WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2007 Xbox360 Cheats

Unlimited Experience Points:

Win the GM of the Year trophy for unlimted experience points and new GM mode options.

Divas loading screen:

Win the No Mercy trophy, then purchase it from the shop.

Parking Lot Fun:

There's a few fun things to do in a parking lot brawl. To pick up a shovel, go to the back of the garbage truck when it's open and press the 'pick up weapon' button. It should appear in your hand. Also, if you head over in the corner by the orange truck and black car, throw your opponent into the black car and grapple him immediately. You should see a little cutscene involving the boogeyman and the trunk of said car.

Easy Singles Win

To get easy wins in a singles match, first strong irish wip your opponent outise the ring. Either wait for him to get up or press RB + A to force him to get up on his legs. Then strong grapple and drag him onto the steel steps. By right now the ref may start counting for ring out disqualification. Make sure you have good stamina. while he is on the steel steps. move the right thumbstick to bang his head on the steps. Repeat hitting his head till the ref counts to 8. This will leave him in pain on the floor. Get back into the ring to before he counts to 10. Remember this will only work if its a regular singles match or a regular tag match.

Unlockable Arenas: Win the indicated trophy in Season mode.

Backlash ArenaWin the Backlash Trophy
ECW One Night Stand II ArenaWin the Money In The Bank Trophy
No Mercy ArenaWin the No Mercy Trophy
Saturday Night Main Event ArenaWin the Superstar Challenge Trophy
SummerSlam ArenaWin the SummerSlam Trophy
Unforgiven ArenaWin the Unforgiven Trophy
Vengeance ArenaWin the Vengeance Trophy
WrestleMania 22 ArenaWin the WrestleMania Trophy

Unlockable Legends:

Bam Bam BigelowWin the Unforgiven Trophy
Bret HartWin the Survivor Series Trophy
Cactus JackWin the SummerSlam Trophy
Dude LoveWin the SummerSlam Trophy
Hulk HoganWin the WrestleMania Trophy
Jerry "the King" LawlerWin the No Way Out Trophy
MankindWin the SummerSlam Trophy
Mr. PerfectWin the Backlash Trophy
Shane McMahonWin the Armageddon Trophy
Stone Cold Steve AustinWin the Royal Rumble Trophy
TazzWin the No Way Out Trophy
The Anvil Jim NeidhartWin the Survivor Series Trophy
The RockWin the WrestleMania Trophy



How to Unlock
A Fighting Online Champion (60)Defend your created Championship 20 times online.
Certified Online Superstar (70)Win 50 consecutive online matches.
Championship Gold! (30)Unlock every WWE Championship title.
Complete Domination! (20)Defeat every Superstar on the roster at least once on legend difficulty.
Crown Us The Champ! (10)Create a Tag Team Championship in Create-A-Championship mode.
Curtain Call (5)Create an original entrance in Create-An-Entrance mode.
Employee of the year (100)Win the General Manager of the year trophy.
In Ring Journeyman (10)Win at least one match using every Superstar on the roster on any difficulty setting.
In Ring Technician (10)Defeat every Superstar on the roster by pin or submission at least once on hard difficulty.
Let It Reign! (100)Defend your created Championship 50 times online.
Let The Creative Juices Flow (5)Create one original Superstar using the Create-A-Superstar mode.
Mr. PPV (5)Create an original PPV event in Create-A-PPV mode.
New Hire (50)Complete one full year of General Manager Mode.
Online Blue Chipper (40)Win 20 consecutive online matches.
Online Rising Star (20)Win 20 matches online.
Online Veteran (30)Win 50 matches online.
Royal Rumble Jobber (20)Win a 15 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the # 1 entrant on any difficulty.
Royal Rumble Legend (20)Win a 30 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the #1 entrant on legend difficulty.
Royal Rumble Pro (20)Win a 25 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the #1 entrant on hard difficulty.
Royal Rumble Rookie (10)Win a 10 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the # 1 entrant on any difficulty setting.
Royal Rumble Veteran (20)Win a 20 Man Exhibition Royal Rumble as the # 1 entrant on hard difficulty.
Season Mode Jobber (50)Complete Season Mode on easy or normal difficulty.
Season Mode Legend (100)Complete Season Mode on legend difficulty.
Season Mode Veteran (100)Complete Season Mode on hard difficulty.
Seasoned Vet (50)Win 100 matches on any difficulty setting.
Self Anointed Champion (10)Create a singles Championship in Create-A-Championship mode.
Those Who Paved The Way (20)Unlock every WWE Legend.
Way Past Jobber (20)Win 50 matches on any difficulty setting.
With Friends Like These...(5)Create an original stable of Superstars in Create-A-Stable mode.

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