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COD WW2 M38 Explained: What the New SMG M38 Does, How to Get, More

Sledgehammer Games has released a brand 1.11 update that is setting the community on fire, bringing with it some huge changes including the M38 COD WW2 new SMG for players to try out. The M38 is a brand new SMG that is one of two new weapons in the game; the other being the MG81 LMG.

Being that the M38 COD WW2 SMG is a brand new weapon in which there haven’t been too many of since the game’s launch late last year, players are wanting to know everything about it before they cave in and purchase it. Let’s dig into the nitty and gritty of what you need to know about the M38 SMG.

M38 COD WW2 SMG Explained

The M38 COD WW2 SMG is a brand new weapon that released with update 1.11. It can be purchased for around a total of about 21,575 armory credits in the game. You better act fast, though, as you only have around three weeks and counting to get it. However, playing the game consistently during that time should be certainly enough.

As for how the M38 COD WW2 SMG plays, it’s a sort of give and take situation. The M38 is one of the best at midrange with smooth shooting and decent accuracy that can take out opponents in six shots, but it does come at the cost of a rather annoying reload time and potentially frustrating iron sights that can be more harmful than helpful.

Overall, the M38 COD WW2 SMG is best at a distance so if that doesn’t suit your playstyle, then it’s probably not for you. However, if you like shooting from a safe distance but not too far, the M38 is the perfect midrange contender for your arsenal. For more on update 1.11 and all of your Leprechaun needs, check this out. Good luck!

Image Credit: Reddit User TheEdLee