Urban Chaos: Riot Response Xbox Cheats

Cheat mode:

Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Y, Down, Up, Y at the main menu screen. A cheat option will appear at the title screen. Pick it, then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes for the corresponding effect.

All levels and emergencies:

Enter KEYTOTHECITY as a code.

Long range stungun:

Enter FRYINGTIME as a code.

Minigun instead of pistol:

Enter MINIFUN as a code.

MK3 assault rifle w/ unlimited grenades:

Enter ULTIMATEPOWER as a code.

MK4 pistol:

Enter ZEROTOLERANCE as a code.

Bullets set enemies on fire:

Enter BURNINGBULLET as a code.

Thermal breather MK2 has better visibility:

Enter ISEEYOU as a code.

Squeaky voices:

Enter WHATWASTHAT as a code.

No heads:

Enter KEEPYOURHEAD as a code.

Disco mode:

Enter DANCINGFEET as a code.

Terror mode:

Enter BURNERSREVENGE as a code.

Completion bonuses:

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Terror difficulty setting and another level of medals.

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