Bully PS2 Cheats

All ClothesPress L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1
All gym grapple moves (not shown in stats)Hold L1 then press Up, Left, Down, Down, Triangle, Square, X, X
All Hobo fighting moves (not shown in stats)Hold L1 then press Up, Left, Down, Right, Triangle, Square, X, Circle
Full HealthHold L1 then press R2, R2, R2
All WeaponsHold L1 then press Up, Up, Up, Up
Infinite AmmoHold L1 then press Up, Down, Up, Down
Big MoneyHold L1 then press Triangle, Square, Circle, X
Refill AmmoHold L1 then press Up, Up

Complete the following tasks to get the corresponding costume.

Black ninja costumeCompletely fill your yearbook
Black skate shoesWalk at least 50 km
BMX champion costumeComplete a bike race
Boxing costumeBeat the Boxing or Prep Challenge
Crash helmetGet 1st in the Kart Race at the carnival
Dunce hatTurn on all the showers in the boy's locker room
Edna maskDestroy 19 tombstones during Halloween
Fast food costumeFinish the Burger Joint errand in Bullworth vale
Firefighter's helmetPull the fire alarm twenty times
Gnome costumeSmash all the garden gnomes
Gold suitBuy all the clothing
Green ninja costumeHit 1,000 targets with projectiles
Grotto Master costumeCollect all G&G cards
Jimmy's Skeleton costume Finish 'The Candidate' to unlock 'Halloween'
Orderly uniformFinish 'Finding Johnny Vincent' in chapter 5
Pirate hatBeat up the pirate on an island near the beach house
Prison uniformFinish all the detention mini-games
Pumpkinhead maskDestroy all 27 pumpkins during Halloween
Red ninja costumeComplete 'The Big Prank' during Halloween
School mascot costumeFinish 'Nice Outfit' in chapter 4
Tiny swimsuitBeat the preppie's swim time at the beach
Wrestling uniformFinish Gym 1
Werewolf MaskFound in a locker.
Yellow ninja costumeGet 1,000 knockouts

Getting Pumpkins and Tombstones:

During Halloween, you can get a bonus from finding and smashing all the pumpkins and tombstones scattered around. If you miss some, don't worry. In the next and last mission of the chapter, when you go into the school's basement, you can find the pumpkins you missed in the boiler room. Later on, after unlocking the preppie part of town, next to the asylum you can find a warehouse containing all the tombstones you missed as well.

Double your tickets:

If you finish photography class, you can get twice the tickets at the fair.

Get old bikes from shop:

After beating shop 5 you can still get the shop 4 bike even though you earned the shop 5 bike. To do so you will need to go in front of the preppies boxing club, then go to the right of the building. when you get to the right side of the building(make sure you are on some kind of bike) spin in a circle by holding the left joystick all the way to the right. After a while you will see a bike appear by the wall. it might take a couple of tries but after a while the blue bike from shop 4 will appear.

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