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Fortnite Captive Castle: What is Fortnite Captive Castle?

One of the latest trending Fortnite topics is to do with a “Fortnite Captive Castle” location. This is something that hasn’t yet been mentioned by Epic Games, and yet is still being shared around by the community.

With Google failing to answer the question for me, I decided to do a bit of research. Here’s what we know so far about the Fortnite Captive Castle location.

Fortnite Captive Castle: What is Fortnite Captive Castle?

So, what is Fortnite Captive Castle? Well, as explained in YouTube user Exility‘s questionably-titled, source-less videoFortnite Captive Castle is rumored to be a new location which will replace Tilted Towers.

According to Exility, Fortnite Captive Castle “is what the community is thinking will be the best replacement.” Despite what the video’s title suggests, the Captive Castle location is “just a concept,” the name of which “the community has coined it as.”

fortnite captive castle

Basically, the Captive Castle is just a made-up location which the community has created. Videos like Exility’s, which don’t clearly disclose that this is a rumor/concept, can cause a lot of confusion.

Fortnite Captive Castle: Will the Fortnite Captive Castle Replace Tilted Towers?

Until we hear something official from Epic Games, or there’s a leak from a credible source, locations such as Captive Castle are best treated as fake. There’s no mention of Tilted Towers being replaced by another location, and I don’t that would happen anyway. The developers would probably try to fix the existing location, instead of just deleting all that work and plopping something new on top of it. So no, Tilted Towers is here to stay.