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Bloodborne: How to Save, Run, Level Up, Equip Weapons, and More

Chances are, you’ve probably downloaded Bloodborne through March 2018’s PS Plus free games. If so, creeping your way through Yharnam might be a tough experience for newcomers to the game. If you’re lost, take solace in the fact that thousands are suffering from the same fate, but we’re here to help with the basics. Here’s how to save, run, level up, equip weapons, and more.

Bloodborne: How to Save

You won’t be getting anywhere in Bloodborne unless you know how to save. Unlike most modern-day games, automatic checkpoints aren’t available in Bloodborne. From Software don’t want to make things too easy for you now, do they? You are only able to save your progress at one of the lanterns. Many areas will have more than one lantern. Use them wisely, these are your only respite from the horrors that lay ahead of you. Once you save, you’ll have the option of going to Hunter’s Dream a purgatorial hub-world of sorts where, depending on where you are in the game, you’ll be able to travel to other lanterns as well as level up.

If you’re stuck in the first area of Central Yharnam, you’ll want to seek out the one (and only) lantern in the area. If you die, this is where you’ll respawn, minus your Blood Echoes.

Bloodborne: How to Run

How to run is a bit more straightforward. While some European manuals will tell you it’s X to run, it is, in fact, a combination of using the left stick while holding down circle to dash around. Tapping circle again while sprinting will enable you to roll.

Running (and dodging) is a key technique to master when it comes to Bloodborne, what with the game’s emphasis on lightning-quick battles and even quicker enemies, but doing both continuously will wear down your stamina quickly. Keep an eye on the green bar under your health. Should it run out, you won’t be able to run until it refills partway.

Bloodborne: How to Level Up

How to level up in Bloodborne is actually a lot trickier than it sounds. It’s not just a case of simply killing as many enemies as possible and grinding for levels, at least not at first. To level up, you’ll need at least one point of Insight (which is obtained by reaching a boss area) or by consuming a Madman’s Knowledge item. You can then level up by coming across a Doll in Hunter’s Dream.

To level up at the beginning of the game, you’ll need to reach the first boss area (The Cleric Beast) on Central Yharnam’s raised bridge. This will give you one point of Insight. Upon dying and returning to Hunter’s Dream (the death hub in Bloodborne) you’ll then see a Doll who will allow you to level up.

Bloodborne: How to Equip Weapons

But you’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t know how to equip weapons. The very first moments of the game can see you die over and over again unless you’re able to equip a weapon, which is something Bloodborne never tells you about.

To do so, press the options button and press down on your controller to get to the ‘Arms’ menu. Once there, you’ll be able to equip a weapon for both your left and your right hand. However, you cannot dual wield unless under special circumstances. Your right hand is for your Trick (melee) weapon, your left hand for your gun or light source. Some Trick weapons are able to be dual wielded, however.

Bloodborne: How to Heal and Get More Ammo

Last but not least, the most vital of all Bloodborne skills: how to heal. You will only be able to heal if you have Blood Vials in your inventory. Should you do so, you can press the triangle button to get back some of your health. However, you can only carry 20 Blood Vials at a time, or store up to 99 in Hunter’s Dream.

Blood Vials restore 40% of your health and can be obtained through drops via killing enemies, as well as being sold by Messengers in Hunter’s Dream.

Also, if you’re in need of more ammo you’ll be able to give up some of your health in a Faustian pact with the game. Tapping up on the d-pad will give you five extra bullets in exchange for a chunk of your health (which can be instantly regained using Blood Vials)

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