Overwatch Players Have Noticed Something Strange About Brigitte

Overwatch‘s latest hero, Brigitte, appears to be a unique addition to the game. An offensive hero who nonetheless occupies the support class, healing teammates before lashing out at them with her close-range Rocket Flail, she certainly spices things up in a class more commonly associated with heroes who linger in the backline. However, there is something about Brigitte that isn’t entirely unique — her face.

Yes, Overwatch players have discovered that hero 27 has something in common with one of the game’s most enduring characters, as despite being Torbjorn’s daughter, she actually shares her appearance with an unlikely hero. As highlighted in side-by-side comparison shots, Blizzard appears to have given Brigitte an almost identical face to fellow healer Mercy, so much so that without their distinctive hairstyles, it would be incredibly difficult to tell them apart.

The top post on Overwatch Reddit features is a convincing video highlighting the similarities between the two:

Brigitte has Mercy’s face. from r/Overwatch

The image below also handily sums up the striking resemblance the two heroes share:

To make matters even weirder, Brigitte initially looked completely different from Mercy. First appearing in the animated short ‘Honor and Glory,’ Brigitte had more rounded and less angular features, with her having been given a substantial makeover since being introduced to Overwatch lore in 2017.

Here she is before she was given the Mercy treatment:

And here’s how she looks now:

Character designs are obviously altered throughout development, so it’s not exactly surprising that Brigitte looks different in the game than she did in the animated short, but it’s strange that seemingly no one in Blizzard flagged the clear likeness to Mercy. With Mercy having been dramatically nerfed as a result of her impact on the game’s meta, some players will surely be hoping that the pair’s likenesses won’t end at their physical attributes and that Overwatch will be set to receive another OP healer.