There’s an Overwatch Fantasy League You Can Join Right Now

For those of you looking forward to the Overwatch League that starts next week, there is an unofficial Overwatch Fantasy League that you can join right now in anticipation of the first set of matches. The fantasy league includes weekly prizes and drafts that you create in order to earn points for the week.

This is a great start for a key feature that the Overwatch League needs in order for it to be in the realm of other major spectator sports like football and basketball, as Blizzard desires. The League commissioner Nate Nanzer has expressed interest in an official fantasy league before, but waging money wouldn’t be an option in it.

Since Blizzard has yet to announce an official one on the eve of the Overwatch League’s inaugural season, it’s great that there is an option for those looking to get their wagers on like with fantasy football. This unofficial fantasy league is courtesy of the statistics site Winston’s Lab.

How to Get Overwatch League Skins

How the fantasy league works is you select 10 players from across all of the Overwatch League teams for your roster. In that roster, there are two simple rules you must abide by: the first is you can only select up to four players from the same team for your roster, and it must include at least two supports, two offenses, and two tanks.

Each week of the Overwatch League, you will choose six starting players for that week while the other four sit on the bench. Depending on how those players perform for the week, you will earn points that tally up to a final score. The four players on the bench won’t earn you points. Whoever’s team earns the most points wins. In addition, fans can create their own personal fantasy league through Winston’s Lab.