Company Of Heroes PC Cheats

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Cheat mode:

Start the game with a -dev command line parameter. To do this, create a shortcut for the game, right click the shortcut and look for a field called "Target." After the application path, enter " -dev" in the quotes. Select OK and start the game from that shortcut to use the following cheats. When in gameplay, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + ~ to bring up the console. Enter the cheats there.


FOW_ToggleToggles fog of war
setsimrateSet game speed; normal is 8
taskbar_hideHides taskbar
taskbar_showShows taskbar
ee_bigheadmode(<0 or 1>)Toggles big head mode
statgraph()Enable statgraph_channel codes
statgraph_channel("fps")Display frame rate
abortgameQuit game
restartRestart game

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