine any weapon
 that has a scope and some weapon that is very powerful and effective in close
 combat situations like this one.

 +----- PRIMARY: Kill Zhang Li -----+

 Well, Zhang Li really likes showing off his newly acquired powers. Unfortuna-
 tly, this is a bad thing for you, as his attacks can be quite lethal if the
 connect. Zhang Li jumps from platform to platform, when he stops he will
 usually shoot you with a blue plasma ball. If you are aiming at him and see
 this coming, roll either to the side or backwards. If these hit you straight
 on the deal a big chunk of damage. He will also sometimes grab the columns
 around the level and throw them at your platform. In this case, just dodge
 to the side. While he is jumping from platform to platform, you need to use
 your ranged weapon. If you are using the Shockwave, remember that it is prone
 to overheating. While he is jumping back from platform to platform, you
 should press the B button to let it cool off for a bit. The same can be said
 for any other gun that you may be using as your long range weapon. While he
 is jumping back and forth, use this time to reload your weapon so you'll have
 a full clip when you have an opportunity to shoot him.

 While you are shooting him, be cautious of his ranged attack. You can't stay
 shooting him for long before the plasma shots reach you. Don't stay
 stationary for long, as the damage that you receive from his attacks are
 fatal. He will usually join you on the home platform once he has thrown a
 column at you. This is where the Viblade comes in handy. When he reaches the
 platform, he will immediately put up his shield and start running towards
 you. If you are using a Viblade, equip it and just back away from him. Once
 his shield powers down, start slashing him like mad. He will probably, at the
 most, be able to get one slash in on you. While lethal, one slash can't kill
 you. One assault with the Viblade may just be enough to kill him, if you are
 playing on Secret Agent difficulty. Hopefully you do have the Viblade, if not
 I highly suggest that you take the time to go back and pick one up as it helps
 immensely in this battle.

 You may also get the chance to pick up Zhang Li's sword, this happens when
 he falls over. He drops his sword, at this point you can then run up, grab it
 and commence the slashing. It is still much easier if you already have it in
 your arsenal when the mission begins. If you are using a different weapon
 combo, just use the same strategy minus the Viblade. If you are using a gun
 when he is on the platform, make sure that you try your best to avoid his
 attacks with the Viblade. When he has his shield up, there isn't much you can
 do but run. When he catches up with you, he will just give you a slash that
 will steal a good chunk of health away from you.

 When you have killed Zhang Li, congratulate yourself because you have just
 completed Perfect Dark Zero! Congratulations on a job well done.

 [IV]                          Weapon Information

There are many different weapons that can be found and use in Perfect Dark
Zero. Most weapons have a special secondary function that sets them apart
from the rest. Some weapons even have a tertiary function. To access second-
ary functions, press RB. To access tertiary functions, hold down RB and press
the left trigger(LT). Pistols and SMGs can also be dual wielded when matched
with a weapon of the same type. You will lose the ability to aim however.

 - Pistols

All pistols can be dual-wielded with another pistol of the same type. They all
take up one slot in your inventory. They are generally fairly weak.

   P9P    | Capacity: 9 Rounds | Secondary: Silencer | Tertiary: Flashlight  |
          |                                                                  |
          | This is the weapon that you are initially equipped with. It is   |
          | not very powerful, but its silencer secondary function makes it  |
          | quite useful in situations where stealth is needed. It also has  |
          | a small scope attached to it, which when coupled with the silen- |
          | cer, it can make it quite useful to get headshots. This gun is   |
          | not very effective when matched against more than one enemy, it  |
          | should really only be used as a stealth gun to pick off unsuspe- |
          | cting enemies.                                                   |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: **    | Accuracy: **    | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

  Falcon  | Capacity: 18 Rounds | Secondary: Firecracker | Tertiary: None    |
          |                                                                  |
          | The Falcon is not a particularly powerful pistol, but it does    |
          | feature a large magazine that holds 18 rounds. This gun can hold |
          | more rounds than any other pistol, this makes it a wise choice   |
          | in close combat situations. Its secondary function isn't very    |
          | useful; It causes the gun to eject a magazine, which proceeds    |
          | to fire out bullets in every direction. This may be effective if |
          | you want to confuse an enemy but not many situations where it    |
          | would be needed arise.                                           |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: *     | Accuracy: ***   | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

  Magnum  | Capacity: 6 Rounds | Secondary: Decoy Fire | Tertiary: None      |
          |                                                                  |
          | The magnum, while quite powerful, is not very accurate. This     |
          | causes it to not be very useful unless used at close range. The  |
          | magazine only holds 6 rounds, which gives you more of a reason   |
          | to be cautious when aiming. The reload animation is quite long,  |
          | which doesn't make it the ideal choice in a firefight unless you |
          | can find some cover. The Magnum's secondary function allows you  |
          | to fire off a silenced round, and the shot makes its normal      |
          | sound upon impact.                                               |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: ***   | Accuracy: *     | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

 Magsec 4 | Capacity: 9 Rounds | Secondary: Rebound Fire | Tertiary: None    |
          |                                                                  |
          | This gun is essentially another version of the P9P that has been |
          | stripped of its silencer and flashlight. In place of a silencer, |
          | the Magesec 4 has the ability to fire a shot that ricohets off   |
          | of a wall or an object. It has a scope, just like the P9P. The   |
          | rebound fire secondary function isn't all that useful, so        |
          | whether you are wielding a P9P or a Magsec 4 doesn't matter if   |
          | stealth isn't a concern.                                         |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: **    | Accuracy: *     | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: ***  |

Psychosis | Capacity: 6 Rounds | Secondary: Psychosis   | Tertiary: None     |
   Gun    +------------------------------------------------------------------+
          |                                                                  |
          | This gun is quite useless. When shot with a round from this gun, |
          | you will be thrown into a drug induced stupor that will cause    |
          | your vision to go all blurry. The Psychosis gun's secondary fire |
          | causes enemies to confuse their allies with enemies, causing     |
          | them to attack their friends. Doesn't do much damage at all, it  |
          | is a good way to confuse and/or aggravate your opponent though.  |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: *     | Accuracy: **    | Vs. Armor: ***   | Range: **   |

 - Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons take up three slots in your inventory. If you are trying to
cover ground, do not have these weapons equipped as they will slow you down.
They generally have large magazines and fire at a rapid rate.

    M60   | Capacity: 80 Rounds | Secondary: Caltrops | Tertiary: None       |
          |                                                                  |
          | The M60 is a huge machine gun. With a huge magazine of 80 rounds,|
          | the ability to fire off shots rapidly, this gun is very effect-  |
          | ive when used against large crowds of enemies. There is a down-  |
          | fall to this massive weapon however. The reload animation is     |
          | significant, which means you will be forced to run for cover and |
          | reload if any opponents survived your onslaught. The M60's       |
          | secondary fire launches a small caltrop on the ground. When it   |
          | stepped on by an opponent, they will receive a miniscule amount  |
          | of damage and their speed will be lowered for a small amount of  |
          | time.                                                            |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: **    | Accuracy: *     | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

  Plasma  | Capacity: 40 Shots  | Secondary: Cloak | Tertiary: None          |
  Rifle   +------------------------------------------------------------------+
          |                                                                  |
          | The Plasma Rifle is an effective heavy weapon. It fires off      |
          | plasma rounds, as the name implies. These plasma shoots cause    |
          | splash damage, allowing you to damage multiple enemies when a    |
          | shot connects. You don't need to worry about running out of      |
          | ammo here, this gun features infinite ammo. The only thing you   |
          | have to watch is the battery, which produces the ammo. Unless    |
          | you are firing like a madman it is unlikely that you will drain  |
          | the battery using the primary fire alone. The Plasma Rifle's     |
          | secondary function also drains the battery. It allows the user   |
          | to become transparent until the battery runs out. You are not    |
          | completely invisible while using the cloak, as human enemies can |
          | still spot you relatively easily. It's still a good way to       |
          | someone who isn't paying attention off guard.                    |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: *     | Accuracy: ***   | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: ***  |

  Rocket  | Capacity: 4 Rockets | Secondary: Fly-By-Wire | Tertiary: None    |
 Launcher +------------------------------------------------------------------+
          |                                                                  |
          | There isn't much to say about this. It's a Rocket Launcher,      |
          | simple as that. It is about as powerful as you would expect it   |
          | to be. It can hold 4 rockets and it's secondary function allows  |
          | you to guide the rocket's path for a short amount of time. This  |
          | weapon is particularly good when matched up against vehicles.    |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: ***   | Accuracy: **    | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

 - Sub-Machine Guns

Sub-Machine Guns take up two slots in your weapon inventory. Some of them can
be dual-wielded with another weapon of the same type.

   DW-P5  | Capacity: 24 Rounds | Secondary: Silencer | Tertiary: Flashlight |
          |                                                                  |
          | The DW-P5 is quite useful when you are in a situation where      |
          | stealth is necessary. It isn't quite as useful in a close combat |
          | situation. It features a secondary silencer function as well as  |
          | a scope which can allow you to snipe enemies from a distance.    |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: **    | Accuracy: **    | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

   UGL    | Capacity: 24 Rounds | Secondary: Booby Trap | Tertiary: None     |
Liberator +------------------------------------------------------------------+
          |                                                                  |
          | The UGL Liberator can be dual-wielded with another UGI, this is  |
          | very effective when fighting close range as you can fire with    |
          | one gun as you are reloading the other. At a close range, this   |
          | weapon. Aside from that, the gun isn't very powerful, you will   |
          | need to fire a substantial amount of bullets to take down a      |
          | human opponent. The UGL's secondary function allows you to throw |
          | down the gun, it will then act as a mine. It does an adequate    |
          | amount of damage when stepped on.                                |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: **    | Accuracy: *     | Vs. Armor: *     | Range: **   |

 CMP 150  | Capacity: 24 Rounds | Secondary: Hologram | Tertiary: None       |
          |                                                                  |
          | The CMP 150 is actually quite effective, more so when dual-      |
          | wielded with another CMP 150. It has a high fire rate and while  |
          | dual-wielded you can fire one while reloading the other. This    |
          | gun is best used in close combat situations. The CMP 150's       |
          | secondary function activates an advanced built-in hologram proj- |
          | ector to confuse enemies. This isn't very effective when used    |
          | against human opponents, but it is still kind of fun to use.     |
          | Seeing two Joanna Darks running and rolling towards you in       |
          | perfect unison is... kind of creepy actually.                    |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: *     | Accuracy: ***   | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

  RCP-90  | Capacity: 40 Rounds | Secondary: Threat Detector | TF: Reprogram |
          |                                                                  |
          | This weapon is very handy in both single player and multiplayer  |
          | modes. The main reason that it is so useful is because of its    |
          | secondary "Threat Detector" function. The threat detector outl-  |
          | ines your enemies in red and your allies in green, making it     |
          | very useful in many situations. Being able to distinguish betwe- |
          | een friend and foe is great in hectic multiplayer situations.    |
          | Just being able to easily spot enemies makes things much easier. |
          | It is useful in situations where you can hide in objects such as |
          | foliage; You will be able to see your enemy while they cannot.   |
          | Aside from the threat detector, the RCP-90 offers a high rate of |
          | fire and adequate damage at the cost of accuracy. The RCP-90     |
          | also sports a zoom scope, which isn't very useful at all as the  |
          | RCP-90 lacks in the accuracy department. The RCP-90's tertiary   |
          | allows you to reprogram electronic devices such as turrets and   |
          | cameras. To use this function, while wielding the RCP-90, point  |
          | it to a target and then a prompt will appear. Hold down the A    |
          | button for a few seconds to reprogram the target.                |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: **    | Accuracy: *     | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

 - Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles take up two slots in your weapon inventory. They generally have
a high rate of fire, as well as several additional functions that are
effective in many situations.

  KSI-74  | Capacity: 30 Rounds | Secondary: Bayonet Shot | Tertiary: None   |
          |                                                                  |
          | The KSI-74 is a decent weapon. Average damage, low accuracy      |
          | and an adequate rate of fire. Its secondary function fires out   |
          | a Bayonet that can be used for silent kills. The bayonet is not  |
          | a guaranteed one hit kill or anything, unless aimed at the head. |
          | You only have one Bayonet to use however.                        |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: ***   | Accuracy: *     | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

  FAC-16  | Capacity: 30 Rounds | Secondary: Grenade | Tertiary: Silencer    |
          |                                                                  |
          | The FAC-16 is an effective weapon in a few different situations. |
          | It has a tertiary silencer and also doubles up as a grenade lau- |
          | ncher with its secondary fire. It also has a fairly accurate     |
          | zoom scope that can be used to pick off enemies from a distance, |
          | useful for making headshots as well. It does an adequate amount  |
          | of damage. Grenades can be used if you are surrounded and the    |
          | situation becomes hectic. Though you do need to shoot the gren-  |
          | ades relatively close to your target to do damage.                |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: **    | Accuracy: **    | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

 Super-   | Capacity: 20 Rounds | Secondary: Bounce Grenades | Tertiary: NV  |
 dragon   +------------------------------------------------------------------+
          |                                                                  |
          | The Superdragon is a lot like the FAC-16. It has the ability to  |
          | fire grenades, it can zoom and it does about the same amount of  |
          | damage. It doesn't have a silencer, but it has a night vision    |
          | tertiary function instead. The downfall to this weapon is that   |
          | it can only hold 20 rounds in a magazine as opposed to the FAC-  |
          | 16's 30. This makes it less effective in close combat situa-     |
          | tions if you aren't very accurate as you will need to spend time |
          | reloading. The Superdragon can hold 12 grenades, these are very  |
          | effective and there is no delay to your fire rate as you shoot   |
          | them. The scope is also useful, as the Superdragon allows auto-  |
          | matic fire while zoomed in.                                      |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: **    | Accuracy: **    | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: ***  |

  Laptop  | Capacity: 30 Rounds | Secondary: Sentry Gun | Tertiary: None     |
          |                                                                  |
          | The Laptop is not very useful as a weapon. While it has a high   |
          | rate of fire, it doesn't do very much damage and isn't very      |
          | accurate either. The Laptop's secondary function allows you to   |
          | deploy the Laptop as a sentry turret. While in this state, the   |
          | turret will fire at any unfriendly units within its shot radius. |
          | In its turret form, it can't take a whole lot of punishment      |
          | before it is destroyed. It is good in situations where you need  |
          | to distract enemies. For example, you could throw it into their  |
          | base, while they have there backs turn you can get some free     |
          | shots on them.                                                   |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: *     | Accuracy: ***   | Vs. Armor: ***   | Range: **   |

 - Close Combat

Close Combat weapons can take up 1-2 spaces in your inventory. As their
category name implies, they are useful in situations where you are close to
your enemy. In general, these weapons can deal some massive damage, but you
do need to get relatively close to your enemy to use them.

  ViBlade | Maximum Slash Radius: 2 Meters | Secondary: Deflect | TF: None   |
          |                                                                  |
          | Sure, it's not exactly wise to bring a sword to a gunfight, but  |
          | it just makes you look so damn cool! With that said, this weapon |
          | isn't particularly effective in most situations. Someone using a |
          | ViBlade would have a hard time staying alive with several foes   |
          | attacking them, but this weapon isn't half bad when used against |
          | one gun-wielding foe. The Viblade's secondary function can help  |
          | close some of the distance between you and a ranged enemy, and   |
          | also deflect their bullets back at them. While they are reload-  |
          | ing, you have a good chance to slice them up. The ViBlade is a   |
          | stealth weapon and if you can catch someone off guard you can    |
          | kill them quite easily.                                          |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: ***   | Accuracy: -     | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: -    |

  Def-12  | Capacity: 6 Rounds | Secondary: Radar Sweep | Tertiary: Mimic    |
  Shotgun +------------------------------------------------------------------+
          |                                                                  |
          | The Def-12 Shotgun is a very effective close range weapon. You   |
          | don't need to be too accurate to hit someone, and a couple of    |
          | close ranged shots can bring down an opposer. The Def-12's       |
          | secondary function highlights all local targets but also exposes |
          | the carrier. The Def-12's tertiary mode tricks your enemy's      |
          | radar into showing you as an ally. So if you are battling an     |
          | opponent that relies on their radar, this gun would prove to be  |
          | effective against them as you can catch them off guard. The      |
          | effects of these functions are not infinite, once the battery    |
          | has drained it will need some time to recharge. If you are good  |
          | at getting close to your enemy while taking a minimal amount of  |
          | damage, this gun is for you.                                     |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: ***   | Accuracy: **    | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: *    |

  Combat  | Polycarbonate Thickness: 0.250"                                  |
  Shield  +------------------------------------------------------------------+
          |                                                                  |
          | The Combat Shield isn't a weapon, as the name implies. The       |
          | Combat Shield will protect you from bullets if shot in the       |
          | shield's direction. The shield is not invincible, it will break  |
          | once it has taken enough bullets. It can be dual-wielded with    |
          | any pistol or sub-machine gun. A blast from a Def-12 shotgun can |
          | take these shields right out.                                    |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: -     | Accuracy: -     | Vs. Armor: -     | Range: -    |

 - Thrown

Throwing weapons take up one slot in your weapon inventory. The grenades can
be dual-wielded with a pistol or SMG.

   Frag   | Blast Radius: 5 Meters | Secondary: Dual Wield                   |
  Grenade +------------------------------------------------------------------+
          |                                                                  |
          | The frag grenade has a five meter blast radius and a four second |
          | fuse. The grenade cannot explode while in your hands, it instead |
          | changes to an impact grenade if you hold it until the timer rea  |
          | ches zero. The frag grenade can be dual-wielded alongside an     |
          | pistol or an SMG.                                                |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: ***   | Accuracy: ***   | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: ***  |

Multimine | Blast Radius: 2 Meters | Secondary: Remote Control               |
          |                                                                  |
          | The Multimine can be used two different ways: Proximity and      |
          | Remote. The primary function of the Multimine is proximity, if   |
          | a set mine is stepped on, it will explode, heavily damaging or   |
          | possibly killing the person. The Multimine's secondary mode is   |
          | remote, this allows you to set off a placed mine at the desired  |
          | time. These can be useful if you hide in place and wait for an   |
          | opponent to pass by. The proximity mines can cause a lot of      |
          | damage, they would probably be most effective in a multiplayer   |
          | solo match.                                                      |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: ***   | Accuracy: *     | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

   Hawk   | Chance of Survival(Unarmored): None | Secondary: Sharpnel Shield |
          |                                                                  |
          | The Hawk boomerang can net you a one hit kill if used against    |
          | an unarmored opponent. Sounds good, but it isn't exactly easy    |
          | to hit your target. The lock-on ability doesn't really help that |
          | much, but it does make it slightly more accurate. To use the     |
          | lock-on, move your crosshair over the desired target while hold- |
          | ing the left trigger. The boomerang will come back to you, as    |
          | boomerangs do. You will then be able to throw it again. While    |
          | the boomerang is in the air, you are vulnerable. You cannot      |
          | switch weapons while in this state either.                       |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: *     | Accuracy: ***   | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

Flashbang | Effective Radius: 50 Meters | Secondary: Dual Wield              |
          |                                                                  |
          | The Flashbang grenades emit a very bright light when they go off.|
          | This will cause any within a certain distance of the flash will  |
          | be temporarily blinded. When you are hit with a Flashbang, the   |
          | screen will turn white for a few seconds. This can make things   |
          | very confusing, but it doesn't last for too long. Flashbangs are |
          | useful in situations where you need to get out of somewhere fast.|
          | They can be dual wielded with a pistol or SMG.                   |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: -     | Accuracy: ***   | Vs. Armor: -     | Range: ***  |

 - Sniper

Sniper rifles take up three slots in your weapon inventory. They do a lot of
damage, but you need to have precise aim to be able to use them effectively.

  Jackal  | Capacity: Single Shot | Secondary: EMP Marker | Tertiary: N/A    |
          |                                                                  |
          | This is your standard sniper rifle. It is very powerful, and     |
          | it is very lethal if the shot connects with its target. It can   |
          | only fire off one round before you need to reload, which is why  |
          | you need to aim your shot well if you plan to be a sniper. The   |
          | Jackal's secondary function scrambles your target's radar, as    |
          | well as clearly highlighting the target's position on all nearby |
          | radar.                                                           |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: ***   | Accuracy: *     | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: **   |

Shockwave | Capacity: 20 Shots | Secondary: X-Ray | Tertiary: None           |
          |                                                                  |
          | The Shockwave isn't as powerful as the Jackal, however it fire   |
          | faster and its clip is bigger. It still cannot get as many shots |
          | off however, because it can overheat and you will then be forced |
          | to let it cool down before you can use it again. The Shockwave   |
          | has a secondary X-Ray feature that allows you to see enemies     |
          | through walls and obstacles.                                     |
          |                                                                  |
          | Damage: **    | Accuracy: **    | Vs. Armor: **    | Range: ***  |

  [V]                            Achievements

Perfect Dark Zero features a total of 50 different achievements. A good
number of them require a long amount of playing time to achieve. Each
achievement contributes a certain amount of points to your overall Gamerscore.
You can acquire a grand total of 1000 gamer points from Perfect Dark Zero. If
you plan to earn all of these achievements, then expect to be playing this
game for a long, long time.

|          Achievement           |             Gamerscore Value              |
| Completed Single Agent         | 10                                    [ ] |
| Completed Single Secret Agent  | 15                                    [ ] |
| Completed Single Perfect Agent | 25                                    [ ] |
| Completed Single Dark Agent    | 50                                    [ ] |
| Completed Co-Op Agent          | 10                                    [ ] |
| Completed Co-Op Secret Agent   | 15                                    [ ] |
| Completed Co-Op Perfect Agent  | 25                                    [ ] |
| Completed Co-Op Dark Agent     | 50                                    [ ] |
| Played 10 Deathmatch Games     | 10                                    [ ] |
| Played 100 Deathmatch Games    | 20                                    [ ] |
| Played 1000 Deathmatch Games   | 30                                    [ ] |
| Played 10 DarkOps Games        | 10                                    [ ] |
| Played 100 DarkOps Games       | 20                                    [ ] |
| Played 1000 DarkOps Games      | 30                                    [ ] |
| 10 Kills in Killcount          | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100 Kills in Killcount         | 20                                    [ ] |
| 1000 Kills in Killcount        | 30                                    [ ] |
| 10 Kills in Team Killcount     | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100 Kills in Team Killcount    | 20                                    [ ] |
| 1000 Kills in Team Killcount   | 30                                    [ ] |
| 10 Flags Captured              | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100 Flags Captured             | 20                                    [ ] |
| 10 Players Infected            | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100 Players Infected           | 20                                    [ ] |
| 1000 Players Infected          | 30                                    [ ] |
| 10 Territories Held            | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100 Territories Held           | 20                                    [ ] |
| 10 Rounds Survived             | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100 Rounds Survived            | 20                                    [ ] |
| 1000 Rounds Survived           | 30                                    [ ] |
| 10,000 CR Property Damage      | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100,000 CR Property Damage     | 20                                    [ ] |
| 10 Minutes Survived            | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100 Minutes Survived           | 20                                    [ ] |
| 10 Sniper Kills                | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100 Sniper Kills               | 20                                    [ ] |
| 1000 Sniper Kills              | 30                                    [ ] |
| 10 Headshot Kills              | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100 Headshot Kills             | 20                                    [ ] |
| 1000 Headshot Kills            | 30                                    [ ] |
| 10 Melee Kills                 | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100 Melee Kills                | 20                                    [ ] |
| 1000 Melee Kills               | 30                                    [ ] |
| 10 Explosive Kills             | 10                                    [ ] |
| 100 Explosive Kills            | 20                                    [ ] |
| 1000 Explosive Kills           | 30                                    [ ] |
| 1 Solo Mission on Dark Agent   | 15                                    [ ] |
| 5 Solo Missions on Dark Agent  | 25                                    [ ] |
| 1 Co-Op Mission on Dark Agent  | 15                                    [ ] |
| 5 Co-Op Missions on Dark Agent | 25                                    [ ] |

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   "Basics" section.

 - CJayC for accepting this FAQ.

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 - Andrew Hegstrom for pointing out mistakes in the "Weapon Information"

 - Nelsen and Aj Sprengle for correcting a mistake in the Killian battle
   during mission 3.

 - Post412 and Sobrido Sgt Michael for providing a much better way of getting
   cross the bridge on mission 12.

 - Edwin Ong for pointing out a mistake in the controls section.

 - You, for reading this guide.

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