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Fortnite Hunting Rifle: Stats and Strategies for Using This Sniper Rifle

The hunting rifle is the latest weapon to be added to the Fortnite: Battle Royale arsenal. This gun is the first sniper rifle to be brought to the game that doesn’t feature a scope and has an interesting dynamic that’s wholly unique. Below we’ll show you the hunting rifle stats and the best tips and strategies for using it in Fortnite.

Fortnite Hunting Rifle Stats

The hunting rifle is a bolt-action sniper rifle that requires you to cycle the action between each shot. This weapon is a single-shot firearm so not only do you have to cycle the bolt after each shot, but you’ll also have to insert a new round, which means this gun shoots a little slower than other bolt-action sniper rifles.

This gun is unique among the sniper rifles in Fortnite in that it doesn’t have a scope. Instead, you have to aim down the sights to line up your target. The good thing about that is that the hunting rifle is one of the few weapons in Fortnite that excels at medium and long range combat. It’s not the best weapon to use up close, but it’s definitely easier to use close-in than the other sniper rifles in the game and is a great dedicated marksmen rifle.

This firearm takes the Medium Bullets, and is one of the most potent weapons to use that ammunition type. You can also find it outside of Fortnite: Battle Royale, as it has been added to the PVE Fortnite: Save the World mode.

Where Do I get the Hunting Rifle in Fortnite?

The hunting rifle will spawn just like any other weapon now. It’s two rarity types are uncommon and rare, so it’ll have a spawn rate similar to other guns in those categories.

The hunting rifle is one of the guns you can find in Chests of Loot Crates as well. This is sure to be a player-favorite, so your best bet to get your hands on it is to encounter it early on. It’s a powerful gun and is a lot more versatile than it seems at first.

Fortnite Hunting Rifle Strategies: Tips and Tricks for Using This Gun

There are a few tips and tricks for making the best use of the hunting rifle.

  • The hunting rifle may be in the sniper rifle category, but you shouldn’t try to use it like you would the scoped guns. This rifle is at its best at medium-long range, which is a bit closer than you’re likely used to sniping at. Make sure you can clearly sight your enemy before you squeeze off a round.
  • Take aim while reloading in between shots. This way you can fire again as soon as the round is chambered.
  • While this weapon is destructive at medium range, you do not want to use it when enemies get close in. It might be tempting to double up on hunting rifles to avoid the reload time, but you should really have a weapon that excels at close-range combat to complement the hunting rifle.

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