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Monster Hunter World Omniplegia Sac: Location and How to Find It

Omniplegia Sac is a material you use to craft weapons and armor in Monster Hunter World. This is a high-rank level material, so you’re going to have to fight hard and grind to get it. For better or for worse you can only get the Omniplegia Sac in one place in Monster Hunter World, though there are a few approaches you can take to get them.

Where to Get the Omniplegia Sac in Monster Hunter World

To get Omniplegia Sacs, you’ll need to take down Great Girros. You can find this monster in the Rotten Vale, but don’t bet on getting these sacs the first time you meet them. You won’t be able to farm Omniplegia Sac from Great Girros until you’re able to take on high-rank investigations. Additionally, you stand a chance of getting the sacs during high-rank safaris in the Rotten Vale.

What Weapons and Armor Can I Craft From the Omniplegia Sac in Monster Hunter World?

Quite a few mid high-rank weapons and armor require Omniplegia Sacs to craft. You’ll need them for the following items:


  • Deathfang Gunlance I
  • Deathfang Gunlance II
  • Girros Nadja I
  • Girros Nadja II
  • Glass Royale
  • Malady’s Fist II
  • Malady’s Kiss I
  • Malady’s Kiss II
  • Malady’s Tabar II


  • Butterfly Crura Alpha
  • Butterfly Crura Beta
  • Girros Mail Alpha
  • Girros Mail Beta
  • Girros Vambraces Alpha
  • Girros Vambraces Beta
  • King Beetle Crura Alpha
  • King Beetle Crura Beta
  • Vespoid Greaves Alpha
  • Vespoid Greaves Beta
  • Vespoid Vambraces Alpha
  • Vespoid Vambraces Beta

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