Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror PSP Cheats

AK-47 weapon:

Beat the "Headshots" goal in Mission 6-1 to unlock the AK-47 for Mission mode.

SP-57 weapon:

Beat Training Mission 1 in less than 1:35. When you reach the point when you're wearing night goggles, after crawling through the crawl space, turn right and climb over the crate. Go forward and fall off, then look for a crate directly on your right. Climb up and you'll see a zip-line. This will take you to the end of the mission.

FAMAS weapon:

Beat Training Mission 2 in single player mode under three minutes.

M1 Super 90 weapon:

Destroy five DU containers in Mission 4-1 in single player mode to unlock the M1 Super 90 for Mission mode.

M16A2 weapon:

Destroy five DU containers in Mission 4-2 in single player mode to unlock the M16A2 for Mission mode.

M249 SAW weapon:

Beat the "KemSynth Tower" mission with a time less than 2:45.

M4 Carbine weapon:

Destroy five DU containers in Mission 4-3 in single player mode to unlock the M4 Carbine for Mission mode.

M4 Silenced weapon:

Get 10 headshots in Mission 7-1 under hard difficulty to unlock the M4 Silenced for Mission mode.

SMAW rocket launcher weapon:

Shoot all the small warheads in Mission 4-3 to unlock the SMAW for Mission mode.

Shot Defender weapon:

Beat the "Sana Yemen" mission in less than 3:40.

UNP.45 weapon:

Beat Training Mission 3 without wasting a shot.

"Birds Of A Feather" bonus mission:

Beat Story mode under normal or hard difficulty.

"Goodnight, Sweetheart" bonus mission:

Beat all the time limits in all Training missions.

"Jimmy Zhou's Army" bonus mission:

Beat the "Birds Of A Feather" bonus mission.

"Trapped In The Hornets Nest" bonus mission:

Get all the "Combat Sharp Shooter" patches.

"Up A Column Without A Paddle" bonus mission:

Get all the "Elite Weapons Expert" patches.

Hint: Multi-player mode weapons:

Get the indicated rank or badge in multi-player mode to unlock the corresponding weapon.

33 SC-1 and SG-76 H-Bar (Snipers)Rank R2
AR-15 and Draugonov (Snipers)Rank T2
Claymore MinesExpert Gadget Expertise Badge
Desert Sniper .357 and SP-57 (Pistols)Rank O3
Double Sawn-Offs (Pistol)Elite One-handed skill badge
EMP GrenadesExpert Explosive Expertise Badge
EPDDElite Hand to Hand Combat Badge
Laser MinesElite Hand to Hand Combat Badge
M16K and Galil (ARs, Full Auto)Rank O2
M60 E-3 and Chinese Type-56 (HMGs)Rank O1
M67 GrenadesElite Explosive Expertise Badge
MDS A3 and Spectre (Full Auto SMGs)Rank R1
MDS-7 and Ripper (SMGs in pistol slot)Rank T1
Shot Defender and SPA-12 (Shotguns)Rank R3
Trip Bar and Ramat (HMGs/ARs)Rank T3
USAS-12 and Sawed Off (Shotguns)Rank 04

Hint: R1 multi-player rank:

Get 70 kills in multi-player mode.

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