Box art - Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves: Is Split-Screen Co-op Available?

Sea of Thieves is one of this year’s biggest multiplayer releases, with a lot of players eager to take to its dangerous oceans alongside their buddies. However, those who can’t go online are left wondering if there’s a Sea of Thieves split-screen co-op option available, in order to let them play with their friends without necessarily being hooked up to the internet.

Can You Play Split-Screen Co-op in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves can be played offline, though like the majority of multiplayer games these days, it’s best played online. This also means that there isn’t an option for local split-screen multiplayer.

Unlike many modern multiplayer games where split-screen would probably lead to an overly cluttered UI and make it quite difficult to navigate, as mentioned in our pre-reviewSea of Thieves has a sparse UI that encourages you to look at your environment rather than mini-maps and objective markers. As such, it’s a shame that a split-screen mode wasn’t introduced, as it’s very accessible for newcomers and would allow those with only a small number of online friends to bolster their crews by letting those in their own home loot and pillage alongside them.


Is There a Sea of Thieves Offline Mode?

Sea of Thieves can’t be played offline, as its online world is integral to the game. Though completing voyages will make up the bulk of your experience, the other players inhabiting its world will make for the most exciting moments, with Rare putting all of its weight behind making this a game with an online focus.

You can still play the game as a lone pirate, making use of a one-person Sloop ship in order to set sail and collect treasure by yourself, though this is certainly a game that’s best played with friends.

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