Detention Chapter 1 Walkthrough: How to Beat Prologue and Chapter 1

With the release of the game on Nintendo Switch, we thought there’s no better time than now to start our complete walkthrough, starting with our Detention Chapter 1 walkthrough guide. This game is similar to a cult indie 2D version of Silent Hill, with many spooky creatures out there.

Surviving in this game can be tough, as you can easily get lost and not be sure what to do next. The vast majority of the game is finding items and solving puzzles as you avoid the scary monsters looking for you. Without further ado, let’s get you completing the game with our Detention Chapter 1 walkthrough along with the Prologue.

Detention Prologue Walkthrough

Here is everything you need to do to complete the Prologue using our spoiler-free Detention Prologue walkthrough:

  • Go downstairs through the middle door to the Auditorium
  • Turn on the lights in the Auditorium
  • Grab the crank there
  • Bring the crank to the box
  • Go back to the Auditorium
  • From there, go into the storage room and grab the umbrella
  • Use the umbrella to retrieve the necklace hiding behind the fan in the storage room
  • Go back into the Auditorium and wake the girl up there
  • Give her the necklace
  • Go outside and to the stairs
  • End Prologue

Detention Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Detention Walkthrough

Here is everything you need to do to complete Chapter 1 using our spoiler-free Detention Chapter 1 walkthrough:

  • Take the candle and leave
  • Walk towards the key
  • Go back to the Auditorium and unlock the door there
  • Go up the stairs on the right side
  • Go to the bathroom and grab the pliers from the toilet
  • Take the die from the sink in the bathroom
  • Go into the classroom and use it to get around the monster
  • Use the pliers to unlock the gate
  • Go inside the nurse’s office and take the food offering
  • Examine the eye chart with its light on and grab the key in the bottom right corner
  • Leave and use the food offering to distract monster
  • Go into the room and take the paint thinner and second die
  • Go to the first floor and use paint thinner on door with black markings on it
  • Go inside and take the knife
  • Go to the next room inside and grab the third and final die
  • Put the three dice into the bowl
  • Grab the teeth and the bowl
  • Go back to the Auditorium and use the knife to cut Wei’s neck for blood
  • Gather blood in the bowl
  • Go back to Wei’s classroom and use blood on his desk
  • Use your notebook on the desk engravings
  • Go to the locked gate and input the number 623
  • Go up to the third floor
  • Attempt to enter the locked door
  • Collect the counseling form
  • Go to sleep
  • End Chapter 1

Credit: Speedrun