Ninety-Nine Nights Xbox360 Cheats

Extra Missions:

After beating all missions for all characters, choose Aspharr's Varrvazzar mission.

After beating the game with all default characters, load the cleared data and choose Inphyyy to play a bonus level.

Character profiles:

Beat all of a character's missions to unlock their profile.

Unlockable Characters:

Aspharr Beat Fort Wyandeek with Inphyy.
Dwingvatt Beat all of Aspharr and Myifee's missions.
Klarrann Beat all of Dwingvatt's missions.
Myifee Beat the Pholya Flatlands with Inphyy.
Tyurru Beat all of Dwingvatt's missions.
Vigk Vagk Beat all of Tyurru and Klarrann's missions.



How to Unlock
All Characters Max (200)Raise every character to level 9 and clear all stages.
All Stages A Rank or Above (200)Clear all stages with A rank or higher.
Aspharr Clear (100)Clear all of Aspharr's stages.
Dwingvatt Clear (100)Clear all of Dwingvatt's stages.
Inphyy Clear (100)Clear all of Inphyy's stages.
Klarrann Clear (50)Clear all of Klarrann's stages.
Myifee Clear (50)Clear all of Myifee's stages.
Secret Character Clear (50)Clear all of the secret character's stages.
Special Stage Clear (100)Clear the special stage.
Tyurru Clear (50)Clear all of Tyurru's stages.

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