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Fortnite Vehicles: Are There Vehicles in Fortnite?

One question that many players are wondering is are there vehicles in Fortnite? The possibility of vehicles in the game would make it more in line with what PUBG currently offers in its Battle Royale game. It would also further close the gap between the games, allowing players to traverse the map in a quicker fashion.

Fortnite vehicles certainly make sense in the game, but are there vehicles in Fortnite? If not, will there be vehicles coming soon to this unbelievably popular Battle Royale game? Let’s dig into what we know and what the answer to those questions are. Let’s get started.

Fortnite Vehicles: Are There Vehicles in Fortnite?

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The answer to the question of if there are vehicles in Fortnite right now is, unfortunately, a no. As of publishing, there are no vehicles in the game. While that is sad news for those that expect them coming from PUBG or want to simply cause mayhem in a car or ATV.

However, you may be wondering about the possibility of Fortnite vehicles in the future. As for that, it is a more complicated answer. We certainly expect vehicles to make an appearance in the game in some form, but we strongly believe that it will come with some conditions.

For example, we think that traditional vehicles in Fortnite would work best on a brand new map in Battle Royale, one that is much larger and is built for players to drive across it. The other stipulation would be implementing non-traditional vehicles that fit the quirkiness of the game. For instance, there are some shopping carts at the race track location in the game, a good hint of the direction Epic Games might take vehicles.

We fully expect Fortnite vehicles to be a real thing, but we are certain it won’t be in the same fashion as it is in PUBG. For more on Battle Royale and to know exactly when vehicles are announced, keep it locked right here.