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Overwatch Brigitte Release Date Update: Find Out the Brigitte Release Date Here

Original Story: Blizzard keeps adding more and more characters to its ever-popular online shooter, and that won’t change anytime soon with the Overwatch Brigitte release date. Many players are wondering when will Brigitte be released for the game? With her recent teasing and then the official announcement, it has players excited to try her out.

The Overwatch Brigitte release date is important to fans of the game, so they can see if she will become a new favorite. Despite being classified as a support class, her hybrid nature of being able to heal and buff teammates but also provide some tank support has players intrigued. But when will Brigitte be released? Let’s find out.

Overwatch Brigitte Release Date Explained: When Will Brigitte Be Released?

Let’s dig into explaining the Overwatch Brigitte release date. As of publishing, there has been no official release date for when will Brigitte be released into the game for everyone to play. Right now, you can check her out in the PTR (public test realm), but she hasn’t been released officially for everyone across the world.

In addition, Blizzard hasn’t set an official Overwatch Brigitte release date. However, we can figure out when will Brigitte be released for everyone by taking a look at recent new characters. For instance, Moira was announced on November 3rd of last year before releasing to everyone almost two weeks later on November 16th.

Doomfist was similarly announced at the beginning of July on July 6th before releasing three weeks later on July 27th. Brigitte was unveiled on February 28th, we fully expect a similar situation as those two. We are certain the Overwatch Brigitte release date will for sure be by the end of this month if not only a couple of weeks from now.

UPDATE: The Overwatch Brigitte release date is finally here! You can officially check her out on consoles and in the non-test servers on PC in just a few days on March 20th, 2018. Have fun!