Box art - Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Pets: How to Get Your Own Pet

When the game was first unveiled by Microsoft and as time went on leading up to its launch, players have been anticipating the opportunity to sail around on their ship with their own Sea of Thieves Pets. The ability to have your monkey pal or parrot on your shoulder would make this the literal video game version of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Because of this, one of the first things that players want to know is how to get their own Sea of Thieves Pets, and for good reason. No pirate crew is truly complete without a furry friend to hang out on deck with them, even if they have no gameplay value beyond cosmetics.

How to Get Your Own Sea of Thieves Pets

We certainly know that Sea of Thieves Pets are real as they have been confirmed directly by Microsoft and shown in the previous footage. Unfortunately, the bad news is that at launch (as of publishing), pets are currently unavailable in the game.

This is because Microsoft is waiting to implement the Sea of Thieves Pets for a few more months after the official launch. This could be for a few different reasons. We suspect that it’s to deter any potential poor reputation for the game due to microtransactions existing.

That’s right, you will be able to get your own Sea of Thieves Pets through microtransactions in the near future. With gamers expressing disdain towards how other games have utilized microtransactions, it is possible Microsoft is looking to keep that conversation away from the game.

There is no word on if you will be able to unlock Sea of Thieves Pets without spending real money. However, it would make sense for some unlockable holiday or limited time pets. Remember to check back here for when Sea of Thieves Pets are available for purchase in the game.