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Call of Duty WW2 Patch Notes Preview Details Major Updates

Transparency between developers and players is the hot thing right now, and Sledgehammer Games is contributing to powering the trend forward with its latest “Community Update,” which offers a Call of Duty WW2 patch notes preview, as well as other news about the game.

Today, there’s a big update coming to Call of Duty WW2, which introduces the new Operation: Shamrock and Awe event. This event features some “festive St. Patrick’s-themed gear.” Not only that, but Sledgehammer Games is going to “recalibrate and improve the loot experience.” This should mean for better loot drops from Supply Drops, the main reward of multiplayer gameplay, and also the game’s microtransactions system.

Call of Duty WW2 Patch Notes: More Weapons in Supply Drops and New Ways to Earn Them

With each update, Sledgehammer Games is planning to add new ranged weapons, more cosmetic weapon variants, as well as themed uniforms. The plan is to “double-down” on all of these categories, so that players get more of the content they want.

It’s frustrating when you spend hours grinding for a specific weapon. The developers seem to understand this, and will begin to offer “a variety of paths to obtain the most-wanted weapons and weapon variants.” Expect more to be made available using Orders and Contracts, in addition to the existing Weapon Collections and Supply Drops.

call of duty ww2 patch notes

Triple duplicate pistol grip drops should now be a thing of the past. Sledgehammer Games is ensuring that players get a wider variety of content categories with each drop. Also, weapons previously only available through Common Supply Drops will now be found in Special Orders. This should make them easier to access. In addition to this, new weapon charms, camos, and reticles are being introduced.

The new Armory Drops will function similarly to Bribes, but can be earned using Armory Credits. This should make it easier to earn missing weapons and content, without forking out real-world money.