Overwatch update kicks off Archives 2021 event

The latest Overwatch update finally marks the start of the much-anticipated Archives 2021 event. Even though the date is a bit later than its usual start time, this event yields the same Arcade modes as well as a few new cosmetics. Here are all of the new Overwatch Archives 2021 skins as well as the 3.09 update patch notes. However, not that there are no balance updates to speak of nor are there any of PS5-specific upgrades that came to Xbox last time around.

Overwatch Archives event 2021 start and end date

The Overwatch Archives event is mainly focused around backstory, but, as was the case in 2020, there are no new story-based missions to tackle like the Uprising, Storm Rising, and Retribution modes of past years. Blizzard is presumably busy working all of that into Overwatch 2. This event obviously kicks off on April 6 and lasts until April 27. There are a couple of new Arcade modifiers, however.

All Overwatch Archives 2021 skins

There are eight new skins in the event. The Overwatch Archives 2021 skins are:

  • Corredor Lucio (Week 1 Challenge)
  • Subaquatic Zenyatta (Week 2 Challenge)
  • Camouflage Mercy (Week 3 Challenge)
  • Soldier 1776
  • Bushi Genji
  • Mousquetaire Widowmaker
  • Polyanitsa Zarya
  • Cavalry Tracer

Keep in mind that Challenge skins work differently now as they require stars from Archive missions. Each skin takes 30 stars to unlock.

Full Overwatch 3.09 update patch notes


Experience the past. Fight for the future.

Find out how heroes made history as we take another trip through the Overwatch Archives from April 6 – April 27. Dive into story-driven co-op missions from pivotal moments in the past, test your mettle against new deadly new Challenge Mission modifiers, and earn historically-inspired loot along the way!


Season 4 of Competitive 6v6 Lockout Elimination has begun!


Nvidia Reflex

Added Nvidia Reflex support for PC users with supported Nvidia GPUs. Enabling Reflex from the graphics options screen can reduce input latency. Reflex enabled GPUs can also enable the flash indicator option to aid in measuring input latency when using Reflex Latency Analyzer equipped monitors, more details can be found in our technical support forums.


  • Fixed a bug that caused specific ability effects to persist on targets after a player swaps off the hero that applied the effect
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from using the escape menu to leave a custom game under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that would cause heroes to become stuck against some buildings in midair
  • Fixed a bug with the Bounty Hunter game mode that caused Sombra to be detected when invisible if the Bounty Target buff expires
  • Fixed a bug that caused player ragdoll models to fall through the terrain when skipping kill cam playback
  • Fixed a bug that caused heroes knocked back by Doomfist’s Rocket Punch to not always break railings
  • Fixed a bug when calculating the “Weapon Accuracy – Best” stat


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to grapple to an unintended location


  • Fixed a bug that caused Echo Duplication visual effects to not appear properly in high resolution screenshots


  • Fixed a bug that caused enemies to remain frozen during Blizzard after they were knocked out of the area of effect


  • Fixed a bug that allowed her turrets to be placed in unintended locations


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Winston to be knocked back during Primal Rage while being affected by Zarya’s Projected Barrier
  • Fixed a bug where the Create Dummy Bot action did not work for slots 13 through 23 (when the Spawn More Dummy Bots extension was enabled)