Power Stone Collection PSP Cheats

Power Stone 1

Unlockable Special Weapons:

Beat the game once to unlock the Machine Gun, Nyoi-Bo, Power Shield, and Ray Gun.

Unlockable Characters/Bosses:

PeteBeat the game once with any character.
JuliaBeat the Game with Pete
GourmondBeat the Game with Julia
AccelBeat the game with Gourmond
KrakenBeat the game with all available characters
ValgasBeat the game with Kraken
Final Form ValgasBeat the game with Valgas

Power Stone 2

Unlockable Characters

MelBeat 1 on 3 mode with Pride
Pride & KrakenBeat 1on 3 mode with Falcon
ValgasBeat 1on 3 mode with Kraken

PSP Bonuses

Unlockable Items:

These can be unlocked by playing either game, but the bonus characters from Power Stone 1 will not unlock these items. Instead, use them in Power Stone 2.

AmenomurakunoBeat the game with Ryoma
Crystal BallBeat the game with Rouge
Decoy BombBeat the game with Ayame
Giant BootsBeat the game with Gunrock
Maches ChainsawBeat the game with Jack
Soccer BallBeat the game with Falcon
Stone SweeperBeat the game with Julia
Thunderbolt RiderBeat the game with Accel
Totem HammerBeat the game with Galuda
Turbo HelmetBeat the game with Pete
Twin PotionBeat the game with Wang-Tang
Wok GunBeat the game with Gourmand

Extra mini-games:

From the main menu, you can access a mini-game that lets you earn medals. If you get 500 medals, you'll unlock Ayame's Shuriken mini-game, and if you manage to get 1000 medals, you get Gunrock's Slot mini-game.

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