Madden 07 Xbox360 Cheats

Easy Madden gamer level:

Start a new franchise and pick every team. Then simulate the entire season, up through the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl. That should net you about 3 or 4 levels each time. Simply simulate enough seasons to hit level 50, and you're all set.

QB On Target card:

Enter WROA0R as a code. Your QB will have 100% accuracy for one half.

Mistake Free card:

Enter XL7SP1 as a code. You won't be able to throw interceptions or fumble for one half.

Lame Duck card:

Enter 5LAWO0 as a code. Your opponent will only throw lob passes for one half.

Super Bowl XLI Gold card:

Enter RLA9R7 as a code.

Super Bowl XLII Gold card:

Enter WRLUF8 as a code.

Super Bowl XLIII Gold card:

Enter NIEV4A as a code.

Super Bowl XLIV Gold card:

Enter M5AB7L as a code.

Aloha Stadium Gold card:

Enter YI8P8U as a code.

1958 Colts Gold card:

Enter B57QLU as a code.

1966 Packers Gold card:

Enter 1PL1FL as a code.

1968 Jets Gold card:

Enter MIE6WO as a code.

1970 Browns Gold card:

Enter CL2TOE as a code.

1972 Dolphins Gold card:

Enter NOEB7U as a code.

1974 Steelers Gold card:

Enter YO0FLA as a code.

1976 Raiders Gold card:

Enter MOA11I as a code.

1977 Broncos Gold card:

Enter C8UM7U as a code.

1978 Dolphins Gold card:

Enter VIU0O7 as a code.

1980 Raiders Gold card:

Enter NLAPH3 as a code.

1981 Chargers Gold card:

Enter COAGI4 as a code.

1982 Redskins Gold card:

Enter WL8BRI as a code.

1983 Raiders Gold card:

Enter H0EW7I as a code.

1984 Dolphins Gold card:

Enter M1AM1E as a code.

1985 Bears Gold card:

Enter QOETO8 as a code.

1986 Giants Gold card:

Enter ZI8S2L as a code.

1988 49ers Gold card:

Enter SP2A8H as a code.

1990 Eagles Gold card:

Enter 2L4TRO as a code.

1991 Lions Gold card:

Enter J1ETRI as a code.

1992 Cowboys Gold card:

Enter W9UVI9 as a code.

1993 Bills Gold card:

Enter DLA3I7 as a code.

1994 49ers Gold card:

Enter DR7EST as a code.

1996 Packers Gold card:

Enter F8LUST as a code.

1998 Broncos Gold card:

Enter FIES95 as a code.

1999 Rams Gold card:

Enter S9OUSW as a code.

Better players:

For The Speed Demons: If you want a Reggie Bush type RB in Superstar Mode, shuffle your player until your father's career says he's an Executive or Assistant Producer. The position selected has to be HB, and it will say your father is a huge fan of Reggie Bush. The higher your father's intelligence is the better. You'll have all the same attributes as Reggie Busg, except is elusiveness. This also works the same way if you want a Vince Young type QB, or u could go for Michael Vick (Your father's career will say Pro Bowl or Hall of Fame QB. It will say your father was the Michael Vick of his era.) As always the higher your parents intelligence, the better!

Make Some Freaks:

Reach a certain Madden Level  to unlock the ability to make"Freak" characters in the "Create A Player" section.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
"Freak" Halfback, Fullback, and Defensive LinemanMadden Level of 15
"Freak" Kicker, Punter, Tight End, and Offensive LinemanMadden Level of 10
"Freak" Quarterback, Cornerback, Free Safety, and Strong SafetyMadden Level of 30
"Freak" Wide Reciever, Middle Linebacker, and Outside LinebackerMadden Level of 20



How to Unlock
30 Years of Franchise (100)Complete 30 years of Franchise mode.
All-Madden Shut Out (10)Pitch a shut out on All-Madden difficulty.
Create-A-Player (5)Successfully create a player.
Game Record - Interceptions (10)Set the single game record for Interceptions.
Game Record - Pass Touchdowns (10)Set the single game record for Passing Touchdowns.
Game Record - Pass Yards (10)Set the single game record for Passing Yards.
Game Record - Receiving TD's (10)Set the single game record for Receiving Touchdowns.
Game Record - Receiving Yards (10)Set the single game record for Receiving Yards.
Game Record - Receptions (10)Set the single game record for Receptions.
Game Record - Rush TD's (10)Set the single game record for Rushing Touchdowns.
Game Record - Rushing Yards (10)Set the single game record for Rushing Yards.
Game Record - Sacks (10)Set the single game record for Sacks.
Import Draft Class (10)Successfully import a Draft Class.
Live Opponent (5)Play a Live Opponent game.
Madden Gamer Level 10 (20)Reach a Madden Gamer Level of 10.
Madden Gamer Level 2 (10)Reach a Madden Gamer Level of 2.
Madden Gamer Level 20 (40)Reach a Madden Gamer Level of 20.
Madden Gamer Level 30 (70)Reach a Madden Gamer Level of 30.
Madden Gamer Level 40 (85)Reach a Madden Gamer Level of 40.
Madden Gamer Level 50 (100)Reach a Madden Gamer Level of 50.
Mini-Games (5)Enter the Mini-Games mode.
Perfect Season (30)Successfully complete a Perfect Season.
Season Record - INT's (20)Set the season record for Interceptions.
Season Record - Pass TD (20)Set the season record for Passing Touchdowns.
Season Record - Pass Yards (20)Set the season record for Pass Yards.
Season Record - Receive TD (20)Set the season record for Receiving Touchdowns.
Season Record - Receiving Yards (20)Set the season record for Receiving Yards.
Season Record - Receptions (20)Set the season record for Receptions.
Season Record - Rush Touchdowns (20)Set the season record for Rushing Touchdowns.
Season Record - Rush Yards (20)Set the season record for Rushing Yards.
Season Record - Sacks (20)Set the season record for Sacks.
SS Career - 100 Sacks (20)SS Career - 100 Sacks.
SS Career - 10000 Rush Yards (20)SS Career - 10000 Rush Yards.
SS Career - 20 Forced Fumbles (20)SS Career - 20 Forced Fumbles.
SS Career - 200 Pass TD's (20)SS Career - 200 Pass TD's.
SS Career - 25 Interceptions (20)SS Career - 25 Interceptions.
SS Career - 500 Tackles (20)SS Career - 500 Tackles.
SS Career - 60 Receiving TDs (20)SS Career - 60 Receiving TDs.
SS Season - 10 Receiving TDs (10)SS Season - 10 Receiving TDs.
SS Season - 140 Tackles (10)SS Season - 140 Tackles.
SS Season - 1400 Rush Yards (10)SS Season - 1400 Rush Yards.
SS Season - 16 Sacks (10)SS Season - 16 Sacks.
SS Season - 30 Pass TDs (10)SS Season - 30 Pass TDs.
SS Season - 7 Force Fumb (10)SS Season - 7 Force Fumb.
SS Season - 7 INTs (10)SS Season - 7 INTs.
Super Bowl Win (30)Win the Super Bowl.

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