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Daxter FAQ/Walkthrough

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Daxter (PlayStation Portable) FAQ/Walkthrough
by Larry Imgrund (Light_Jak)
Version - 1.01
Created: 3/20/06
This document is the property of Larry Imgrund
Contact me at: [email protected]


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Hi, here is the FAQ/Walkthrough for Daxter for all of you that might come into
trouble during the game and I am writing this guide to help all of you who 
might. I am seeing that a lot of people have trouble with this game and 
hopefully this guide will help all of you. If you have any questions about the
game or this FAQ, please feel free to write an email to this address:

[email protected]

Thanks. Now lets get started with the FAQ, shall we?

Version History

3/20/06 - Started guide and planned layout
3/21/06 - Continued Guide Contents
3/24/06 - Continued Walkthrough
3/25/06 - Continued Walkthrough
3/26/06 - Continued Walkthrough
3/27/06 - Continued Walkthrough 
3/31/06 - Continued Walkthrough
4/1/06 - Continued Walkthrough
4/2/06 - Continued Walkthrough 
4/24/06 - Continued Walkthrough 
5/4/06 - Completed Walkthrough
6/22/06 - Added a few things in the Walkthrough

Table of Contents

To Use: Press Ctrl+F and search for the Letter(s) in the parentheses as shown
        below. Thanks.

 Special Moves..............................................(C.b.)
 Haven City Streets.........................................(D.a.)
 Westside Hotel.............................................(D.b.)
 Construction Site..........................................(D.c.)
 Breezy Valley..............................................(D.d.)
 Transit System.............................................(D.f.)
   *Hive Queen I*............................................(D.1.)
 Strip Mine.................................................(D.g.)
 Breezy Valley II...........................................(D.h.)
 Prison Zoomer Chase........................................(D.i.)
 Tanker I...................................................(D.j.)
 Fish Cannery...............................................(D.k.)
 Emerald Isle...............................................(D.m.)
 Construction Site II.......................................(D.n.)
 Strip Mine II..............................................(D.o.)
  *Hive Queen II*............................................(D.2.)
 Lumber Mill................................................(D.p.)
 Emerald Isle II............................................(D.q.)
 Tanker II..................................................(D.r.)
 Baron's Palace.............................................(D.s.)
   *Final Boss Battle*.......................................(D.3.)
Frequently Asked Questions..................................(E.)
Contact Information.........................................(F.)
Special Thanks..............................................(G.)
Final Comments..............................................(H.)

A. Story

From Company Line on GameSpot, Link:


Daxter takes the Jak and Daxter franchise in a whole new direction, taking 
place during the two years Daxter searches for Jak, who was imprisoned 
during the events that led to the start of Jak II. Daxter, now on his own in 
an unfamiliar place, quickly realizes that being small and furry won't help
his chances of survival. To help stamp out a mysterious metalbug infestation,
Daxter takes on a job as a pest exterminator. enabling him to explore parts of
Haven City in an effort to collect the clues that will lead him to Jak. But
Daxter will soon discover that he'll get more excitement from his job than he
originally bargained for.

B. Characters

B.a. - Daxter

Daxter is the main character (finally!) in this new installment in the Jak
and Daxter series. Daxter is the type of person/ottsel that will tell stories
in bars while near drunk and will definitely try to save Jak if he has to.
His mission in Daxter is to save Jak from a horrible fate which the result of 
his efforts are at the beginning of Jak II. Daxter embarks on this journey,
to fill in the two years between Jak and Daxter and Jak II that was never told
to the public quite yet. His hobbies are chasing women and beating up Metal-
Heads. Occupation: Pest Exterminator

B.b. - Osmo

Osmo is the manager and founder of where Daxter works as a Pest exterminator.
Osmo lost his previous employee and eventually met Daxter who is now his 
current employee. Osmo is an old man, it seems, and is very dependant upon
other people which is good for him at least. He seems to try and get things 
done using Daxter and he is a good fellow to talk to. Job Occupation: Pest
Exterminator Company Manager.

B.c. - Ximon

Ximon is Osmo's son and sounds like a surfer dude. He seems to spend most of 
his time at the beach when he is not doing his job. Otherwise, he is in the
missions where you drive a vehicle and is a real help in cutscenes. 

Job Occupation: Pest Exterminator Company Assistant

B.d. - Taryn

Taryn is one of the women in this game that Daxter has the hots for. She kind
of reminds me of Ashelin and she provides Daxter with weapons as well. She
helps you through certain parts but is mainly a cutscene character.

B.e. - Kaedan

Kaedan is the antagonist of the story and seeks to intervene Daxter and kill
him before Daxter succeeds in rescuing Jak. Kaedan also is second in command
next to Kor, the Leader of the Metal Heads.

B.f. - Erol

Erol is a Commander in the Krimson Guard force. In the next game, his role is
more major but in Daxter, he makes slight appearances. He is participating in
the Dark Warrior programs and performs experiments exclusively on Jak.

B.g. - Kor

Kor is the leader of the Metal Heads and seeks to kill Daxter before he 
rescues Jak since Jak is the only one who is able to stop Kor. You will
see him more often in Jak II.

C. Controls

C.a. Daxter

X - Jump
Square - Electric Swatter 
Circle - Bug Spray  
Triangle - Ottsel Mode (where Daxter crouches down)
L and R triggers - Camera
Up on D-pad - 1st Person view w/ only use of camera
Down on D-pad - 3rd Person view
Analog Stick - Move Daxter
Right/Left on D-Pad - Changes Bug Spray Modes

C.b. Special Moves

X then Square (x2) - Dive Swat
Square then X - Uppercut
X then Square - Spin Attack (in air)
X (x2 optional) then Circle - Hover

C.c. Vehicles

X - Accelerate
Square - Brake/Reverse
Analog Stick - Move vehicle
L - Jump
R - Use Eco (on Betsy only)

D. Walkthrough
D.a. Haven City Streets

After the introduction cutscene, walk into the light beacon and enter the 
house. Watch the cutscene and exit the house. Once you exit the house, you 
will see a beacon to the left (facing away from the door to the house) and
run to it to collect a precursor orb and learn something valuable about them.
Run to the next beacon to learn how to jump and collect a health pack. The
next beacon gets you a Gem and teaches you how to Double Jump (X+X). The 
final beacon is the entrance of the Hotel and just enter the door to enter
the next level.

D.b. Westside Hotel

In the entrance of the hotel, you will learn a few tricks of the controls and
after that, just head into the light and press X to discuss matters with the
Concierge. There is a light beacon visible behind you and run to it to grab 
the key to the door at the end of the hallway. Run past the water fountain
and go through the door which will lead you to the next stage in the level.

Your objective in this level is to collect 25 Metal Head Gems and you have
to destroy metal heads to collect them. So, while I walk you through this
level, be sure to be knocking out every metal head you can find because you
need 25 gems to finish the level. Anyway, after exiting the elevator, walk 
forward, kill the purple jumping termites, and run to the right. You will
see a killer plant to the left and all you do is press triangle to sneak
past it in Ottsel Mode. Walk across the bridge up ahead, and take a left 
then a right avoiding the Killer Plant when you see it. At the end of the
path, jump on the barred wall to climb and continue through the level again.

Go ahead and kill the two metal bugs along the way and you will reach a pond.
To get across, you must jump on the lily pads to get across. Collect the 
Combat Bug (which is a cage with a yellow outlining around it) which is on
one of the pads. Once you get across, run past the waterfall and you will
get to another barred wall which you can climb. Instead of climbing the 
whole way, why not press X to jump from wall to wall until you get to the top?
That is exactly what you can do but you could just climb one wall, your 

Once you get to the top, head down the cliff and avoid the killer plants
which are along the way. Once past the plants, walk up the curved pathway and
jump across the platforms to get to a slide. Jump onto the slide and ride all
of the way down. Walk up the path and straight ahead to a door where you can
crawl though using Ottsel Mode (Triangle). In the room, jump on the bed to get
to the higher level and crawl through the vent. You will come to a room that
has a large table in it and just walk through the room ahead to the next room
and don't forget to kill the metal heads by the table. There are a total of
2 in that room.

At the end of the room, take a right into the door and past the killer plant
and you will come into a circular room. Defeat the metal heads and move on 
past the open door. Go forward and you will see a gigantic bed in a huge room,
after killing the metal heads, face the pillows on the bed and jump on the
bed which gives you a boost into the air and go on the left side platform 
where you will jump on top of the dresser and crawl though the vent.

After crawling through the vent, you will come to yet another slide and slide
down it while avoiding the traps and collecting Precursor Orbs along the way
if you want to. At the end, find the elevator door in the room and talk
to the Conceirge again to tell him that you have completed your mission.

Exit the Hotel and run to the Construction Site for your next level. The icon
to the Site is displayed on the map on the top right side of the screen in
Haven City. Congratulations, you finished your first level.

D.c. Construction Site

Enter the Site, and you will come across a zipline, jump up to the zipline and
ride it down to ground level. Run up the path, killing metal heads along the 
way and jump across the platforms to get to a trampoline which will propel you
up to the next platform. After you have jumped up to the next platform from 
the trampoline, take a left and climb up the wooden planks. Take a right turn
and run across the platform until you get to a overhanging platform which you
have to jump up to get climb across it. Climb across it and watch out for the
swinging ball which will knock you into the water if you get hit. After you
jump off of the overhanging platform, run ahead and climb through the pipe.

After the cutscene, run ahead and defeat all of the metal heads so Taryn can
bring the crane to you to jump up on it. Just jump on it and it will take you 
to the next wave of metal heads and defeat them all. You do this a couple 
times and when she brings you up to another platform, just run ahead and
defeat the metal heads and crawl through the pipe.

Crawl on the cylinder pipes which you have to jump on to different pipes to
get across. Crawl through the pipe after the cylinders and climb up the
ladder to the left of the pipe you just crawled through and run across the
platforms, trampolines and a pipe to get to the end of the path which you have
to jump on the zipline to get down. While on the zipline, make sure you 
avoid certain obstacles by shifting the analog stick to the left or right
or up depending on where the obstacle is.

At the end of the zipline, make your way through and up the elevator. Once
you are up, get off the lift and turn left in the room to see a ladder. Climb
up it and get on the zipline while being conscious of avoiding obstacles with
the analog stick. After the zipline, you are safely back in Haven City and
go to your next destination located on the map.

D.d. Breezy Valley

After the cutscene, you are set up with Betsy for a mission. Betsy is an
old Zoomer which you ride on to complete this mission. The first part of the
mission involves taking out a few bugs which are infecting the plants and 
use Betsy to take them out. Okay, now, refill your green eco meter and 
press R1 over a plant which has black smoke arising from it to kill a bug,
you have exactly 26 to kill and this is a TIMED challenge. Once there is a
certain amount of time left, light beacons will show the locations of the 
plants so you can hurry up and kill the bugs. The next phase of the mission
will begin after you kill the 26 bugs.

Now, 6 bugs will gather around the big plant. Just follow the light beacon 
again and kill them quickly. After you have done so, the Queen will escape 
and start flying around. Chase her and try to hurt her by hitting her when
she turns. That is the most efficient way of hurting her and when you 
finally kill her, head back to the house because you have completed your

Once in Osmo's house, enter the light beacon in the hallway and jump on the
bed in the room. Initiate the Matrix dream and play it to gain more health.
Talk to Osmo, and head outside to jump on your new scooter and ride to the
new location on the map. A cutscene will show and Taryn will give you a new
modification to your bug spray.

***READ: You have to beat the Matrix Dream to get Osmo to talk to you. You 
only have to beat the dream once and that is it. Once you beat the dream,
you can get Osmo to talk to you. If you beat the dream and Osmo still doesn't
talk to you, it is probably a glitch and you may try to restart your game. If
the problem occurs again through your second playthrough, then please notify
me by email and I will try to help you get this figured out. I am still 
trying to answer that problem.***

D.e. Brewery

Once it loads up to the level (which takes little to no time at all), you will
be in control of Daxter and you will be in the bar currently. Go forward and 
head through the door on the left. Head down the passage until you see a 
couple Metal-Heads, defeat them, and continue forward into the next part of
the room.

In the next part of the room, you will see two Metal-Head beasts, defeat those
and continue to the end of the room. You should see a web covering the door
and a little flame a little to the right of that. Face the little flame, and
press and hold Circle to initiate your flamethrower. After you have your 
flamethrower in use, face the web and it will burn allowing access to the next

In the next room, you can defeat the two baddies on the floor then go back to
where you came from in the previous room. Don't go into the previous room, 
just go on that platform that you would see going into this room and look
a little to the left. You will see another platform so what you do is jump
off of the current platform that you are on and press and hold Circle to 
hover to the next platform. On that platform look off the ledge and in the
air you will see a floating green circle which is a thing to fill up your
Exterminator Spray tank. Jump off the ledge and Hover to the next platform
while hitting that green pellet to increase your air time. Defeat the baddie
and go to the left in the small passage which you have to press Triangle in
advance for. Continue on to the next room.

Jump onto the floor in the next room and three baddies will fall down and try
to hurt you. Just defeat them and look around the room for that little flame
that you can burn the web with. Do so, and continue on. In that next room 
after the web, just jump to the next platform and then you will see two
pipes in front of you that are spewing flame out. What you do is Hover and use
the flames to get an extra boost to get to the next platform. Go ahead until 
you reach three baddies. Defeat them and continue to the next room while 
avoiding the steam being emitted from the pipes you should see after beating
the baddies. You should see another flame and web and light the web up to 

In this long passage, make your way through using Hover and defeating baddies
along the way. You can collect Precursor Orbs that are placed in the level if
you want to but that isn't required. After the long passage, you should run 
into another couple baddies and you know what to do. Go right and you will
enter another room. Continue through the room until you reach another web.
Go through the web and you will see a bigger baddie than what you normally
see. What you can do is just flame him too, it is much easier to do so. 

Continue through the room until you see a big wall. Face the wall and jump to
it to climb it. Swat the baddies on the wall and get to the top. When you
get there, you will spot a big baddie and all you can do is just swat him to
death. To do this effectively, get behind him and swat him. It will lower
your chance of damage with this type of critter. Go through the steam, and 
when you get to the green pellet, be cautious and walk slowly until the floor
collapses in front of you. Then all you have to do is Hover over it and you 
are in front of another baddie. Try to defeat him and continue through the 
steam. To get through the steam this time, time it correctly like after the
steam stops, Jump and Hover.

In the next part, you will take a right and you will see two other steam vents
which you get past by jumping over them at the right time. Continue on, and 
you will see four baddies: three small ones and one big one. Skip past them
and start up your flamethrower to burn them up. That is the easy way to do it
so I recommend you do that. Light up your Flamethrower and get past the steam
to light up the web. Continue on.

Another Long Passage, just go through and if there is a place where you have 
to Hover through the green pellets, then do so. Also, when you see something
that looks like you have to crawl through it, press Triangle and do so. At the
end of the passage, equip your Flamethrower and flame the baddie and the web 
to get through. In the next part, jump to the platform on the left and take
your time to Hover past the steam. Continue on.

Head through the web, and you will be in a new room. Jump on the platforms
using hover and the flame vents to boost you up. If you miss a flame vent, you
will most likely fall down so get back up and try again. Once you get to the
top, you have to go through the vent and you will find yourself in another
room. Jump to the bottom of that room and head through the second vent.

In the next room, head to the ground level in the room and head straight 
towards an object which is a minigame. Activate it and play the minigame.
What you have to do is press buttons on the D-pad and the Shape buttons which
coordinate with the red Circle on the screen. If you have played Jak II, then
it is very similar to the Metal Head Smash game in the Hip Hog Heaven. After
you defeat this minigame, head to the bottom level of the room and through the
door. Continue through this passage and you will show up back in the bar. Talk
to the barkeeper again and exit the brewery. 
Continue to your next mission.

D.f. Transit System (Train Chase included)

At the end of the elevator, run through the first room killing the purple
Termites on the right side of the machine in the room. When you see a bunch
of pipes blocking your path in front of you, just crawl under them to get
to the other side and continue. Continue down the path killing bugs along the
way until you come to the tracks where a train comes every few seconds.

Wait till the train comes past you, then jump and hover to the other side
of the track. Climb up the barred wall, and crawl under the door to get to
the other side of the room up ahead. On the right side of the room from where
you came in, there is a zipline which you can ride on. Kill the bugs in the
room first, then ride it.

Jump off the zipline at the end of it and you will find yourself on a moving
train. While on this train, you must avoid the bumpers that hang off of the
walls by moving Daxter away from them. Once you see another train that comes
in on the left, jump on that next train. Stay on this train and when you 
see another one come in on the left, don't jump on it because you will die.

On this train, do the same and avoid the bumpers on the walls and get on the
next train you see on the right. Be careful to avoid the little overhang 
when jumping train to train because it will electricute you. After jump on the
next train, jump again to the train on the left and ride that avoiding 
obstacles along the way.

When you see another train, jump on it, and ride it to the platform on the
left to which you can jump off the train to get to it. Run ahead until
you see a bunch of crates to the left side of the room (facing the front).
Jump up the crates and get to the top. Run ahead a little bit until you see
a little vent on the left side. Crawl through the vent and jump to the bottom
of the next room.

Walk ahead and get on the elevator and ride it down to get to the next stage
of the level. Run up ahead until you see a huge cylinder shaped building.
Climb up the barred wall and you can avoid the red laser that runs up it by
having Daxter stay in a part that is not red. You can follow the precursor
orbs to get to the top.

Once on the top of the platform, look around for a vent (big enough that you
can walk through, you don't have to crawl) and run through it. At the end
of that vent, there will be a smaller one that you will have to crawl through
and there you are, in the next room. Just run up the passage and crawl through
the next vent and in the next room, ride the elevator down the the lower 
half of the room.

Find the zipline in the room, and ride down it. You will find yourself riding
another train and the same rules apply, jump or move to the side to avoid
obstacles and jump from train to train. Press triangle to avoid the laser
walls and jump over the lasers that stand in your way. Once you are at the
end of the trains, the train will come to a stop and you can get off to the

You will come to some tracks where the trains come every few seconds. Just
start hovering over the tracks after the first train goes by and you will
be fine by getting over there. Be sure to collect the floating green eco to
ensure getting over the track and you will succeed. Run ahead and enter the
room to jump on the zoomer.

On the zoomer, just accelerate and go along the path. Hit the speed boosters
on the ground while traveling to the end of the path. Avoid obstacles as well
and you will get to the end of the path. Jump off the Zoomer, face ahead from
behind the zoomer and run ahead up the path. Look on the left wall for a 
passage and you will encounter your first boss in the game.

D.1. Hive Queen I

Phase 1:

Once you see the boss, it will be in an egg like shape. Hit it once, then 
defeat the bugs it distributes. After a few hits, the Queen will come up
from the ground. To beat the boss, be sure to stay far away and wait till
it crouches over and shoots a few beams at you. While it is shooting those
beams, you can jump over them and spray the beast with your Bug Spray. Hurry
and run to the back of the Queen and swat her behind. Do this a few more
times until a short cutscene showing the Queen get mad. Here is Phase 2.

Phase 2:

Now the Queen will jump and hit the ground producing a shockwave that can
hit you easily. All you have to do is, right before she hits the ground, Jump
and hover over the shockwave and hover to behind her and swat her with the
square button. Do that a few times and the third phase will initiate.

Phase 3:

This is the final phase and it will do the same as it did in Phase 1. Just
use the same strategy in Phase 1 and you will beat the Queen. Exit out of the
opening that is revealed after you beat the Queen and ride the elevator
up to Haven City and just travel on your scooter to the next mission at the
Power Station.

D.g. Strip Mine

Enter the Power Station and go through the portal and select Strip Mine as
the level you want to transport. Walk ahead to talk to the miner and he
will give you the mission to do. Here is how to find the 8 eco crystals.

1st Crystal:

Walk ahead, and you will see a huge barred wall with a couple precursor
orbs on it. Climb it and at the top, you will see the first crystal.
Collect it and return to the miner.

2nd Crystal:

From the miner, walk ahead, past the barred wall and onto the next escalator
path and the crystal will be right in front of you. Collect it and return to
the miner.

3rd Crystal:

Now, from the miner, go to where you collected the 2nd crystal and climb
up the barred wall. Run to the end of the platform, hit the switch, and that
will activate the huge cylinder object and get it spinning around. Now, 
backtrack to where you got the 1st Crystal and look on the left for an opening
to walk into the huge cylinder.

In the cylinder, you will see a bunch of Dark Eco and platforms spinning
around the cylinder. Just wait till the platform reachs you and jump on it
then the next platform and repeat till you get across. Once you get across,
the crystal is right there.

4th Crystal:

Now, from the miner, walk ahead and run to the right of the stage that you
are in. You will see an opening and a couple metal bees. Kill them and walk
ahead and grab the Crystal.

5th Crystal:

Go back to where you found the third Crystal, get on the floor escalator and
press triangle to get safely under the rotating chunk of metal. Hurry and jump
to the left and just start running up the path. To jump over the gap on the
way, just hover and make sure you hit both the green eco pellet and the
flame to get to the above platform.

Run ahead, walk to the right, and there is a Crystal right there.

6th Crystal:

Go back to where you found the first crystal and turn to the left to find
an opening to another cylinder. The setup this this cylinder is different
but it is pretty easy to figure out how to get across. Once across, you
will see the crystal, collect it. 

7th Crystal:

Where you found the last crystal, jump on the zipline ahead and ride it down.
That will return you to the miner. Now, go back to where you found the 3rd
Crystal and run to the right where you will find a passage where there 
are flames to use to boost up to the platform. Now use the first one and turn
to the right and hover to the green pellet and use the flames to boost up to
the platform.

Get to the elevator and have it bring you down and continue your path all the
way to the crystal. Along the way, you will see a barred wall. Jump on it and
crawl down to the below platform instead of up. Next, you will see a barred
wall shaped like a circle and these metal things rotating around it. Climb it
while avoiding the metal things and you will be fine. 

After all of that, another wall to climb and there is the crystal.

8th Crystal:

After the last Crystal, continue down the passage and ride the elevator ahead
down to see a couple green eco pellets and a boosting flame. Use them to get
across and run ahead up the path. You will see the crystal ahead and now
you have collected all of the crystals! Use the elevators in the room (which
are just above and behind you while facing the crystal) and return to the
miner to complete the mission.

D.h. Breezy Valley II

Your mission in Breezy Valley last time was to clear the infected bugs from
the plants and you are back again with a similar mission. Your job is to 
use the green eco to help the bugs and you have to do what you did last
time basically. The bugs are pretty simple to find but if you can't find
one, the time will run out and you will be able to start to see the light
beacons the bugs have at 1 minute left on the timer.

Once you have helped all of the bugs, you have to defeat 3 Queens this time
and you can find them very easily considering their size. Just hit them once
and they are dead. Find and kill them and you will complete the mission.
Let me reiterate that you can hurt them easily when they start turning and you
just slip right in and hit them and they will die.

Once you have completed your mission, return to Osmo's house and navigate
to your next mission.

D.i. Prison Zoomer Chase

All you have to do here is chase the Prison Zoomer and avoid any projectiles
it will distribute and it will try to kill you. It is easy to die in this
mission since you might hit a few bombs or landmines anyway. Just try to avoid
the bombs/landmines and follow the vehicle. Be careful to stay where you won't
fall of the ledge in this mission because if you fall, you will most likely
fail the mission.

Just be careful and follow the vehicle until a cutscene appears. You will
automatically appear at your next mission after the cutscene so don't bother 
trying to navigate there. 

**User Input: You can cheat a little bit by following along the prison zoomer
below the platform's just as long as you stay in proximety. By avoiding the 
bombs all together, you make it 100% easier.**

D.j. Tanker I

Your main job at the Tanker is to collect 30 gems from the metal bugs in the
level. When you are dropped off at the level, run ahead and jump on the 
swaying boats to get across. Crawl through the vent, and kill the bugs
on the other side. After you clear the bugs in the area, just go a little
bit to the right from where you came out of the vent, and get on the moving
lift. The lift has a red platform so you can't miss it.

Jump down, kill the bugs in the area, and continue on. Climb the ladder when
you see it and move on to the next room. In the next room, Kill the bugs, and
climb the ladder at the end of the room, and jump across the platforms at the
right to get on the red colored lift. Once you get off the lift, you will
see multiple poles laying down for you to climb on and get across. Kill the
bugs that you see on the way, and get across the poles.

At the end of the poles, run up and jump on the white trampoline and just sit
back and watch Daxter fly up and flop on the ground. Climb up both ladders
that you see after you hit the ground and watch out for the rolling piece
that can squish you if you don't time how you climb up the ladder.

Jump up on the moving box ahead, and get across to the other platform. Run
up ahead and jump on the trampoline to enter the building. Continue on in
the building and watch out for the moving mechanical arm that can hurt you
if you get hit. Just time your movements and you will be fine. Crawl under
the arms when it is needed. 

Kill the Bug up ahead, and continue on while climbing up the wall and killing
bugs on the wall. At the top of the wall, go up ahead and get past the fan,
then you will see platforms in the middle of a Dark Eco pool. Don't go too
fast over the platforms or you won't live to tell the tale and time it 
correctly. Study the movements of the platforms before jumping on them.

Now, continue on past the 2nd fan and hover to the other side of the gap 
ahead. If you have killed all of the bugs in the level so far, by the time
you kill the 3 more bugs, your mission should be completed. Now to get out
of the level. Head up the path and hover over all of the dark eco there is to
get across. If you already have completed your mission, then killing the bugs
ahead isn't a necessity at this point.

At the end of the path, climb the wall, and get past the fan ahead. Again, 
you will see another set of mechanical arms and apply the same rules to this
as last time you saw them. Once you get past the arms and the platforms in
dark eco, Head up the path and jump on the trampoline when you see it.

Hit the light beacon and watch the cutscene. Walk into the next beacon
to activate Tiks minigame where you have to short circuit the lock. In this
minigame, you have to use the D-Pad to move Tik to where the symbol (X, 
Square, Triangle, or Circle) will hit. It is quite simple, when the symbol
gets close enough, move Tik to the right purple platform and press the
button that the symbol displays. Once you beat the minigame, move on.

The Port in Haven City is now open to you and you have exited the Tanker.
Move on to your next mission by locating the light beacon or following the
icon on your in-game map. Up ahead where your scooter is, a cutscene will
trigger and you will acheive a new part for your bug spray.

D.k. Fish Cannery

If you followed the fish icon first on your map at the Port, then you will
end up at the Fish Cannery. Here is the strategy for the Fish Cannery.

Run ahead and crawl under the spikes. Kill the bug ahead and take a right.
crawl under the second set of spikes and torch the bug ahead with your new
flamethrower. Continue up the path until you get to a refridgerated room.
Once you enter the room, take an immediate right and enter through the door
to get to the next room.

Hit the lever and melt the ice cube a little bit with your flamethrower and
get to the above platform. Melt the ice cube all of the way ahead and 
continue on. Hover across to the platforms and get to the other side of the
room. Move ahead on the passageway, killing bugs along the way and ride the
elevator up when you get to it. 

Run across the room after the elevator and jump down the hole after you get
past the door in the previous room. Melt the ice cube to keep moving along
and in this room, you will see a couple bugs and a purple egg sack. Torch
all of them and run ahead to the next room. Jump down and melt the ice cube
to continue on. 

In this room, watch out when jumping from platform to platform because the 
fish will try to get you by jumping out of the water. Make sure they are not
facing you and then jump. Up ahead in the next room, hit the lever to make
the ice cube come up from the ground and melt the ice cube to continue on
further. Don't melt it all of the way because you need to use it to get up
on the platform. If you mess up and do melt the whole thing, just hit the
lever again for another ice cube to come back up. 

Crawl through the vent and torch the bugs up ahead. Use the crates on the 
right to get up and hit the lever for another ice cube. Melt the ice cube
and jump on top of it to get up to the next platform. Torch the bugs, then
get moving past the fish. At the end of the room, kill the 4 bugs and 
jump in the elevator.

Once out of the elevator, you will be in a huge room with a bunch of moving
platforms and fish trying to eat you up ahead and you have to make sure the 
fish don't eat you while trying to get on the platforms at the same time.
Once you get across safely, jump in the elevator and continue on.

Hit the lever, melt the ice cube, and jump up to the platfrom on the left 
after jumping up onto the crates from the ice cube. Now you will see two 
levers. Melt the ice cube that is closest to the ledge, and make sure you
keep it melted to the point where you can jump on it.

The next ice cube requires precision because it can't be melted too much.
Slowly melt it in bursts and you will see that it will keep its height if
you go in short bursts with the flamethrower. Basically, just hit it two
times with your flamethrower and you will be fine.

Jump on the first ice cube you melted, then the ice cube you were careful
with (use bug spray to hover to the second one to make it easier) and
switch to your flamethrower. Now, run to the very edge of the ice cube,
make a good double jump and hover all of the way over to the cage and you
will make it.

Continue ahead, up the elevator and into the next big room. Take a right and
melt the ice cube so there is a fish visible instead of an ice cube. Hurry
around to where you can see the big fish and make sure he eats the fish on the
moving line before hovering over to the other side.

Ride the elevator up, then in this room, go forward and take a left and 
crawl under the spikes. From this room, just backtrack and get back to the
entrance from where you came to exit. Now at the Port, continue to the 
Distillery level.

D.l. Distillery

The Distillery level is located on the map as a Barrel icon so just follow it
and you will be there. Ride down the elevator and head straight up the path.
Kill the bugs, hit the lever when you see it on the right of the door, and 
head through the door. Just run through the passage and kill the bugs along 
the way. Be careful when traveling up the path because when you see crumbled
ground, wait till it fully crumbles and continue on.

Hover over the gap (where the floor crumbled) and equip the flamethrower to
burn the cob web up again to continue. You will see that you might be in a
dead end here but not to worry, just crawl under the gap that you see some 
bugs come out under from and you can get through that way.

Up in this next room, you will see many cages that you have to hover to. Just
use the Flamethrower to hover the whole way up. Don't worry much about your
bug spray running out since there will be green eco pellets along the way.
At the top of the cages, burn the cob web and continue on killing the bugs
all the way up the path. At the end of the path, there will be a cobweb on
the right. Burn it and continue. 

Drop down and hit the lever up ahead. By this point, you should already
have a habit of killing every bug you see because in most missions you should.
Continue on, and hit the lever when you see it to move the boxes up above 
Daxter. Jump on the bottom of a box and ride it all of the way to the next

Run up ahead on the next platform and at the end, jump up on another crate
to ride to the next part. Get off the crate, and in the next room, kill the
bugs and continue on. A door will open and just go in the next room.

In this room, there will be a pool of grape juice (I think, it looks like it)
and you have to hurry across the platforms in this room. Hover from platform
to platform as quickly as you can to escape the raising juice. It is quite
difficult for some on the first try but practice makes perfect! Since there
really isn't an easier way to get past this juice unless you move very 

Just head into the next room, jump on to the platform with the bugs on it
and kill them. If you have killed every bug in the level so far, you should
already be complete with your mission to collect 40 gems. If for some reason,
you didn't collect the gems after killing the bugs, well, I guess you will
have to go back and collect them. Don't worry, it doesn't usually result with
that anyway.

Head through the door, and head up the path. When running through, make sure
you look out for the crumbled floor because there is one up ahead. When it 
crumbles, just hover to the right and on the barred wall. Climb to the left
and continue on, on the path.

Up ahead, Hover across the big gap using the flamethrower, burn the cobweb 
right after that, and you will be in a huge room with a circular platform
in the middle of the room. Jump on it, kill the bugs and go ahead and past the
door. Just continue up the path and through the last door and you will see
another elevator. Get on it and it will ride you up to the Port. 

Great, you have finished another level. Follow the next icon on your map 
to get to your next mission.

D.m. Emerald Isle

When you enter the level, take a right and talk to Ximon. Jump into the 
vehicle and start Driving. Drive out of the cave and you will encounter
a flying eel-like metal head. Your objective in this mission is to kill
it so just follow the bug and press R to hit it. While you are following
the bug, it will dive underwater sometimes and you have to keep following
it but it will be a little hard to see when it does dive under so try not
to lose it or you will fail the mission.

Once you defeat it, head back from where you came (the cave entrance is
marked by two poles sticking out of the water) and exit the level. Now
time to head back to the Construction Site.

D.n. Construction Site II

After getting back to the Port from Emerald Isle, head straight and run to the
light beacon when it is visible to you. This door that you go through is a 
way to get from one side of Haven City, to the other. So, use this pathway
when hunting for missions to initiate because you have jobs both in the Port
and the Streets of Haven City. Okay, just head to the Construction Site and
we will start the level.

Head down the path when you get there, and get in the elevator to bring you
up when you see it. In this part, you will see wooden platforms that you
use to get across. Hover over to each and climb the wall at the end to get
up. At the top, you will see a trail of green eco in the air. Hover with your
bug spray and follow each to the next door. Run through this door and Osmo
will give a message to you.

Head to the left, kill the bugs and get on the moving crates to get across.
Climb the wall, head up and kill the bugs and take a right to use a trampoline
to get you up to the next platform. Just head across and kill the bugs. Once
you get a message that says to Flame the coils to move the platform, do just 
that and use your flamethrower to move the coil so the platform will move 
around for you to use.

Use the platforms in the room to get across, and jump on the trampoline with
the green eco floating over it and get to the top of the wall. Run to the
next part and jump on the platforms leading down to the ground. Kill the
bug and take a left and you will see a wall to climb on and do just that.
While climbing the wall, watch out for the bugs and kill them to get them
out of your way. At the top of the wall, just head in the elevator and ride
it to the bottom.

Your objective here is to burn the 4 Termite Mounds and it front of the 
elevator is one. That was your first one, head up through the level and look
out for Termite Mounds. There is one just a bit farther than the first one
and you can get across the tiny green lake and climb up on the wall
at the end of the room on the left side. Then to right is the Mound.

You should have two by now so head back to the elevator, turn around and
take a left and climb up the wall when you see you can. At the top, jump
on the hanging bar and climb across to get to a vent that you can crawl
under. At the end of the vent, burn the next Termite Mound and move on.

To make this easier, head back to the elevator and turn around again. Head 
straight and jump up on the platforms to the left and onto the ground
(where you actually see dirt not a wooden platform) and you will see
a path of green eco. Hover across the path, hitting every eco you can
and climb the wall to get to the last Mound.

Instead of going back to the elevator you came out of, go to the elevator
at the end of the room instead. The elevator is position right ahead of the
last elevator but on higher ground. Get out of the elevator, jump on the
platform and up the two trampolines to the top of the wall. At the top,
kill the two bugs you see and continue on. Look ahead and wait for a crate
to be in sight. Hover to it and ride it to get to the next platform.

Jump on the trampoline and climb up the wall. Run ahead, climb under
the vent, and ride the zipline at the end. Congrats, you are done
at the Construction Site. Continue on to your next mission.

D.o. Strip Mine II

It seems like Taryn gave you your last upgrade for your bug spray device. It
is an Ultra-Sonic Attachment so it will pack a blast and can destroy many
things. You will find this new attachment very useful in this level. Okay,
now talk to the miner after the first cutscene and take a left while facing 
him. Once you get across the dark eco, take a right and jump on the treadmill
device and head up further.

Once you get through a bit, you will see that there are some boulders
stacked up and in your way. What are you going to do about it? Equip your
Ultra Sonic attachment and blow the rocks to bits, that is what you do.
Continue on through the passageway, blowing up rocks to get past and you will
get to a room with a few treadmill type of devices. Jump on the first one,
take a right and head through that room jumping on the next one and jump to 
the left to get to the next part of the room.

Head up the path, and get through the rocks to see a hive. Torch the hive,
and continue on through the next set of rocks at the end of the room. Now you
will see two sets of rocks right by each other. The left side holds some 
Precursor Orbs and the other is the path you have to continue. Go to the
right one and head up and over the platforms to get to the next room. 
We have ourselves other hive, torch it and move on ahead.

In this new room, there will be three sets of treadmills and a bunch of 
jagged metal rollers that are very harmful to you. Run up on the first 
set and jump over one of the jagged metal pieces that are suspended in air and 
rolling. Now jump to the left to get another hive. Jump back to the 
treadmills and get on the second set and ride it all of the way up to
another room.

Jump to the crate holding dirt and take a left to get into the next room.
Move into the room, take a left and run to the single crate which gives
a lift to the next room. Jump on it and run into the next room. Get on the
first treadmill you see, then the second. It will seem like you are entering
the same room with the three sets of treadmills but it is an entirely new
room. Ride the second treadmill after the first and go to the right to get
another hive.

Now get back on to the second treadmill again and hover to the left side
instead of the right which you did to get the last hive. Again, you will
come to two sets of rocks that you can destroy. The left side is the path
you want to go to get to another hive and the Right side holds two precursor
orbs for you to collect. 

After you hit the last set of rocks that lead to the next room, you will
see a whole bunch of hives. Just destroy them all plus the bugs and go back
to the room with the treadmill. Ride the main treadmill to the end for
another hive then turn right for another set of rocks to destroy.

Get through all of the rock sets and steadily get to the bottom of the room
at the end by using all of the platforms provided for you. At the bottom
of the room, there will be a lift and just jump on it to ride it up. Get
through the sets of rocks, torch the hive, and move on through the next 
sets of rocks. Now you will be back at the miner, run to him and run behind
him to see a space where you can jump up on. Get past that and the rocks ahead
and torch the hive to bring your count down to 10 (if you have followed this

It seems like I missed something so here is how to get the last 10 hives.
Backtrack to the room with the three sets of treadmills and hover all of the 
way to the left and you will see a set of rocks in your way. Go through
the sets of rocks and you will come into a room that has hives everywhere.
Torch all of them and return to the miner. Now another boss battle lays
ahead of you. Take the door on the left side of the room and continue on
to the next battle.

D.2. Hive Queen II

Hit the hive that you see, and defeat the bugs. Do this a couple times and
the Queen will come down to her hive and attach it to her body.

First, she will fly over to a hole and slam her bottom into the ground. Then
she will shoot a laser out of her mouth trying to hit you. Avoid this by
hovering over it with the flamethrower. Hover over to her and after she is 
done with her laser, hit her with the flamethrower. She will fly up and hover
for a moment leaving you time to whack her a good few times before she slams
back down (dodge that if you can). After a few hits, she will jump on the 
combs and shoot some red flying bugs at you, which you can kill by using the
flamethrower or Ultra Sonic blasts.

Dodge/Kill the bugs and run up to her and blast her off the wall with your
Sonic blast. Once she flies to the center of the room and lands, here is your
ticket to move in and hit her a few good times. The best way to avoid the
red bugs that she lets out to kill you, is to follow her (run right under
her) and when she is securely on the wall, let loose and hit her with a Sonic
blast before she can produce another bug, then go hit her in the middle. At
the very end, when she has very little health left, she will float over a hole
and shoot a couple eggs down and then slam herself in the hole. Hit her with
a Sonic Blast to get her out of the ground and then you will kill her after
you hit her a couple times.

Now you are done with the boss battle, continue on to the Lumber Mill.

D.p. Lumber Mill

Talk to the Lumber worker and jump on the platform which he is basically 
facing (it has a precursor orb on it) and jump up and hover across the trail
of green eco pellets. At the end of the trail, make sure you hit the zipline
to get to the other island and that is where you can start your mission. Your
objective in this mission is to wipe out all of the flying bugs and then talk
to the worker. So, just understand that when we are going through this level.

After you get off the Zipline and onto the ground, you will see a blue
colored switch and you can use that to activate an electric field (also
known as a bug zapper lol) and you can kill the flying bugs that way. You have
to stay on the switch until the bug is dead or else it won't work and the bug
will still be troubling the Mill. Also, be sure to check if there are multiple
bugs in the air at once because if you step on a switch and only kill one, you
might assume there was only one to start with on that single switch. Just 
be cautious of that while playing on this level.

This first switch has you kill only one bug so step on it, wait for the bug
to approach it and die, then continue on. Head straight and jump up on the
crate next to the right wall to get up on the above platform. Go ahead and
dodge the saws that will try to get you. Once you approach the next room, 
there will be another switch and just kill the one bug in the room with the
bug zapper.

Ahead of the 2nd switch will be a river and two sides bring you to a few other
switches. First, lets go up the left side of the river. While crossing this
river, watch out for the lurking sharks that are out to eat you and you don't
want that happening because you will get frustrated if they eat you. Just wait
till it swims to where it can't see you then, continue to the next lilypad. 
There are two types of lilypads on this side of the river: Green and Withered
lilypads. The green lilypads will not sink after being stood on for a while 
and the withered lilypads will sink just a few seconds of being stood on. Just
to warn all of you about that. 

At the end of the left side of the river, there will be one switch to kill
one bug and after that go back to the middle of the river where you first 
started advancing up the river. Use the zipline to get back faster. Then
start heading up the right side of the river. In between jumps, there will be
logs that you have to jump on and crawl across to get other lilypads so watch
out for those. Jump across the lilypads just a bit up the river until you see
an entrance on the wooden floor which you must go through. Jump down in the 
entrance and continue on.

You will be on the wooden floor below the entrance and you will see a huge
river. Jump on the logs that are floating on the river and that are in motion
to get across. Watch for the branches while riding the logs because they
could knock you off. At the other side of the river, step on the switch and
kill the one flying bug. Continue back to the river which you got on first via
a zipline in the room and advance more up the river.

At the end of the river, continue through the saws and after the first set
of saws, continue ahead through the path on the ground. In this new room,
kill the bugs on the ground first before stepping on the switch killing 
the TWO flying bugs in the room. Head back to the sets of saws and continue

You will see the final switch in the room after the few sets of saws, kill
the bug and return to the room where you found the 2nd switch. Emerging from
the last set of saws and continuing to the room with the 2nd switch, take
a left and run across the bridge. Ahead, there will be a slide to take you to 
the exit of this level. Wait for the log chute door to open and head down
the slide. Use the transporter to get back to Haven City and continue to your
next mission.

D.q. Emerald Isle II

When you get to Emerald Isle (again), talk to Ximon to initiate your mission.
This time, you won't be driving and Ximon will. Your objective is to shoot
down the flying bug that stands in your path. So, you will be equipped with
a turret. When you switch to first-person mode, aim the crosshairs to center 
the bug and shoot it.

While shooting, be cautious of your turret overheating and there will be a 
meter for you to watch on the bottom left part of the screen indicating if
it overheats or not. A few hits into the bug will have it fire other bugs at 
you, so shoot them first before continuing on to the bug. If one of the bugs
that it shoots at you hit your vehicle, it will cost one bar of your health
and it shouldn't effect you too much if you are a great shooter.

Once you beat the bug, navigate back to the start of the level and jump back
into the portal to get to Haven City. Your next mission is in the Tanker 
again so get there and we will start the next part in the guide.

D.r. Tanker II

When you enter the level, you will see that you have to cross a Dark Eco
pool. Take a big leap and then use the hover spray to get to the other side.
Make sure you hit those green eco orbs while in the air. Continue on, up the
elevator and in this part, a vast pool of Dark Eco is in your way but there
are wooden platforms to stand on. Jump over the Wooden platforms to get across
this sea of Dark eco. Make sure you jump on every wooden platform or some 
platforms won't show up for you to jump on so take that in mind. Watch out
for Dark bubbles that rise from the surface that are potentially harmful.

Once at the end of the room, crawl through the opening and in the next room,
take out all of the metal bugs. You will see a stuck valve on the pipe near
the dark eco pool and all you do is use some flamethrower magic on it and
it will lower the dark eco level so you can get across. The next valve is 
the same technique. When you get to the trampoline, jump on it and continue
in the next part of the level.

Jump on the platform that will take you across the next dark eco pool. While
on this platform, collect precursor orbs and watch out for flying bugs so you
can get across the pool effectively. At the end, torch the hive and kill the
bugs in the room and continue, climbing up the wall. Flame the next stuck 
valve and kill the bugs. You will get a message from Osmo saying that the
Tanker has been breached and you have to get out of the level in 120 seconds
(2 minutes).

Jump on the zipline quickly and on the way down, dodge the obstacles by 
shifting left or right depending where the obstacle is. At the end of the
zipline, go towards the trampoline and jump on it to get a boost to the next
part of the level. Jump up on the platform and cross the dark eco pool using
the wooden platforms provided for you. Get all of the way across and you will
discover another stuck valve, use the flamethrower on it and continue through
the door that is right behind you (facing the valve). Get to the end of the
room and through the hole to escape the Tanker.

A cutscene will play and you will automatically be at the Baron's Palace so 
just continue there in the next part of the guide.

D.s. Baron's Palace

Once you are in the palace, run to the end of the room and get up the 
elevator. At the top, an alarm will go off and security will try to hurt you.
Fortunately, you can destroy the guns in the plants by shocking them with the
Ultra Sonic device. Jump over all of the spikes to get across the room. 
Continue through the door hiding behind the huge pillar and run ahead past
all of the bugs (you have the option to kill them or not). 

Head through the passageway, while avoiding lasers and take a left at the end.
Jump over the spikes to get through and you will come to a maze with lasers
blocking some entrances. Jump through the second set of lasers on the left
and through the next set of lasers. All you have to do is get past all of 
the lasers by jumping/hovering over spots where there isn't a laser blocking
you or crawling under the lasers. 

When you get to a part where you have to hover over two lasers in one hover
because there are spikes on the floor inbetween the two lasers, just take a 
big leap and hover across both of them. You might want to use the Flame-
thrower to hover over most of those lasers. The maze is pretty straight
forward now so you may be able to get across to the end at least. The end
will feature again, two lasers to cross with one hover over a spiked floor.
This time, however, before you start hovering, you might want to break the
vase to your left so you can stand on that little platform and then jump
over the two lasers. Once you are across, you will be in a room with a huge
pillar in the middle of it.

Head across the room and into the second maze. Use the same tactics before
in the first maze to get through the second. This maze is significantly
shorter than the previous maze that you ventured through and this second
maze is a breeze to get through and the only problem you may face is nearing
death because of some enemies. At the end of the 2nd maze, just continue
down the hallway past all of the lasers and into the next room with all of the
plants with turrets. Disable them all by using your Ultra-Sonic attachment and
continue on to the next room where you will see piles of gold.

In the gold room, climb up on the crate on the left and jump up on the next
platform leading along the wall. Jump on the moving crates to get across
the room and into the second part of the gold room. In this room, jump
on the crate with the green orb floating over it and continue up onto the 
crates from there. Jump from crate to crate to get up and once you get on one
of the highest crates, a cutscene will show one of the crates fall down and
provide an entrance for you to pop in and get through.

Jump in the hole and enjoy the cutscene. After the cutscene, head up a 
little for another short cutscene and continue past the Krimson Guard
Locker Room. Head forward to a room full of crates and jump on each to get
to the opening in the wall. Crawl through the opening to get to another
cutscene. Now lets jump to the Prison level which happens to be the final
level in the game. 

D.t. Prison

After the cutscene showing Daxter entering the Prison facility, obviously, you
are now in the Prison. Starting running up a bit until you see a Guard pacing
back and forth. What you want to do, is make a run for it when his back is 
turned and he can't see you. Do just that and get on the red Zoomer in the
next room. A cutscene will show the guard getting on his zoomer to follow

So, now you are in control of a zoomer. You should already be familiarized
with the controls because you have gone on a zoomer once before in the game.
Drive while trying to hit boosters on the way to escape the guard and dodge
the blue shields which will slow you down. If the guard catches you, it is 
game over so I would suggest trying to get boosts every now and then.

At the end of your chase, the guard will run into a bit of trouble and you
will obviously get to the other side safely. Now, head forward and pass the
guard using the same tactic as before. Now with the second guard you see, 
grab the yellow key and go to the room on the left side of the room and under
the bed will be a passageway for you to crawl under.

Climb on the wall in front of the small passageway and head forward and
up the elevator. Head left and wait for the Guard to come out of the
room before continuing. Climb up the wall inbetween the two rooms and wait
till he enters the room on the right side of the room before going left again.
Head up the next elevator and continue right. Head up the next elevator
and continue left. On the far left side, continue through the small shaft
and wait for the guard on the other side to move before exiting the shaft.

Climb up the wall and kill the bugs. Continue on through the next part in 
the opening you see in the wall. In this next room, there will be three 
guards on duty. Wait till one passes you then walk behind him (not too close)
till you see a yellow key. Grab the yellow key and walk in the room on the 
right. Climb under the bed to get through the shaft and into the next part
of the level.

Continue down the elevator and across the elevating platforms to the left.
Go all of the way to the left, past the guard and through the shaft to 
initiate the cutscene. Head all of the way forward, killing bugs along
the way, and hover across the huge gap. If you are quick enough to hover
along the next part after the huge gap, then the guard will most likely not
catch you. So, in that room, head through the next opening and hover across 
the next part hitting green orbs along the way to stay in the air.

This next part of the room is quite tricky for some. Jump on the long narrow
platform and at the end of it, there will be a caged floor. Hover over it with
your flamethrower to turn it and continue on through the room using that 
technique. Head through the next room the same way except with multiple
platforms and not just one. Continue on until you see another cutscene.

Head to the other side of the room to play the minigame. The minigame is 
simple to play and requires use of the D-pad and Symbol buttons. Just
hit the coordinating button which it requests and you can easily win. When
you win the minigame, the final boss battle begins!

D.3. Final Boss Battle!

Phase 1

When you first encounter the boss, it will throw a charged beam at you so 
prepare to dodge it. When the boss jumps on the wall and hangs in midair 
for a while (note that purple beams [not harmless] will show up around the
stage), it is time for you to jump where he is and hit him with a ultra sonic
shot. This will damage him and he will attack again. 

This time, he will be beaming little electric mines at you. If you keep 
running from the shots, it should be simple to dodge these shots. When
he jumps off the wall and hangs in midair, do the same thing as last time,
hit him with a Ultra Sonic shot.

He will only do a variation of those two moves until you have hit him four
times, then comes phase 2 of the battle!

Phase 2

This time, you will have a limited amount of platforms to stand on. He will
shoot electric mines at you and just dodge them. When it shows him charging
up a shot, get ready to start hovering over the path of green orbs to get
to the platform where you can flame the coil and make the dark eco pool
level decrease. Once it is decreased, jump to the next set of platforms.

On the next set do the same thing, except dodge his charged shots and go
to the left side of the room (facing the boss) and hover along the green
orb path to flame the next coil. After you reach the third set of platforms,
a cutscene will initiate and phase 3 of the battle will begin!

Phase 3

This time, the boss will shoot one mine at you, dodge it and go hit him 
with an Ultra Sonic shot while he is charging his next shot at you. This 
will make him go loopy and crash into the barrels behind him and they will 
fall right on top of him, sticking him in one spot long enough for you 
to jump across the barrels and hit him in the face with another Ultra Sonic

Do the exact same thing two more times and you will defeat Kaedan. 

Congratulations! You have just finished Daxter! Enjoy the last cutscene
and after you beat the game, you can start collecting new secrets and
precursor orbs in previous levels. Thanks for playing!

E. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was Daxter released?

A: March 14th was the release date for Daxter.
Q: How old is Daxter?

A: Daxter is around 16 or 17 in Daxter (game).
Q: What exactly is an ottsel?

A: An ottsel is the fusion between an otter and a weasel. Daxter is one such
Q: When do the events of the new PSP title Daxter take place in the Jak 

A: Daxter takes place after Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and before
   Jak II. The story tells of Daxter's tales of saving Jak before Jak II.
Q: How many orbs are in the game?

A: There are a total of 1001 orbs to find in Daxter.
Q: What weapons do you use in Daxter?

A: You use the bug swatter as the main weapon which is triggered by the Square
   button on your PSP. Other weapons (such as the Flamethrower and Ultra Sonic
   attachments) use the bug spray and are triggered by the Circle button.

**If you have any more questions to submit, you may email me**
F. Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

You may email me if you have any questions regarding the game or this
FAQ. Also, you may reach me by sending a Personal Message at GameSpot.
The more effective way is just to email, by the way.

G. Special Thanks

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FAQ, for hosting this file so it can help people get through the game.

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my guide! 

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Frequently Asked Questions portion, here are their usernames:

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Thanks to Ready at Dawn for developing this excellent, new Daxter installment.
Also, in collaboration with Naughty Dog for making this game. Thanks Guys!

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