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Does Overwatch PS5 get 120 fps enhancements?

There is no native Overwatch PS5 port, but that doesn’t mean that Blizzard can’t add some new bells and whistles for the PS4 version when playing on Sony’s most recent console. After all, the studio just added Xbox Series X/S support in the most recent patch. But will Overwatch PS5 improvements like a 4K mode, image quality mode, and 120 fps mode come in the future or is a PS5 upgrade in the works?

Overwatch PS5 120 fps Mode | Is it coming?

Blizzard has not commented on whether or not Overwatch is getting PS5 enhancements, including a 120 fps mode. The Nioh Collection and Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition both got 120 fps modes on PS5, but both of those required a native PS5 port. And that is where part of the problem lies. Sony’s current setup does not allow for PS4 games to get 120 fps modes, according to Psyonix told Eurogamer in regards to Rocket League.

Given this limitation, Overwatch most likely won’t get a 120 frames per second mode on the PS5 when playing the PS4 version through backwards compatibility. This would require a full native port. And while many developers have put out their PS4 games on PS5, it is not guaranteed that Blizzard will do that, thus limiting the possibility of a 120 fps mode ever coming to this version. Even though it isn’t completely out of the question, a pure PS5 port probably would have been announced at BlizzCon if it had been in development.

Overwatch PS5 Resolution and Balanced Modes | Are they coming?

Does Overwatch PS5 get 120 fps enhancements?

The Xbox Series X/S also got Resolution and Balanced modes. The former prioritizes 4K while the latter juices up the image quality at runs at 1440p. This will likely be more doable on the PS4 version of the game as other PS4 titles like God of War have had patches that increased the resolution or frame rate (up to 60 fps) accordingly on the newer hardware. Something like this may come down the line for the PS4 version of the game, but Blizzard has not confirmed it either way.