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Fortnite Starter Pack Explained: How to Get It and Rogue Agent Outfit

A recent leak revealed that a Fortnite Starter Pack is coming soon, bringing with it a cheap pack that includes some nice Vbucks, the Rogue Agent Outfit skin, and more. This Starter Pack is relatively cheap, offering players (both new and old) a jump start on customizing their character how they like.

We’ve dug into this recent leak and know everything there is to know about the Fortnite Starter Pack from a price point, how to get it, what it comes with, and more. We certainly think this is a pack that is worth purchasing for what it comes with. Let’s get started.

Fortnite Starter Pack Explained: How to Get It and Rogue Agent Outfit

The Fortnite Starter Pack was recently leaked by Reddit user dat_bandit. Unlike other leaks for the game that have come from datamining, this one comes by way of an accidental early release of the Starter Pack before it intended. It wasn’t able to be purchased when the user saw it and it was quickly taken back down.

However, this tells us that the Fortnite Starter Pack is indeed real with a release date that is most likely very soon. The Starter Pack comes with a few interesting items. Purchasing it will give you 600 Vbucks, the snazzy Rogue Agent Outfit, and the Catalyst Back Bling.

What’s surprising is how much the Fortnite Starter Pack costs. It only comes in costing $4.99 USD. For reference, 1000 Vbucks costs $9.99 so you’re essentially getting 100 Vbucks and the other items for free as a bonus, hence the Starter Pack moniker. For more on the Fortnite Starter Pack release date, keep it locked here.

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