Call of Duty 2018 Design Director Says Treyarch Is “Doing the Best Work of Their Lives”

We’ll soon be introduced to the Call of Duty 2018 release, and we’ll know exactly what developer Treyarch has been working on for the last three years. The release of a new Call of Duty game means millions of players stressing servers, causing issues and headaches, and all shouting feedback and demanding new content. I imagine it’s a pretty intense time!

Before that storm hits, Call of Duty Design Director David Vonderhaar appears to be enjoying the quiet calm before crunch time begins, with some self-reflection posted on Twitter.

Call of Duty 2018

In his series of tweets, Vonderhaar says that he goes to work “because every single time [Treyarch gets] a crunchy challenge laid at [its] feet, [he] is humbled by how well [his] team responds when anyone else would rage quit.”