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Fortnite How to Invite Friends on Mobile Explained: Here’s How You Do It

The first wave of iOS test invites have been sent out to some users that signed up for a chance to check out the mobile version of Battle Royale, and some players are wondering how to invite friends on Fortnite mobile. When Epic Games first revealed the mobile version of the game last week, it was announced that your friends could join, too.

It wasn’t necessary for your friends to have an invite code, either, as Epic Games would allow everyone that gets into the iOS test to invite friends. But players are now wondering how to invite friends on Fortnite mobile. That is a great question, and one we intend to answer right now.

How to Invite Friends on Fortnite Mobile

Before we get into how to invite friends on Fortnite mobile, there are some stuff worth noting. The most important detail worth noting is that friend invites are currently unavailable for anyone in the test. Though Epic announced friends could be invited, no one has received friend invite codes yet.

This is outlined in the email you receive when you’re able to join the test and it was also detailed in a blog post on the official website. We won’t know exactly how to invite friends on Fortnite mobile until the codes arrive. However, we do have a couple of guesses.

We think players will simply share a link where the player can sign up with their own account for play. In the meantime, there might be one way of how to invite friends on Fortnite mobile. We don’t recommend it in the slightest, but it might be possible to share your info with friends and them play, too.

Again, this probably breaks term agreements so we do not recommend it at all. Friend invite codes are coming very soon, so we encourage you to keep an eye here for when they arrive.

Image Credit: GameSpot